My bhabhi is a real sexy beautiful lady. Her name is Komal. She is a Punjabi and she is 24 with a nice slim figure and a gorgeous gand. Her balls are very pulpy firm and very nicely shaped like conical mountains.she is my unofficial wife now . the story goes seven months back.

My bhaiya would always go to work for a long stretch. Because he was a sales manager of a high profile company his job would entail him to travel a lot. I would spend a lot of time with her. At first I would never used to think of her in a sexual manner. Once I overheard my friend rohit speaking to manish, “komal is such a dame. Fuck.kya gand hain. Her hubby is such a pansy guy.” Manish said, “she makes me horny. I don’t know how sunil controls his urges. With an ass like that I would even sniff her fart.”.

Their vulgar talk was making me somewhat sick and somewhat horny. I had to admit komal was really a sexy lady. From that day itselfI used to eye her sexily. Whenever she would sweep the room I would stare at her ass in the saree and imagine me showering it with wet kisses.i would also get to see her balls and the valley between her breasts when she would bend down to get something.they were enticing and shake with opulence when she would sweep the floor or collect some stuff form the shelf .When she would look at me I would avoid her gaze.. then we began to get more free with each other she would ask me about my girlfiend and stuff like that. Then I started showing the sexy jokes in sms and she would laugh heartily. I asked her to tell me some non veg jokes and she narrated a couple to me. I began to fall in love and lust with my bhabhi and I would masturbate in her name at night. However, we would sleep in different rooms.

One day it so happened that I was watching tv with her in the living room in the afternoon. Bhaiya had gone to panvel . Suddenly the peace was interrupted by a sexy booming croaking fart. It was a loud one with a rising booming crescendo and faded with a staccato of airy emission as it faded. it had a sexy buzzer ring to it She looked embarrassed as I looked at her with accusation. her fart was followed by a funny smell. But I was getting horny because it is not usual to hear or a smell a beautiful woman passing wind. I commented “ apka tho paadh bhi sexy hain” she made a face and said, “then why don’t you smell it”. She could not face me and I comforted her and said, “it is okay. Why have you never farted before bhaiya?” she said, “he is never at home”

I made a face and said, “bhabhi, ashok bhaiya is never home when you need him, don’t you feel irritated?” she smiled and said, “you are there, why should I crib?” I answered, “because ashok bhaiya is a chutiya, or he does not have a lund?” she burst in to laughter and then made a serious face, “of course he has that thing but he does not have time to use it.” I loved her humor and said to her, “with such a beautiful wife like you, any body would have loved to be in his place.if I was him I would never have left you. I mean work is important but still I would have spent time with you”. She looked at me with love and said,” I wish your bhaiya was likeyou”. I reached and caressed her face and her hair and asked her, “ how many times a week does bhaiya have sex with you?”. She replied, “not sure. Could be once or even not that” . I moved my hand across her neck and shoulders. I said, “i would have nade love to you endlessly.”. then I caressed her thigh in a cicular fashion .it was so wide nd soft and i started getting an erection. I knew I had to have her and she was also in a sexy mood.she diod not stop me. I knew her married chut was itching for a big lund I pressed her right breast gently through the saree. Her eyes opened wide as I cupped it. The pallu of the saree came down and I saw her breasts straining to get out in the tight blouse. I feaseted my eyes and she saw me looki hungrily . at them. I just removed the zip of my pant and she saw my erect snake slithering its ugly head out in my blue underwear. She looked at it and said, “ tera tho bahut bada lag raha hain”. As she said it I removed my shirt pulled my pant and removed my underwear and showed my soldier of love to her. She was looking at it as if inspecting it. She stroked it and said softly, “it is really a big one-tera kela tho bahut mota hai re” I asked , “tere balls bhibahut tasty lag rahe hain, komal” I reached towards her and began to smooch her. We began to kiss while I stroked her boobs through erh blouse. Then she reached to her side and removed the blouse and I saw her white bra. Her cleavage was rippling through it. I began to open the clips of her bra and then her beautiful boobs popped out as if they were waiting for me. Her breasts were so beautiful they were really perky looking like two cute mangoes. I began to squeeze one softly as I ran my tongue through her neck.. she closed eyes and moaned softly. Then I put her on the bed and began to suck her right nipple as I pressed her left ball. Then I changed and sucked on her other tit whild I pinched her left nipple. Komal moaned, “hmmm…..unnnn”. then I licked her entire left breast while I fondled her right breast. She was reaching down to feel my hardness. As she did that I started to suck on her right nipple with full pressure as if drawing milk from it. She cried as I sucked hornily at that sexy piece of fucking flesh. I began to knead her left breast as I sucked. I savored her nipples and big boobs for fifteen minutes. When I finished with her breasts they were shining with my spit. Her nipples were swollen by my oral attack.

She smiled at me and said, “yeh mere bable hain .. ata nahin ..boondthe jaa raha(these are my breasts not dough that you knead)

I made a very sorry face. She got up and took my face in the hand and then said, “arey kya hua..” I said, “may be I don’t know how to please you”. She said, “no one had pressed and sucked my balls like you and you say ….le aur maja lee inke saaath” she offered her breasts tome. I began to caress them again and began to suc k them one by one. She moaned, “oiiii.. maa unnnngh…..aurdaba naaa” I did not bring my cock near her so that I wanted to give bhabhi all the pleasure possible. I then lkifted her hands up and began to sniff the delicious sweaty kinky odor of her armpits. I then began to give love bits in her arm pit while I pressed her breast which was uplifted. I did the same with her othe armpit. I am a lover of female sex and I knew each and every part of a woman’s body is to be pleasured.

Then I got on top of her and licked her face and her neck. She began to sought my lips. As I caressed her breasts sensuously our lips were locked in a sensuous kiss. We were chewing each other’s lips and sharing spit.. then I began to go down and splashed wet sucking kisses on her belly. I began to put my tongue inside her belly button. She has a lovely circular belly button which looks really sexy on the little swell of her belly.. I licked her belly button thoroughly .then I pulled the knot of her petticoat. Komal lifted her hips and slid her petticoat. Her thighs were so fattening, gori gori and fleshy.. komal reached behind and lifted the clip form her hair and now her looked disheveled and sexy.

I pushed her black undie down and I finally saw her sex temple..

Komal saw me looking at her pussy with so much interest. She asked me, “bahut baal hai naa..” I caressed her pussy lightly as I ran my finger lightly through her soft downy hair. I replied, “bhabhi chooth me baal rehna hi chaiye… warna who aurat ka chooth thodi lagta hain”. She pinched my ear, “ mujhe nanga karkar bhabi bulata hai” I said, “ abhi aap bhabi ho.. chodne ke baad you will become my komal.”

She smiled sexily, “tik hain devarji.” I began to run my finger through her wiry pubic busy. As I did so she lifted her hips sexily to offer me more . I spread her thighs and settled my face on her grand cunt. I just pushed her hairs to one side to see her cunt. There she was! Badi komal chooth thi komal ki.. I fel t like turning her ass over and seeing her ass also but I thought after I have her cunt I will fuck her ass. Komal turned her face over and looked at one side as she was embarrassed as someone was inspecting her private part and that also her devar. I sniffed her cunt. It smelled sexy with piss, musky. The pissy smell along with her cunt’s natural sweat smell was so heady and arousing that I was inhaling her chooth ka sugandh.

I brought my self on her pussy and began to lick along the side of her cunt flap.her cunt was tightly closed. Normally a regularly fucked/married woman would always have her cunt flaps coming towards out because of the continuous fucking she gets. But in komal’s case even though she was not a virgin her hole was like of an unfucked girl.. her lips looked thin even though they were wet. I pushed one finger in her hole and she moaned god she was tight. I knew I had to really eat her cunt and make her hole big to receive my cock. My bastard bhaiya had never sucked her pussy, it seemed. I just spread her lips open and saw her pinkness. Then I pushed my tongue in and licked inside as I wiping her pre cum drops. She groaned …..hmmmmm.. I began to lap her cunt lips and then sucked on the other lips. The I smooched her cunt lips briefly. I again pushed hert lips apart and began to lick her pisshole. I began to puysh my tongue in her hole as I began to push my finger in her anus.. I saw her clitoris swelling from the top and it was standing.

I pushed the foreskin down and began to suck on her clitoris. As did so I forcibly inserted two finger in her hole. I kept on fucking her with my finger as I lapped her clitoris and cunt hole intermittently. Komal pushed my head on her cunt and I was drowned in her cunt. I ate her cunt till she pushed her hips and came on my face. She was screaming when she climaxed, “ohhhh! Hmmmmmmm!aaaaaa” I immediately removed my face and looked at her . she was just recovering rom fucking my face with her cunt juce. . her nostrils were flaring somewhat and her lips looked swollen . her pussy was slick.. I licked her hole again and before she could say any thing I really sucked her clitoris. Iot was looking like a small boy’s dick now. She looked at my face wet with her cunt juice. She licked it from my face. She looked really satisfied. She said as I I caressed her face, “ aaj tak unhone kabhi aise nahin kiya” I got up and walked naked to the kitchen to get some water for my dear bhabi.

I knew that she was eyeing my dick as I was coming towards with the bisleri bottle.. komal said, “ aisa lag raha hai…. Lund nahin kala saap(black cobra) hain”. She said, “ rukh jaa.. aaj mein tuhe batati hoon.. teri bahabi kaisi aurat hain”. She held my erect penis in her hand and moved it up and down.she was praising my dick. “bahut mota hai tera kela. Tu chalta kaisa hai isko leke” “aapke naam pe hilla hilla ke sooj gaya hai”

She caressed it softly and said, “bechara! Yeh ab mera ho gaya.. ab isko jab bhi bhook lagegi pyuas lagegi mere paas lana.she was talking to mycock, “aaj se isko pareshan mat karna. Main hoo naa”

Komal then caressed my cock and began to suck it with interest. As she began to suck it I felt that I was in heaven. Then she pulled the foreskin gently she saw my pink cap. With the practised care of a loving house wife she began to lap the tip of my prick in a very careful fashion. I began to moan. “ oh yess…. It was a real pleasure as she deftly gave warm caresses to my prick tip. The tip of my cock started crying precum as she licked it. She began to lick my cock up and down and then began to suck on it as she fondled my balls. As she sucked my penis I began to massage and squeeze her marvelllous boobs. It so happened that as she sucked with enthusiasm I felt I might come . she knew it and removed her mouth from my cock. My penis was bathed in her saliva.. oh komal I moaned.. . then suddenly the phone rang and she went to answer the phone . it was her saheli rupali. She picked up the phone from the bed and began to talk. As she was talking on the phone with her gand facing me.m, I felt aroused. I kneeled down and began to kiss her buttocks. I slapped them playfully and she moaned on the phone.. then I parted her ass cheeks and began to probe my tongue in her shithole.. she could not control her self and she said her saheli that she would have to hang up and kept the phone down as I licked her anus thoroughly. She looked at me and said, “u dirty boy”. She smiled at me and parted her buttocks like a whore so that I would lick her anus more properly. Smelling and licking the most private place(anus)grown up lady like my bhabhi komal is so erotic. As I did so she played with her clitoris and masturbated herself we were in this position for 15 minutes.

Then I asked komal to lie doggie fashion. She said, “ why I want to fuck you from behind. I love your ass” but she said, “ but please don’t fuck my ass” I agreed. As she bend doggie style I relished her sexy fucking ass. I entered her cunt from behind. As I pushed my fat penis, she cried, “aajajjjjhhhhh” I pressed her balls and played with her nipples so that she would get pleasure. She moaned, “aur gussa” I talked dirty, “ le raand ..mera kela kaisa lag raha hai” she replied, “ hmmmmm.. hhhmm,m” I variedm my stroke and gave it to her from angles. Her chooth was real tight but wet and I felt that she was holding my cock tightly with her cunt. . soon I groaned and came in her cunt. we g

We rested for 2hrs and slept for some time. Komal woke me up and looked at my soft flaccid penis. She kissed me and said, “ut raja chai peeoge.: I took her in my arms, “yes komal”. Naked, she got up and went to the kitchen to prepare some snacks. She came with bread , butter and two cups of tea. We lay together and sipped the tea. I fingered her cunt as I drank the tea. She stroked my cock and it was growing due to her actions.

I told, “komal teri gand itni sexy hain, mujhe chodhn de na”. she smiled and said “ lekin tu meri kasam ka ki hum ne jo kiya tum kisi ko bataoge nahin” I promised her that it would be our secret. “but I would tell every body that you farted in the afternoon” . she looked embarrassed and said, “ shut up. Please”. I said, ‘ okay then seal my mouth with your lips”. We sought each other’s lips and smooched for five minutes. After that she sensed my urgency and moved in a doggie fashion style presenting her ass for me.

When her ass was towards me, I tenderly stroke each globe of her big gand.. then imoved my fingers toward the crack between her ass cheeks and parted them to look at her fart hole. Her anus was looking like brown eye looking and winking at me I put my tongue in and tasted that sweet shit pit of my lovely komal.. komal was looking at me and seeing the weird things I was doing to her asshole I told her, ‘ komal, I will give you pleasure like you never felt before” I took some butter amul butter from the butter knife.and applied it to the crack. Then I took lot of butter and applied it all over her gand (bums). Her ass became very slippery and shining. I dished maximum butter in her asshole. Now I was eating ‘THE GAND MASKA” of komal ( a very special dish). I licked the melted butter off her hot ass and licked,sucked the oily asshole filled with butter.. I fingered her asshole and licked it so much that her asshole parted and looked bigger and deeper now. Her anus was very slick with butter and ready to take my cock.

Taking a hint she spread her ass further so that she could allow my dick to fuck her butter gaand.. I told her as I put my dick towards her ass, “isko bolte hain ,maska marna”. She turned and kissed me and said, “aise nahin, tera lund tho sooka hain, let me apply butter on it”. Igot up and she looked at my cock which was erect. She took the butter (vey less was remaining) and applied it on my naked penis. I shivered with delight as her hand stoke my cock with butter. Now my cock was real slick with butter. I asked her, “ hot dog khaegi, maska marke.” She sucked it a couple of time and said, “aaj main tere hot dog kho gaand se khaoongi” the way she said it was so erotic. Imagine a woman saying to you in total privacy!the I moved behind her and pushed my dick towards her ass. I positioned it towards her anus.and pushed it in. she moaned huskily as my tip went inside her hole. She grasped the pillows as my cock went further in. her ass was so hot and tight… my god what pleasure. She was moaning, “dheere sae ahhhh” I squeezed her balls and gave another stroke. Komal pushed her ass towards me to fuck me back and take more cock in her. It was slightly painful to me but we were enjoying cock would slip from her ass now and then because it was slick. Then I would try again and push it in her her ass. Komal would laugh and moan as I pushed in her ass again. And I pushed more and more till the head and a quarter of my shaft was in her ass. I pushed more.

We were doing it slow and steadily. I pushed more and she pushed back till my lund was in her ass almost fully. I increased the strokes and she would enjoy every push and fuck. Komal bhabhi would moan…hmmmmm ahhhhhhmmmm o ohh. The cheeks of her sexy gand would roll on my cock so sensuously that it felt her bums were milking my penis.. the room was filled with the facch facchh sound of the butter and our gand maring.. I continued fucking her ass for about 20 minutes and then I felt I was about to come. . I told her softly , “ I am coming”. She rached down and playfully squeezed my balls. I screamed, “ohhhh komalllll”and began to fire my cum drops in her ass I was pumping for about 20 seconds as I released all my lava in my favourite ass. I never had imagined that my fantasy would turn real and I would get to fuck komal’s ass. Let me tell you how her ass looks. It is like the famous heroine rani mukherjee or madhuri’s ass nice, fat round and sexy .

Now we settled in each other’s arms and rested to catch our breaths. We were sweating.. her ass and my cock was wet with butter and semen. Komal looked at my cock and told me “le me isko saaf kar deti hoon”. She sucked my love burger topped with sperm and butter dry and cleaned it with a hanky.

Then we talked . here is our transcript of our dialogues.

I: kal bazzar se butter naya lana padega. Bhaiya bholenge kal wala butter jo unhone laya tha j kahan gaya?

Komal: main bol doongi maine gand me dal dhi aur mere anil ke lund pe mal dhi.(she giggled) then looking at me said: nahin re, me bol doongi…who choakaran ka party that ho sandwitches me khatm ho gayee. Tu tension mat ley.

I: I love you komal, kyat u meri secret wife banegi…

K: main teri sab kuch banoogi.. main teri rakhel hoon aur teri sex teacher……waise tu student kafi achha hain.. you satisfied me.. aur ek aurat ko kya chaiye?

We were to tired to fuck now and so we took a shower where we cleaned each of our parts thoroughly. I applied sunsilk on her cunt hair and cleaned it. So dear friends the whole day went in fucking and enjoying. Finally we slept.

The other day she woke me up with a blow job but she did not finish me here. We enjoyed that day too.whenever bhaiya would go we would do everything together like eating, showering, tv and even toilet. When bhaiya would be there also we would just fondle each other, squeeze her breast or feel her ass. At times she would massage my penis in front of bhaiya when he would look at the other side.. when he would not be there, then it was total pleasure. I would bunk my lecture and just enjoy her.

Every woman becomes shameless with a man only if he know how to pleasure her.. you know I would apply butter, cheese, cream, dahi, icecream and even dal or some sambhar in her chooth and eat/drink . she would increase the taste by giving her own flaoured cunt juice in it. Like wise she would always apply lip stick on my penis, or make a double sandwich on my penis with tomato sauce and cucumber and just eat it. I would reward her with my own uniue burger white sauce on the sandwich which she would eat. she smield at the way I would give her respect even for such a small thing.


My sister was very beautiful after her childbirth. She was very big now. She was looking plump and looking like Kate Winslet of Hollywood. It was when I went my sister’s husband was going for a business Tour. He told he is unfortunate that he have to leave and he asked me to stay with sister for one month, so that I can help her in keeping the baby. My sister was also relieved when she saw me.
At the age of 18, starting of adolescence I was eagerly watching my sister. Now my hormones have started working and I was seeing my sister in new manner. My sister had good breasts. My sister’s boobs were very big that her blouse could not hold them and utmost they were showing their cleavage. Since My sister was feeding her baby, she was having big tits I think is full of milk. Her boobs I are like ripe mangoes.
Also my sister has a very good backside too. Her buttocks were like water melons. While my elder sister was walking I can see her big globes of flesh giggle under her dress. They are very big so that it can be used as pillows.
Since my brother in law went out my sister and I alone I was getting bored. I told sister and she told “don’t worry brother I will entertain you as you like.” I can’t understand her words.
Sister told that mom had told over phone about my visit and mom insisted me to study my lessons. So, sister advised me to study my lessons. I was studying biology about female anatomy. I can’t understand anything. I asked this to my sister to help me.
She asked me if I had seen any women nude. I said “no sister. ” She told “so you don’t know anything about female anatomy, and want it to be taught. “She asked “do you want to see from sister?.” I said “yes sister.”
O. K. then I will teach you about a female’s body. She told first that a female’s body is like a luxury car. First my sister removed her saree palloo and showed her boobs, which are very well packed, in her blouse. Showing her cleavage she told this is front BANNET of your sister. A female is rated by this part.
Then she removed the blouse and I was seeing my own sister’s breasts in her lace bra, which showed her beautiful pink nipples. My heart was pounding and I was astonished by the size of my own sister’s milk jugs. She then asked me to remove her bra hooks. MY hands were shivering when I touched my sister’s bra hooks; somehow I managed to remove, now my sexy sister turned around to show her amorous assets to her brother. Wow! What a site for this brother to view his own sister’s white fruits. Now for explaining my sister told that these are called tits of a woman, they also call them as boobs, breasts. This part is equal to HORN of a car.
Then she showed the pink nipples and said this is a your sister’s nipple and this is where all human beings have their first breakfast. Telling that she slowly pressed her nipples gently and small white fluid came. She told it is your sister’s milk and you can have some after your lessons are over. She told this part is equal to HEAD LIGHTS of a car.
She asked now “brother do you know that every women in earth, including your mom and sister have three under them. “I said “no sister.” She then said every girl’s body has three holy holes. Saying this she removed her skirt and then asked me to remove her panties. I removed my sister’s panties with great interest. Now for god’s sake; I was in front of a fully naked grown up women (Ripe women) that too my own sister. I can’t believe my eyes. What a beauty? Sister was big and huge, she had the best ass and boobs in world. Now sister sat in bed and opened her legs wide enough to show me every details of her anatomy. She asked me to come closer.
The next part is a combination of three 1) When I did she told pointing to a small protruding and said that the first hole was your elder sister’s piss hole.. 2) Then the second hole came. This hole my sister said is the way to heaven, called vagina. And this hole is ENTRY for a male’s organ for giving childbirth and it is the EXIT for the baby. She said it is the ENGINE part of the car. To start the engine the KEY from male must enter (KEY is penis) 3) Then my sister turned and showed her plump ass and pointed out a small opening and said that was the BACKENTRY for heaven.
Sister then explained that for proper functioning of female engine oil called sperm from the penis must be pumped regularly inside a female asshole and vagina.
After the explanations are over I asked my sister how the small hole could be used for giving babies. She said, “who said it is a small hole? I can hold even you hand inside it. “Saying this she asked me to insert my fingers one by one. I did so and within minutes my whole hand was inside my elder sister. She said my brother you are now having your hands inside the engine of your sister. I laughed.
I said to my sister that tomorrow was my birthday. Sister said she would give me a big treat. Now she was nude. We slept in same bedroom. The whole night sister told that today she had finished the theory part of women’s anatomy, tomorrow I will have practical. Morning I was woke by water sprayed on my face. when I woke I saw my elder sister standing above me with her legs open wide. She was pissing on me to wake me. I asked sister don’t waste holy water “please direct it to my mouth.” immediately sister showed her stream to my mouth and I drank the eternal fluid. How sweet is my sister’s piss ” Sister now said ” happy birthday brother!!!.” She then asked to lay on her lap and drink her milk. Sister’s milk wow!!! I neared her nipple like a small baby with eager and lust and sucked to get my morning milk. Every boy in earth must taste his sister’s milk.
Now for morning shower sister took my clothes off and brought to my birthday suit. I was taken to bathroom and she watched me while I pissed and shited. i was shy of showing myself nude before a women. Sister told nothing to worry after all I am your sister. Probably you have seen a wonderful show yesterday and why can’t I see my brother nude?. So I was kept nude whole day.
Sister asked me to watch tv while she prepared morning breakfast. She called after sometime and I saw my sister nude and lying on the ground. I was amazed to see that she was having the food on her. She was serving her brother on herself. So my birthday feast was in front of me. Sister without hesitation take your food brother.
First there were two breads on the two tit mounds of sister. I took and asked sister where is the jam for my bread? Sister told please take it from your sister’s asshole. I slowly ran my fingers inside my sister’s asshole and took enough jam mixed with my sister’s yellow shit and spread on the bread and started eating.
Then there lay cornflakes on her milk white belly. I asked sister where is milk for it. Sister asked to pump her breasts. I slowly pressed her milky tits. My Sister’s Milk started to ooze as I placed my hands on it. I think she has buckets of milk in her heaving boobs. Now the milk slowly flowed through the valley of my sister’s tit hills and came down far to shallow pond of her belly. Then I soaked the Kellogg’s with enough of my sister’s milk and began eating it. When I finished the food I was thirsty and need of water and sister asked me go down and face her water hole. When she started to piss water of my sister came as if it was from the water tap; and it hit my mouth and I drank with full pleasure.
After it I needed a banana and sister was having it opened and inside her vagina. I plucked and ate it. All day I and sister was nude. We both were sleeping and my bro in law came of a sudden from his tour. He scolded my sister for being doing this. He then challenged me if I was able to win my sister then I can have her nude with me for one more week.
So, all the things are well done and set for the battle for conquering my sister’s buttocks. Both i and my brother in law were ready with our guns set ready to invade my sister’s ass. My sister’s husband gave me my sister’s asshole for the battle and he took the vagina of my sister. MY sister was laying above her husband with his tool inside her now and she slightly opened her ass for me to enter her tight pink color asshole. First I kissed my sister’s asshole and then I touched and worshiped it before my attack. Then placing some saliva on her anus, I entered the backdoor of my sister. She screamed like anything and I started to explore the depths of my sister with my tool. Also my sister’s husband was pounding her, Both our pricks were inside my sister with only a sheath dividing them.
We both were splitting my sister into two. She was screaming “don’t kill me bastards.” I was not tired I was still continuing boring my sister hoping that I could hit GOLD somewhere under her ass. At last my brother-in-law came and he his penis came out of my sister. While I was still exploring the depths of my sister anus. after ten minutes I came inside my sister and she was having her orgasm and she took me in her arms and said “You won your sister’s ass dear brother. “So now my brother-in-law gave permission for us to be nude for one week.
So we were nude all day. We never drank water or Pepsi; for we took the piss of each other. Then we were lying on bed nude all day. I would wash her asshole after my sister has had a scat session. First she would go and shit, then she will come to me and show her ass, I will use my tongue and clean my sister’s ass hole by licking the sweet shit of my sister.
The next day mom came to sister’s house and heard all about our explorations. I was afraid but she complimented my sister for helping her brother to know about female’s body. Because if learning from prostitute may bring some diseases. She asked sister weather she explained her brother of MENSES in females. Sister told that she could not explain because she was not having her periods at that time.
Mom told I shall explain it to my son since she was having her menses now. Mom removes her saree and she began to unbutton her blouse. I was seeing in eager what my mom has under her blouse. Since my childhood I Was eager to see my mom’s breasts. Now it was all before me. With mom wearing no bra, she was now showing her giant size boobs that can feed a dozen of children. She told this is your first place of food. Then she removed her skirt and panties. her panties were attached with a napkin which has blood in it. Now mom explained me that it was for this a lady must have napkin with her. She opened her vagina and showed me the blood coming. MOM told son you and sister have come through this hole only. Mom asked if I want to again enter her vagina. I said yes. Mom opened her motherly womb and showed me. I entered my mom and while my huge elder sister was above us. I was sandwiched in between my own mom and sis. What a great experience I am having?
After that I was taken to bathroom for bath. I was asked to sit down and my mom and sis had started to piss on me. The water was sweet and hot. Then my sister started to squeeze her boobs and milk came over me. I was bathing over my sister’s milk.

Shy Aunty

Hello everybody, I am Skkindian aged 50 years, staying in Maharashtra. I accidentally came across this site and I am hooked now. This incidence happened way back in 1977. I was in my first year of college in New Delhi. I was just 18 years old & quiet innocent in ways of Sex. I was having the usual attraction about opposite sex, especially older ladies like Aunties, Teachers etc. We were having one family as family friends. As this family was also Maharashtrian we became close. A husband (age 50 years), wife (age 44 years) and 2 daughters aged 14 & 10 respectively. We used to interact a lot. Usually the Uncle used to be out of station for nearly 25 days a month. Uncle & Urmi Aunty had nothing in common and I think they just compromised for their daughters’ sake. This family used to live in a Barsati ( Terrace room) on 2nd floor. I frequently visited their house sometimes to teach the daughters or sometimes to just pass the time. I did not have an eye on daughters. I liked the Aunty though and used to fantasize about her. She never used to encourage me and used to treat me as her son. Sometimes I used to spend whole day at their place as both my parents were working and I was the only son. My college was only for 3 hours hence I had a lot of free time. I usually used to take nap in the afternoons along with Urmi Aunty. The daughters used to be in school from 8 am to 4 pm. While taking a nap I used to keep my hand on Aunty’ waist. Now about Urmi Aunty. She was plump lady about 5” tall and very fair. She had a pleasant face but always looked sad, may be because she was not happy in the marriage. She was bit of a thinker also. Always used to wear sari in decent way. One day due to some hot discussions in college, I was feeling hot but did not know what to do. When I lied down besides Aunty for a nap, as was my habit, I kept my hand on her waist. Aunty was not facing me. After some time, pretending as if I am asleep I slightly moved my hand and brought it to base of blouse above the sari. Aunty showed no reaction. I dared further and brought my hand on her left boob. I was thrilled as well as scared. But Aunty did not move. Perhaps she was asleep. I kept my hand there and did not move. After some time Aunty moved and slept on her back. My hand also went on her navel area. I again mustered some courage and moved my hand on Auntie’s boobs area. Aunty noticed this and looking at me gently removed my hand from her body. I acted as if I am asleep and continued with my sleep acting. This continued for few days. Aunty did not mind my hand on her waist, forearms, naval area but whenever I used to touch her boobs area she used to be disturbed but never scolded me or become angry with me. Once Aunty had a very high fever. Her body became very hot and she sweated profusely. As usual I was there to help the family & Aunty. Aunty told me to wipe the sweat from her face, neck etc. I used a thin cotton cloth to wipe her face, neck. As her chest was also perspiring, I slowly put the cloth below her blouse, above her bras and wiped the sweat from there also. Aunty did not mind. I think she was really down. I wiped her legs up to her knees keeping my hands inside the sari only. I could not see her fair legs. This went on about 1 hour. The younger daughter had gone for tuition and the elder daughter went to Kirana store below to buy something. As the blouse had become all wet, Aunty told me to bring me her blouse from cupboard. She tried to remove her blouse but did not have much energy. I helped her taking off the blouse and for the first time I was facing female boobs albeit in Bras. Auntie’s Bra was fully wet due to sweat and I decided to take my chance and told her that She should change her Bra also. But Aunty said not in front of her daughters who can come any time. She thought since she is ill she can be nursed by me also. As it was getting late, I asked her whether I should stay there for the night to help her. I suggested that she should have her body sponged. Aunty told me you come in the morning when there is nobody at home so that she will not feel awkward then. I could not sleep the whole night as picture of aunty in her Bra kept dancing before me. Also I was excited about the next day. I rose up early in the morning, got ready, bunked my college and reached Auntie’s place at 9 am sharp. Aunty was lying in same sweaty cloths but was looking better and was feeling fresher. I touched her forehead to see weather she had high temperature but she told me that she is alright now and after bath she will feel better. I told her that she is not in a position to take bath and she should get her body sponged as I had suggested previous night. She told me that she is feeling awkward about it and shy also. I reminded her that she is a patient and since I am like her son, she should go ahead with it. Nobody will also come to know about this. Reluctantly she agreed. I removed her sari which had got separated from her body by then. Her petticoat & blouse were wet and smelled. She tried to remove her blouse herself and I helped her. She wore a plain white bra inside. Her brownish nipples were visible. She saw me looking at them and was embarrassed. I told her to lie on her naval, back up and gently removed her bra hooks. Aunty sighed and kept quiet. Now her back was totally exposed to me. I brought a half bucket full of water and 3-4 pieces of thin cotton cloth. I wiped her back & neck area by wet cloth. Aunty just kept on sighing. I again wiped the whole area by dry cloth very gently and lovingly. Aunty seemed to like it. Now was the moment I was waiting for. I told Aunty to rest on her back and face me. She told me that she is feeling very shy. I again told her you are patient, don’t be shy. If you are feeling so shy I will close my eyes and wipe you. She felt reassured and rested on her back. I gently removed the unhooked bra from her boobs and was stunned by the sight of those magnificent pair of balls. I did not have any idea that female breasts could be so enchanting to see. As Aunty used to wear old fashioned blouse I did not ever expected her to have such a nice pair of boobs. Although the balls were little sagging they were very shapely and one could see the blue veins going towards nipple area. Auntie’s eyes were closed as she was feeling very embarrassed. I wiped the neck and shoulders. I then requested Aunty to lift her both hands above her head so that I can wipe her sweaty armpits. She obeyed me and kept both her hands near her head. As her eyes were still closed I could enjoy her beauty fully. The shape of her boobs changed and I could feel wetness in my virgin rod. I gently wiped out both her armpits and controlled myself with difficulty. As it was tickling, Aunty started to giggle with closed eyes. Slowly I felt her left boob by my hand. My first touch! So divine & so wonderful that I ejaculated in my andies. Aunty sighed satisfactorily. I wiped both the boobs by wet cloth taking special care of both the nipples. All the while Aunty was sighing and making noises like ahhhhhhhhh!, ahhhhhhhhhaa. I asked her Aunty what happened? She just told me that she is feeling lovely because she is feeling clean now. I pressed both her boobs by dry cloth. The cloth was so thin that I could feel the softness of the boobs fully. I resisted the temptation to take the boobs in my mouth. But I was more than happy to look at the topless beauty lying before me with closed eyes. I opened the knot of petticoat and took it out. When I tried to pull the white underwear down, Aunty resisted it by putting her hand on it and told me to let it be there. She covered her boobs with a cloth lying nearby and opened her eyes shyly. I did not argue with her and wiped her legs. I wiped her inner thighs and Aunty started wriggling. I came up to her magic point and told Aunty that your underwear is all wet and smelling. We have to remove it. She just nodded looking at me fleetingly. I gently removed the soiled underwear and her bushy pussy was all before me. I had at least an idea about the boobs but about pussy I was just ignorant. I stared at the pussy speechlessly. Aunty felt about my nervousness and told me that if you don’t want to touch that area it is OK with her, I told her Sorry Aunty it is just that I did not know that females have such a bushy place for urinating. Aunty just smiled innocently and kept quiet. I started wiping the pussy area with cloth and Aunty just went mad. Oh, Yes, Ahhhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhhhh, She kept crying. I was alarmed. I asked her, Aunty, What is the matter? Are you in pain? Have I hurt you somewhere? Aunty just closed her eyes and told me to wipe the pussy area thoroughly. Again I started wiping the whole area. As I neared the magic spot Aunty was in sixth heaven. My hand touched the spot, Aunty cried do it vigorously. My finger went in the spot and it was wet. I said Aunty, you are still sweating. Aunty said you rub it, clean it and make it dry. As Urmi Aunty was not well, I was sponging her body. I thoroughly cleaned her pussy area. As per her command to dry the magic spot, I was not successful as she used to cum due to my touch. I just enjoyed the whole sponging experience and thought myself very lucky that I could see & touch the full naked woman. Aunty was satisfied and tired by now. Actually I wanted to repeat the same exercise again. But Aunty just lied down and told me to help her wear a fresh blouse and petticoat. She slept after that. I was just passing the time and was replaying the scenes in my mind. About 12 O’ clock, Aunty awoke. I gave her some coffee & biscuits. I asked her how she is? She said that she is feeling very tired and thanked me for all my help. I asked her what more can I do for her? She told that except some body ache, she is feeling much better. I told her that I will press her body lightly so that she will feel better. She seemed to like the idea and told me to go ahead. I removed her chaddar ( Cloth Sheet) and she was wearing only her blouse and petticoat. Aunty had hooked just 2 hooks of her Blouse and her boobs were fully visible. I sat at Auntie’s feet and started massaging her feet very slowly and tenderly. I came to her ankle area and slowly massaged her calf. Aunty folded her knees and her petticoat rose above her knees and I could see her pubic area as she was not wearing any panty. I massaged her knees and moved her petticoat further up till her upper thighs. This time Aunty was less conscious but was lying with her eyes closed and enjoying the massage. I started caressing her thighs. Aunty was moaning with pleasure. I think after a long time somebody was touching her body. I gently moved her petticoat still higher exposing her pussy to me. I slowly massaged pubic area without actually touching her magic spot. Aunty just enjoyed the whole thing with closed eyes. I could feel something coming out from her cunt but neglected it. I requested her to lie on her abdomen so that I could press her soft ass. Again I started from her feet and slowly went up to her thighs. She was really enjoying the sensation. I moved my hands to her inner thighs and Aunty moved her legs sideways to allow me free movement. By now her petticoat was just there for the show. I gently asked Aunty if I can remove it as it was not letting me massage her buttock area freely. Aunty just kept quiet and thinking this to be her consent I freed the petticoat tie and gently removed it. Now first time I was watching a female naked lower backside. I very lovingly pressed her buttocks one by one. Aunty cried with pleasure. She was moaning continuously. I asked her what happened? She told me that she is feeling great and that God bless me for caring for her. I moved to her waist. She again cried out with pleasure. I moved to her back and pressed above her blouse. Slowly I moved to her shoulder area. I gently tried to remove blouse from her arms and this time Aunty helped me out and within no time she was fully naked and I could enjoy her naked backside. Since I had sponged her body she seemed to be less shy now. I pressed her neck area, arms and again wiped out sweat from her armpits. I was massaging her as if a nurse is taking care of his patient. Aunty, I called out to her. Please sleep on your back now. Slowly Aunty turned over. But she kept her eyes closed. She was still embarrassed by the situation but enjoying it. Since I had pressed her feet before, I pressed her shoulders and upper chest. Slowly I pressed her left ball which was near me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, moaned Aunty. This was the moment I was fantasizing from so many months. The boob was so tender and soft that I felt if I press it little forcefully it might melt in my hands. I felt Aunt’s nipple getting harder. Slowly I increased my speed and cupped the full ball in my hands. Now Aunty could not keep quiet. She opened her eyes and told me to press her right ball also. Now I also lost my control. I cupped both her balls and pressed them very hard. Aunty cried out – aur jorse, aur jorse. Press harder, Press harder. I needed no other invitation. I just pressed those beautiful jewels like a man possessed and my rod became stiffer and finally I ejaculated in my underwear. I lay exhausted on Aunt’s Balls. Aunt just lovingly moved her hands through my hairs and said thanks my darling, I had forgotten that I am a woman and God has given us this life for enjoyment also. Listening to these words I felt energetic again & I lightly kissed both the balls. Aunty sighed with pleasure. I slowly moved my tongue all over her areola and stiff nipples. I bit her nipple softly. Aunt literarily flied. Slowly I increased the tongue speed while biting her nipples in between. Suddenly Aunty stiffened her whole body and I could just guess that she had also cum. We laid down on one another very contended for about 5 minutes. Aunty got up slowly and washed herself up in the bathroom. She called me up from the bathroom. Darling you come over here. You have given so much pleasure to my body now it is my turn. I want to see you naked now and want to feel your young body. I removed all my clothes and went towards bathroom. To my surprise, my rod started getting straighter and when I saw the naked beauty again it was fully erect. I moved forward to wash my dick but Aunty stopped me. “Darling, this got dirty because of me so this is my moral duty to clean it.” Aunty sat on bathroom stool and took my dick in her hand lovingly. “I am seeing dick after 12 years, can you believe it?” She asked me. I was just enjoying this new sensation and stood motionless like a statue before Aunty. She handled my dick with care and rubbed it lovingly. Suddenly she took the whole thing in her mouth and I was shocked. I was not expecting this from her. I just thought that she will wash my dick by pouring water over it. But Aunty thoroughly cleaned the dick with her mouth and lightly bit on the tip. I could not control myself and I shouted “I am cuming, I am Cuming”. Aunty just sprayed my cream on her balls and laughed. “You buddhu, I cleaned the whole thing just now and you have again made it dirty. Now I have to clean it again” Saying this, Aunty wiped my dick with cold water and dried it by towel. “Darling, this is enough for one day. I am also not fully fit. You are also inexperienced. From tomorrow, I will give you special tuition. I want to fill all the backlog. So young man, be prepared for active physical activity from tomorrow onwards.” Saying this she pushed me out of the bathroom. Thus started my training under the expert guidance of Urmi Aunty. I was really surprised to see this other wild side of Urmi Aunty. We really enjoyed each other till I graduated. To this day also I can not forget my shy & wild Urmi Aunty and her soft and experienced anatomy.


Hello friends,

I am a big fan of Indian married women or as we call them aunties.I especially like those who have a healthy figure with big boobs, hairy bushes and not to mention big, round and firm ass.Yeh.thats right.i am a big ass fan.After watching some videos of aged beautiful ladies getting their beautiful ass fucked by young guys,I also wanted to have the same experience.As I was living in a colony, I had some aunties with the same age and figure I would have liked.The age group I liked is between 35-50.I expected only one experience but I got a whole lot both from the aged and young group as a bonus.But this series is only for mature women.The young experience will be another series.

The first aunty of this series is shila.She is 39 yrs old having only one son and her husband was working in the same office as my dad.As the office and the quarters are in the same compound,a lot of staff remained inside the campus with their families.My mother and shila aunty were friends and used go for morning and evening walk.Shila aunty is a teacher and she taught accountancy in a local college.As I am studying Bcomm at that time,accountancy was one of my subjects.But like the aunty,I had a weakness for accountancy also.So,when I didn’t improve,my mother asked shila aunty to look after my studies and asked me to go to her home in the morning from 10-12 for tution.As my and her college was closed for exam,I didn’t have ny problem with the timing.

So,my tution started.As expected,shila aunty was very strong in the subject and often scolded me for making silly mistakes.I didn’t want to be taught by her anything except sex.My luck smiled on for me one day.Her husband went to his village for one week and she asked me to do all the shopping .One day she sent me to buy some local grocer for some rice.But the shop was closed and I returned to her house.As I had key of her house which she gave me once in case I needed books or materials of study,I opened the door and went to the kitchen.But she was not there.Then I went to the bedroom and she was not there too.Then I heard some faint noise coming from somewhere and I found out it’s the bathroom.Knowing someone moaning ,I thought aunty may have slipped and fell in the bathroom,.I immediately went to the bathroom and want to go inside.But I stopped suddenly as the bathroom door was not locked and was slightly open.The moans are louder now and I knew now that aunty was doing something else and she is fine.I just opend the bathroom door a little and just peaked inside and was frozen for a minute.Inside was my beautiful aunty,in her full naked glory and pushing a cucumber in to her hairy pussy and fucking her self slowly with one hand.With the other hand ,she was pressing one of her boobs.I couldn’t belive my eyes as my dream woman was all there lying and doing something which I fantasized of doing for a long time.In between she was taking the cucumber out and sucking it for sometime and then putting it in her pussy.I didn’t want to let go of this chance but I wanted to make sure that she doesn’t deny me the chance to have her to my full satisfaction.I took out my mobile and recorded her for sometime.She was reaching her climax and pumping the cucumber very fast.I immediately became naked and went into the bathroom slowly.She was moaning and busy so much that she didn’t notice the sound of the door opening.I was standing infront of her having my thick 8 incher in my hand and rubbing it slowly.Suddenly she contracted and gave out a shrill and stopped.I understood she had climaxed.She then opned her eyes and she shocked to see me standing infront of her naked with my monster.She said- arun,what are you doing?I said- aunty if you wanted this thing very much then you could have asked me rather than using this cucumber.You should have the real thing rather than this artificial.She said –how dare you?I will complain to your mother.I said OK, just look at my big thing and decide whether you want this or not?She gave my big cock a look and her expression changed a bit for while and again she became angry and said-I don’t want anything.just get out of here and don’t come back.I will tell your mother what you have just said to me.I said- ok,then I will tell everyone what I have seen today.She said- who is going to believe you?I said-they will when I will show them the recording.Hearing this,she said- what recording?I said- I recorded your sweet solo play in my mobile.Her face became darkned as she knows that my mobile has the recording facility and I might not be bluffing.She still gathered some courage and said-don’t try to pull that one on have nothing.I said-ok,when everyone sees it and I will also put it on the internet so that your students will see too.She said- you cant do that.I said-For that,you have to do something for me.

She took a deep breath and said-what you want me to do?I said- I will have your body to my full satisfaction right now.She said- are you crazy?I am of your mothers age and also can you say that?I said-I don’t have the time to argue.Is it a deal or no?She remained silent for while and said-ok,but only once and you will tell no one.I said- yeh,but you will have to do what I tell you.She said-ok.I said-lets clean our bodies and then start.I opned the shower and applied soap to her body.i massaged her boobs and squeezed them.She moaned a little and then I also played with her pussy and also pressed her ass.Then she took the soap and then applied it to me and jacked my big cock for some time.Then we took the shower and then I told her-Aunty.get on your knees and cuck my cock.She looked at my face and sat down and took my cock in her hand.After playing it for sometime she took me in her mouth.I gave out a moan as I was having my first blowjob and her mouth felt good around my cock.She also then licked my big balls in between sucking.I just closed my eyes and moaning.She increased the speed and at the same time cupped my balls.I couldn’t hold more and said-Aunty,I am cumming in your beautiful mouth.drink my sweet cum my love.And I cummed like I have never done with masturbation.She was sollowing well.After emptying myself,my cock become limp and she let it go.I said- Aunty,you are great.She gave me a smile.

Now its time to please her.I let the lie and sucked her one boob while pressing another and alternated.She was moaning slowly.Then I gradually moved to her honeypot.I first put my tongue in the beautiful pussy and sucking her.She was moaning loudly amd pressing my head between her thighs.After sometime she released her pussy juice in my mouth which I greedily drank and kept on going until she released another stream of her love juice in my mouth.Then I lied on my back and asked her to ride and teach me.She just smile and positioned her pussy above my cock and sat down.My cock went into her pussy slowly and she felt tight.She was bitting her lower lip and the expression on her face was changing as she took my inch by inch.After waiting for sometime,she started riding me and moaning.I joined her by pumping from below.She was saying-yeh baby you are doing it right.dont be fast.Like the good chewing digest the food,a good fucking satisfies a woman.dont be impatient otherwise you will cum and I will remain unsatisfied.Give your Aunty a fucking to remember.She released her juice after sometime and fell on my chest .I hugged her and turned her sideways and entered her.After that I put her in doggy style and entered her from behing and fucked her hard.She was flowing like a river.I knew I am near so I asked her to lie on her back flat and I told her to hold her boobs together and I inserted my cock between her and fucked her for sometime.She took her tounge out and liked my cock few times and sometime sucked the purple head.the I knew that I cant hold any longer with her beautiful body,I thought its time to unload myself inside her.So entered her in missionary style and inserted myself into her.I was pumping her hard and she hugged me and crossed her legs aroud my waist.She was also moving and in no time we both came hard.I screamed- I am filling you with my juice my love.She said- Yeh baby,fill your Aunty with your baby making juice.Make her pregnant with your baby.Make her your woman,your whore,slut,mistress.After filling her,I fell on her chest and sucked her one boob.She caressed my head and said- well done baby.

We rested for few minutes in each others arm.After sometime I again played with her body and asked her to suck me.She took me lovingly in her mouth again and my cock was rock hard in no time.I said-Aunty ,what about another round?She said-whatever you say my love.Now I am your cockwhore.My hauband never gave me this kind of fucking.I asked-Aunty,thw way you sucked me,it appears that you did gave uncle a blowjob before.Is her bigger than me?She said-no honey.He is half you size and thickness.You are right,I did gave blowjob to your uncle manytimes as I love to drink the cum but he never licked my pussy as you did.These days he is having heart problems and avoids sex..I am deprived of sweet cum and that’s why I was satisfying myself with a cucumber. But now I think I wont have to do that. I said- You bet. You are making me horny again Aunty and see my dick is up again.She took it in her hand and said-Yeah.So want another round? I said- Yes Aunty, but this time I want something else.She looked at my face,supprised and asked- What now?I said-You see Aunty, A woman has 3 beautiful holes to be fucked and it one remains unfucked,Her fucking is not complete.She said- Oh yeah,which 3 holes?I said-Yes,Mouth,Pussy and Ass.So,now I want your beautiful sweet corn hole.She-No,No,you can do that.Its not good.I said-Yes,it is and I want it now.She said- But my Husband never fucked me in their and its so small.How your horse cock is going to fit in there?You will tear it with your monster and it will hurt a lot.If something goes wrong,I have to go to the Doctor and what will tell if she asks me?I said-Don’t worry Aunty.After all,you are my first love.I cant even think about hurting you in any way.I will do it slowly.She said-But I am still afraid.I said-Trust me my love.She said-Ok.I asked her to bring some vasekline which she did.Then I asked her to lie on her fours,then took a good look at her nice brown hole and started to lick it slowly.The first touch sent a shiver down her spine and she said-OOH,it feels so nice,I am getting we again.Lick it my love.My Husband would have never did this if he wanted to fuck me in there.Lick your Aunty’s Asshole well.I stopped licking and put some Vaseline on to it and tried my first finger into her.She howled-Its hurting.I asked her to keep calm.Then after pushing in and out my finger for sometime,I again put another finger with it.Then eventually three fingers went in and I know she was ripe for plucking,I mean fucking.Then I applied some vaseling to my cock and then entered her slowly.She cried- No no,you are so big.You will tear my asshole.I said- have patience my love.Then gradually inch by inch she took me in and finally she took me whole in.I waited for sometime to get her ass adjusted to my cock and started to move to and fro.Slowly I started to pick up speed and her cries began to rise and it was mix of pain and pleasure.I said- How does it feel my love?She said- Good,I never thought Assfucking is so wonderful.I wonder why my husband never did this to me.Fuck baby fuck,don’t stop,tear your Aunt’s ass with your big fucking cock.After fucking for 15mins in her beautiful ass,I knew I am going to unload myself again inside her.I held her shoulders from behind and started fucking hard and said-I am cumming my love,I am cumming.She said-Me too baby.And finally with a grunt,I shot my warm juice inside her ass and she too came on my hand wetting it.We collapsed on the bed.Then we kept hugging and kissing for sometime and then I asked her-How was the experience Aunty?She said-Just great my love.I never had this kind of experience before.You sure are a good student.I smiled and said- You are a great performer,I mean teacher too.She said-Lets clean up.We went to the bathroom to clean up and I said-Promise me Aunty,when you are in need just call me and never use the cucumber again.She said-I promise.She now is my teacher and whore.

Mom’s Bed

I lived with my 36 year old mom in an apartment ever since a year ago. (I’m 15.) However, recently we ran low on money, and had to sell a lot of our stuff, including my bed. The evening after the garage sale we had, she asked me if I wanted to sleep with her, and I agreed. Later, She went into the bathroom to get changed, and came out with a nighty on. She bent down in front of me to put her slippers on, and I saw she only had a bra on underneath. I was getting hard underneath my shorts, and hustled into the bathroom to get changed. I came out with only boxers on, my dick still semi-hard. I got under the covers of the small bed without delay. I
was on one side of the bed, and she went in on the other. She had her back to me as we fell asleep. I didn’t fall asleep, though. My dick was hard again,
extending out its full 7 inches. I looked under the covers at her legs, and wished I could fuck her. I fell asleep thinking that very thing.

I awoke at about midnight, for some reason I don’t know. To my surprise, i saw my mom facing up, sleeping, but with buttons of her nighty opened up.
My stomach turned after I saw her bra. One of the shoulder straps was loose, and the cup of the bra was also loose. I could almost see the nipple of
the breast. I moved closer, in fact a lot closer to her, staring at her upper body. But, after then, the nighty was still closed. I cautiously and slowly moved right next to her, until my face was touching her arm. Then I reached for her middle, and very slowly pulled the nighty halfway open. Then all the way open. I stared at her panties,and smooth skin. Then, I looked back up at her breast through the moonlight, and set my head right next to it. In doing so, my cock pressed against her thigh, and I almost cummed right there. But instead I extended my tongue and started touching with my tongue the material of the bra. I then pressed my dick against her thigh as I kept getting hornier and hornier. Then, still asleep, she actually turned to me so she was lying down almost on top of me. My hand brushed against her breasts as I backed off a little.
I really didn’t want to wake her up even though I knew she slept very
Then, I decided to remove the strap from the other side of her bra.
Slowly, I did, and I took the strap down to her arm. Then, I took the
of her bra and slided it down, this time past the nipple. I touched
slightly hardened, dark colored nipple with my thumb. I squeezed very
softly her breast above the nipple. It was very soft I bent
my head down and touched her breast, and nipple, with my tongue.
Then, to
my surprise, her eyes opened up, and immediaty she sat up, her two
breasts jiggling.

“What are you doing?” she asked in a shocked voice, covering up her
breasts with the sheet.
“Let me fuck you, please,” I answered. And I immediatly wished I
You just don’t say things like that to your mom.
“Come on now. Do you really want to fuck me?”
“Yes.” Now I realized I wasn’t going to get in trouble. After all, I
knew she had her tubes tied after I was born.
“Not right away,” she said. “But maby when you are older.” And with

that, she got up, and completly undressed. My eyes were glued first to her large, pear shaped breasts and dark nipples, and then to her
It was bushy, with dark hair .After undressing, she got back in bed,
and facing me, she
went (or pretended to) go back to sleep. I immediatly reached up to
face to face, with my dick pressing against my shorts. I let my dick
free, and pressed it in the hair of her vagina. I knew she wouldn’t
me all the way in, but instead I put the tip of my dick in her hair.
I moved up so close to
her that her breasts were pushing against my chest. I moved clear on
of her, her breasts pressed against my chest. I could feel as the
became harder as I thrusted my hips at hers, my dick playing in her
hair. She moaned, and opened her eyes. She thrusted her hips back at
and finally my dick ran across her vagina hole. It was wet, and I
thrusted my dick down in it. She moaned loudly and actually rolled
on top of me, her breasts now at full attention. She whispered in my
“I love you” and started kissing my neck. Her hips, meanwhile, were
thrusting against mine. My penis was so stiff I thought it would
It was almost burning with pleasure. I reached behind her back, and
grabbed her ass. It was something I wanted to do for a long time. I
squeezing her soft, tight ass with my hands and at the same time
it down, as I brought my hips and cock even further into her vagina.

I started moaning very loudly as my orgasm hit, and I thrusted with
all my
power into my mother, putting my cum deep inside her. Then her orgasm
hit, and she pressed her boobs and nipples into me so hard it hurt.
Her hips drove my ass into the mattress as she fucked me. She cried
out “Yes,
Yes!” as her orgasm climaxed. She finally slowed down her thrusting,
finally stopped. And it was all over that fast. I rolled off her, with
one final pinch of her nipples with my fingers. And I fell into a deep
i can never forget that night cause mom never gave me another chance.
god knows why??

Sexperience with a woman in train

Am now 25 but this incident happenned when I was 21. I was going from bangalore to jamnagar and unfortunately I didn’t get my reservation confirmed and thought that was the worst thing ever possible considering that I had to go all the way to jamnagar. I never had any idea of the luck I was going to have.
The journey on the konkan coast till Pune was uneventful and I did manage to get adequate space to sleep also. But it all started in Pune, being an unreserved compartment lot of people got in and I was cursing my luck when a 40 year woman sat next to me. I didn’t take much notice of her coz she had come in with her husband and she wasn’t very gr8 looking either.
They were a Gujarathi village couple, the lady managed to squeeze in next to me. The husband without finding a seat went and sat down on the floor a couple of feet away. the train chugged out of Pune station and it was already dusk. Till then I had no intentions in my mind, I never was aware of the huge opportunity sitting by side despite the crampy spaces we were sitting in.
Three hours passed by and we were going along somewhere on the Western coast and people were slowly falling drowsy. I was tired of sitting in one position for quite long and therfore moved a little ahead for a change of position. The lady adjusted into the space created as I moved ahead.
now as time passed by I wanted to ease back but found the woman occupying a little of my space. Cursing my luck again, I eased back as much as possible without disturbing her too much. Now as luck would have it, I slowly realised that my back was almost touching her tit. That mere thought made me hot as a rod.
It suddenly dawned on me of the opportunity that was awaiting, but being my first time and having no experience with a woman earlier I was very apprehensive. But my dick started taking control and with slight trepidation, I was slowly rubbing her tit with my back. She was sleeping but I could find the response as the tit started to get hard.
I knew she was responding and getting hot, but to check her willingness I slightly moved ahead and stopped the rubbing. For a few seconds nothing happened but suddenly I found her tit touching me again, She had moved ahead and she wanted the fun to go on. I knew I had the bloody bitch.
I moved a little back and continued with the rubbing of the tit and squeezing it by applying pressure with my back. This went on for a while but we had to shift the gears, I felt her desperation but more than that I was even more desperate this being my first experience. I shifted uncomfortably to indicate a change and luckily she seemed to get the drift,
she made space and I eased back into the seat with our arms touching eachother. But the major problem was light, in unreserved compartments the lights are never put off and this meant I had to improvise and also be aware of the danger of her husband becoming aware of it. Being a 21 year old, the last thing I wanted to get in was in a brawl with a husband coz
I knew the woman would go into defensive mode and act like a victim if things seem to turn against her. Now since it was dark and slightly cold ( being the month of November, the chill was setting in), I saw the opportunity. I took out myjacket from my rucksack and as though feeling cold spread it over me and a part on her covering her right boob
(she was sitting on my left). Since the spaces were cramped it seemed natural that the jacket should spill on to her. Now with the cover of the jacket, my right hand crossed across and started exploring her body covered by the jacket. I started to get on her from the lowerside. The first thing that I touched was her midriff fold. The touch of raw flesh sent a jolt thru me.
This was my first sexperiencing of a woman. I saw that even she was getting excited and to cover her facial feelings she drew the saree on top of her head like a dupatta, but being so close I cud see her bting her lower lip. Being massaged by a 21 year old handsome was very exciting for her probably.
I massaged her midriff folds and slowly started to draw circles there, I cud feel her heavy breaths of excitement. After having my fill with the midriff, I slowly started to traverse up keeping her boob as target, but the moment I touched she shirked and moved away, I was very surprised and thought that she wanted no more.
I also drew back and waited disappointed, however after a couple of minutes she started to lean on me heavily and I felt that she wanted the fun to continue. I felt elated and began my exercise of massaging her midriff folds again, this time I traversed a little far and drew circles around her navel and dipped my finger into her navel also,
she was breathing a little bit heavily and biting her lip. But as I tried to touch her boob again she drew back and I felt that whatever the reason I will not try it again and spoil the fun that I was driving. But given the little coverage that I had and the lighting still being on in the compartment I didn’t have too many chances.
As I was still thinking of new methods she suddenly got up without warning and I was actually afraid thinking that somebody has seen and she’s assuming a defensive posture. But she got up and started to head for the bathroom. Though it was a gr8 opportunity to screw a woman in the bathroom but this particularly compartment was filled with people everywhere
right uptil the WCs and therefore the opportunity was shut even before it opened. I was ruing the missed chance as the lady came by. As she started to sit down, she trapped my hand between the berth bench and her back. I marvelled at her ingenuity and sensed the gr8 chance I was about to have.
To be doubly sure I just checked with a drowsy feeling of anyone having watched this. Though a couple of ppl were awake but they weren’t noticing. After a couple of minutes I slowly eased my hand down and she gladly made space for my left hand to ease under her buttocks. Now with my left hand firmly placed under buttocks I started to explore the hitherto unknown territories.
As I said earlier, this being my first experience with a lady I wasn’t aware exactly as to where the pussy falls when a lady sits. Though I had watched a lot of pornographic films, I never bothered too much about its disposition in their postures. SO imagine my shock and surprise when I felt her pussy right in my hand. I was like a miner striking gold in the very first dig.
My joy knew no bounds and the soft feel of the pussy between the buttocks can only be felt than described. I was in for more surprise as I found that given the typical gujarathi style of dressing, the lady even had managed a gap in the saree giving a direct access to her treasured compartment.
The entire motive of going to the bathroom then hit me, she had deliberately re arranged her saree to give us this golden opportunity. With the soft flesh of the pussy in my hands I was at the heights of ecstasy. I was already leaking very heavily with precum and it was now seeping into my jeans also thru my underwear.
Now with the treasured piece in my hand, I started to savour every moment and was feeling her entire pussy slowly drawing my index finger on the entire length of the slit. She was leaking very heavily and within no time my fingers were dripping with her juices.As I ran my finger along her slit I could feel her cunt lips expnading and contracting trying to suck in my finger.
I let it run thru the contractions and started to go deeper and deeper into the pussy. I let it run to the maximum depth possible but wasn’t able to touch her end, it was all sticky and gooy wherever I felt. She was leaking like an open tap, I drew back my finger and let my middle finger also inside. With two fingers inside I started to figer fuck her slowly.
I felt heavy contractions on my fingers as I increased the pace, all the while my other 3 fingers massaging the outer lips. This went on for a good couple of minutes when suddenly I felt a gush rushing past my fingers, she was pouring thru her love hole. I know now that she had an orgasm but I wasn’t very sure then and even thought she might have leaked her urine.
She contracted her pussy lips tightly on my fingers and let them go after a long time. Slowly I felt her breathing return to normal and she had a very satisfied look on her face. After soem time,She deliberately slid her head on to my shoulder and placed a soft kiss indicating her gratitude and got up and left for the bathroom (probably to clean herself).
I felt very nice to have satisfied her given the opposing circunstances. Though I felt like having myself jerked but I was very much aware that this wasn’t possible given the circumstances. This play continued well into the wee hours of the morning and she had four orgasms while I finger fucked her.
In between I also made a trip down to the WC to relieve myself as it had become unbearable to hold on for me. By dawn, the train was already in gujarath and the couple abruptly got up before a stop and left towards the door. As the lady was wheeling out of sight she turned back looked at me and gave a big smile and I returned her smile.
It was a sense of fulfillment when our eyes met each other, we knew that we would never ever meet again in life and it was kind of strange that one look had so much expressed without ever speaking a word to each other. After that I didn’t try to follow her out of the compartment or have a second look at her.
I still remember to this day, the amazing experience I had with her and I cannot forget the final look we xchanged. And frankly she was the door to my other experiences, as this incident emboldened me so much that I tried this luck with every female I happenned to travel sitting close and believe me am having a 98% result.
I was never aware that all females are as adventurous as I was. But the key to this is to never push the lady or girl too far and get to know their intentions very clearly before u go into the overdrive. Like as I wrote I had only 98% success but in the 2% I could retreat before it snow balled into anything major and that’s the key as u have to keep ur tracks covered.
Anyways this was my first ever sexperience which I remember like a 70mm in my mind. After this I had lots more traveling experiences including one where I had hit the jackpot with a lady in the WC of a reserved compartment. Comments on this story are most welcome as that would encourage me to take the trouble of posting more experiences here

In the Gym(A Gay Story)

After a long, hard, aggravating day at my job, I packed my bag and went to the Gym for a stress reducing workout. After warming up on the stairclimber, I worked my way over to the weights. There were two nice looking young women wearing close fitting shorts and jog bras working out on the abs slant boards next to me. Occasional glimpses of perfect butts, six packs and cleavage made my cock aroused. Embarrassed, but not caught looking (so I thought), I got back to my workout.

There was an older, beer bellied, coach/trainer type barking orders at a chiseled, muscular, clean cut, blue eyed young man with close cropped blonde hair. I felt sorry for the younger man as he struggled under the barbell weights doing a chest press as the older guy barked urging him on.

I could see everyone and everything in the continuous mirrors lining the gym walls. The perfect butts, cleavage shots, sinewy long legs all got me going. Athletic young women bouncing up and down as they ran on the lines of treadmills. Their tight perfect asses moving in rhythm as their hardened nipples peeked behind jog bras. It was Valentine’s Day and obviously most of the people had nowhere else to be tonight. And, oh yes, since my divorce, it’s been a long time since I had sex.

My former wife had preferred me shaved from the waist down. Sometimes helping me shave and gracing me with a handjob or a blowjob afterwards. Having developing such a habit for her for so many years, shaving my body was now part of my daily routine. It made me feel clean and neat. I didn’t care what the guys in the locker room thought. I had done it for a woman after all.

After a good hot shower, I got into the sauna for a nice calming sit. The club required full nudity in the men’s spa area. Bathing suits, or any other clothing wasn’t allowed. Once my aching balls were hanging down and wet, I knew it was time for a cold shower. That cold splash woke me up. Next I went to the inhalation room. There were at least half a dozen nude men standing naked talking about the latest basketball game. I couldn’t help but notice all the flab and wrinkles. Round bellies turn me off, so I headed for the next room.

I escaped into the steam room. Sweaty bodies lined the seats, sitting on towels. I stood, closed my eyes. Thoughts about how nice it would be if I had a woman at home waiting for me tonight. Although it was about 9 months since the divorce, I hadn’t been laid in over a year. I just couldn’t get the courage to ask anyone out. I was still hurting and did not want to start yet another relationship. I just wanted to get laid and only seemed to meet the type of women that wanted a relationship with commitment over the past few months.

” Enough of that,” I said to myself. Opening my eyes, I scanned the room. Almost everyone had their eyes closed. Heads bowed, knees spread, cocks lazed against wet sweaty thighs, these guys looked tired. I went back to the inhalation room’s coolness and menthol before the place closed in ten minutes.

This time the room was empty except for one young man. There, lying down on the tile bench in the inhalation room was that young blonde muscular man that I saw doing chest presses in the gym. Completely naked, he did look stunning. His muscles were well defined by a thin layer of glistening hairless skin. Just a thick, wispy curl of golden blonde, pubic hair graced his otherwise shaved pubis. His cock and balls were completely shaved. I couldn’t help admiring his perfect body as he lay there with his eyes closed. He had also rubbed himself down with mineral oil. I could see the bottle of it on the floor.

Whatever it was that he was thinking made his flaccid penis grow into a ‘plump’ complimenting his chiseled physique. I sat on the adjacent tile bench, eyes glued to his muscles and genitals. I closed my eyes imagining what it may be like to touch his cock, it looked inviting, just lazing there against his abdomen. I have never been attracted to men and I am not gay, but I found it amusing that I could perceive this nude young hunk in an erotic way.

Enjoying the quiet and stillness, I suddenly felt someone sit next to me, and rub a hand on my thigh. Startled, I opened my eyes. His bright blue eyes were staring into mine. “Want a massage? “, he asked. Gagging for breath and unable to utter a sound, I stared into his bright blue eyes and nodded yes. Spreading out my towel on the bench, I lay on my chest. His swift hands kneaded my aching back into jelly. His hands worked their way down my sweating back to my small, firm ass. He continued to knead it and I felt his fingers rub my ass cheeks in circles, occasionally passing right over my anus. It felt good but I did not want to tell him in fear that he would feel embarrassed and stop. My cock began to harden under me. I’d be embarrassed if he asked me to turn over.

After working on my thighs and legs. (His hands also lightly touched my balls), he commanded, ” Okay, now turn over”. I did not know how hard and erect my penis was but his anal stimulation worked wonders.

His eyes rested on my erection and widened. One thing I was always proud of is my cock. It was long, hard, wide, cut and well defined. I tried to stammer to explain, “Shhhh,” he whispered. The lights were dimmed. One look at the frosted glass wall told me that the club had closed. I realized that we were the only two people in the building. Obviously the spa was left in the ‘on’ state at closing. I guess because the gym opened so early in the morning.

His expert hands glided up and down my solid erect shaft. A man had never touched me there before. I felt nervous, but enjoyed his touch too well. The next thing I knew, his mouth was softly sucking on my turgid pole. He let his tongue flick quickly over my sensitive area as his tight lips jerked my cock. One hand held the skin of my cock tight drawn all the way down to its base. His other hand tickled and stroked my balls and anus. Then, he quickly lay back on his bench spreading his legs. Grabbing a bottle of mineral oil, he applied it generously to his anus with his fingers. He let a finger enter and lube himself. He took my arms pulling me to him and said, “You have such a nice cock.” He continued; ” I want you to fuck me in my ass any way you like. It’s so good after a hard workout.”

He lay back facing me and guided my throbbing stiffness to his pucker hole. I never thought that man fucking could be done in the missionary position like this. Somehow my body was on automatic. Maybe I was in shock. Maybe I was just plain horny. My cock was doing all the thinking. I slowly entered his nice tight anal hole. Slowly, all the way in, not stopping until my raging cock was buried deep to the hilt. I felt his balls rub my own shaved mound as my cock enjoyed his tight, warm, slippery squeeze. His hips met my increasing thrusts as I lowered myself down onto my elbows.

It was just like fucking a woman, except I could feel his erect cock being rubbed by my oiled body, which I liked too. I completely let go and hammered his hot fuckhole repeatedly. My balls slapped his slippery butt cheeks. Thrusting into his tight squeezing rectum felt so good around my throbbing erection. I was close to a welling orgasm. An urgent feeling up inside my swollen nuts increased as my huge cock went completely stiff. Even no movement could make me cum now. I let go. He continued to buck his hairless hips against my purple magnificence as jets of creamy jizz juice shot into his asshole. Filling his rectum with man juice until my thrusting pumped it back out in rivulets of gooey jism. Gloating in the warmth and release of my post orgasm stupor, I realized that I had fucked his ass really hard, and may have hurt him.

“Are you okay down there?” I hesitatingly queried.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he replied smiling as I removed my slowly softening salami. His body glowed. I then realized that was a great fuck for him as well. I was so grateful. I wanted now to please him, as he had done to me, to show my appreciation.

I had never done this before, but I know what a man likes. Carefully, I put his throbbing cock into my mouth. A clear drop of pre-cum was peeking out of his slit. My tongue flicked his sensitive area under his purple throbbing glans. I could taste his clear, slippery precum. I could smell his musky manly aroma and I did not think it unpleasant at all. Then I started licking around at the tip of his penis and gently nibbled around his cockhead. Then I let my tongue on down the underside of his shaft. I circled the head of his well defined smooth cock with a moist finger as I carefully sucked one of his balls, then the other, then both rolling my tongue around them. His breathing increased as his cock perked up higher with each throb. Using saliva on one hand, I stroked his shaft. Letting my fingers close as his hard mushroom cap passed through my hand.

Then, nibbling back up the underside of his long full pole, I took the head of his cock into my willing mouth. Flicking the tip with my tongue, I let my mouth slide down onto it licking the underside of his penis with a back and forth motion of my tongue. My lips fucked his thick, hard cock. I felt this wonderful, responsive manhood prod my mouth as I created suction by applying pressure with my lips. Then, letting go of my gag reflex, I took him in feeling his wispy blonde pubic hair tickle my lip as his long cock prodded its way down my tight, deep throat. Returning to my mouth fucking, I stroked the part of his cock that was not in my mouth with one hand, and fondled his aching balls with the other. He let out a groan as I quickened the pace, never letting my flicking and stroking tongue stop exciting his sensitive underside. He groaned louder this time as his balls tightened. His cock went even stiffer. I jacked his cock with my tight lips and flicked my tongue faster as he suddenly released a spurt of hot, syrupy, saltiness. He had given me so much pleasure that I could not stop sucking, flicking my tongue, bobbing my head fast up and down his throbbing, cumming fucktool.

Swallowing his first load, another even bigger wad of cum squirted with force into my mouth. Gulping, I deep throated again, feeling a hotness of his juice creep it way up my nose. Now, with cum dripping from my nose, his hot raging orgasm began to rapid fire shooting jets of white hot slather down my throat while my fondling hand felt his anus. As my finger slid in, I felt his muscle throb around it, grabbing it in rhythm with the spurts of hot man spunk that filled my mouth. My jerking hand held the skin of his shaft down towards his balls, allowing a smooth surface for my tongue to really drive him crazy. I swallowed even more of his jism. While more hot salty sperm shot forth, escaping my softly sucking mouth.

I could not stop. I was totally caught up in this blowjob. I actually liked it. I liked sucking his cock. My own cock was at full attention and leaking precum again. As his continued throbbing orgasm slowly subsided, I continued to suck him dry. His slightly softened penis responded to my oral ministrations by plumping again in my mouth.

He sat down next to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off his huge cock. It was about ten inches long, about an inch longer than mine but a tad slimmer. I allowed his hands to roam all over my body. His hand cupped my nuts as his finger probed further.” Now let me fuck you,” he said in a deep husky quiet voice.

” I’m a virgin,” I replied, still in a sexual trance, trusting that he knew not to hurt me. His finger found my anal opening. I moaned.

” I know,” he replied as his finger penetrated my virgin asshole.

I lay back, cum still dripping from the corners of my mouth. I felt his knowing oiled hands on my cock. His lips lightly kissed and licked my naval as his hands performed magic on my cock and balls, stimulating and arousing me to new proportions. He assumed a kneeling position between my legs taking my ankles in his hands and spreading my legs apart. I did not know what he had in mind, but he couldn’t penetrate my willing anus from there. I soon felt his mouth lightly sucking on my balls. His deft fingertips lightly flickered on my turgid cock making it throb. Then his busy tongue flickered on down my perineum to lightly flick my sensitive anal sphincter. His hands spread my asscheeks out exposing my bottom chute even more. Then I felt his tongue begin to probe my interior propelling me into an ecstatic fit. It felt wonderful. He was eating me out like I was a woman except, this felt wonderful, and I certainly had no clitoris. But I did seem to have lots of nerve endings down there, sending pleasure messages to my brain – that was slowly turning to slush. My entire concentration was now on my rear puckerhole and how good it felt. He kept fucking me with his tongue as his mouth carefully started to suck on my sphincter rim. He sucked harder exposing my pink insides to his busy mouth allowing his rapidly flicking and probing tongue to explore deeper into me. I wanted to squirm in absolute pleasure but I was afraid to move away from his mouth for fear that this intense pleasure would end. My rock hard erection leaked precum profusely now forming a puddle of clear fluid on my tummy. He scooped it with his fingers and applied it to my anus, slipping one, then after a time, two fingers into me.

His digital probing helped open my willing and intensely pleasured back door. He applied some lubricant to his stiff cock. ” Okay, now just relax, I ‘m going to go easy on you,” he assured. Positioning himself on the bench now, I lifted and spread my legs. ” “This should feel every bit as good as my tongue, except even more as my cock goes deeper into you,” he instructed. His own precum was obviously filling his piss slit, a droplet that I was tempted to lick, but he guided it to my anus spreading it against my hole. I felt his throbbing, warm cockhead at my opening. He said: ” Okay now relax it and push like you do when you sit on the pot because then it will open.”

I did as he said and he was right. My natural instinct was to close my sphincter and hold it tight to resist his thrust, but by bearing down, I felt his cockhead slip in. He was able to penetrate his smooth hard mushroom cap into me. Then, he stopped. I opened my eyes. The sight of being fucked by his magnificent, muscular body over me turned me on. His cock felt so good as it slid past my prostate. I wanted to please him. I wanted to make him cum in me. I wanted to feel his cock fill my insides with his slippery, warm, creamy, tasty jism. Looking down, I grabbed my nuts up and got a good look at his staff sticking into my ass. Slowly he worked it in. His slim muscular hips looked sexy with his beautiful erection penetrating my tight virgin asshole. The pleasure I can only describe as ecstasy. Once his rod was buried in me, I felt his light patch of pubic hair rub my balls and perineum. His huge hairless ballsack rested against my asscheeks. He stayed still.

” More, give me more, ” I pleaded. ” Fuck me, oh fuck me with your nice thick hard fucktool,” I demanded in a frenzy of pleasure lifting my ass and pumping my hips on his cock. He smiled and began a slow thrusting into my tight virgin fuckhole. With every penetration, my own cock leaked more clear precum that was now being spread between my cock and his abdomen as he lowered himself to his elbows continuing to increase the speed of his thrusts.

Then he stopped and enjoyed it as I began to fuck his cock back. I naturally squeezed his cock with my sphincter then pushed and relaxed my backdoor. My asshole began to fuck his cock without movement. We resumed as I humped my hips to meet his rhythm; he groaned, “mmmmmmm, that’s it, fuck me back.” Soon we were moving in sync as his thrusts became harder and more urgent. The slipping of his fucktool in and out of my asshole, the meeting of our hips, the slap of his balls, the rubbing of my cock, the pleasure his cock was giving to my insides was too intense. I reached down behind him lifting my legs into the air. I grabbed his ass. My finger found his still wet, slippery anus and entered just in time. I felt his asshole grab my finger with every pulse my asshole felt from his wonderful, hard thick fuckstick cock. His legs stiffened as he thrust one last time filling my backside with wave after wave of hot spunk. I found the constant rubbing against his muscular abs against my erection too much to take. A welling in my balls erupted in ropes of cum that jetted white-hot sperm all over my abs and between us.

We lay together, him on top of me, enjoying the slippery warm wetness of cum. Slowly we separated. I stood up and felt rivulets of cum slipping out of my ass and down my thighs. Cum dripped down my waist onto my plump cock. My cock was still dripping. So much cum. Just the thought of that much cum juice in me made me hot again. I could see his beautiful cock growing plump as well.

“Let’s take a nice long soak in the hot tub,” he suggested. We did that as we took turns sitting on each other’s cock in the tub. We enjoyed each other all night long fucking and sucking until we were both too spent to cum anymore. We slipped out of the Gym together as soon as it opened. Somehow nobody saw us leave the locker room. If anyone did, they would have seen both of us sporting that well fucked, post Valentine’s Day, look.


Usha continues to be showing less interest in sex and Suresh has been enjoying the company of Usha’s mothers almost daily for about two months. Suresh used to come to Manju’s room once Usha slept. Manju has been making him know the different positons of love and as an honest student, Suresh has been following her advice.
Whatever Manju had last in the last few years, she had compensated by atleast fucking twice a night. And whenever Usha is not there, they have been enjoying day and night also. Suresh has been frequently enquiring Manju about his dropping his cum inside her pundai. Manju used to reply that hers is so hot and his cum will not make her pregnant and if something happens, she knows how to abort it. With lease fear about pregnancy Suresh has been fucking her hard and hard every time she opens up her pundai.

After 3 months one day after Suresh went to office, Usha came to her mother and started talking something different. She has then asked Maju whether it is fact that Suresh seen you naked and /or fucked her. Manju asked her why you ask his question to her mother. Usha told her that Suresh while fucking her last night in the heat mood told Usha that your mother is far better and her pundai is more horny than you. She wanted to know from her mother whether he had seen her naked or fucked her. Manju did not reply her but went away from the place in the pretext of having some work in the kitchen. Usha followed her and asked her again and again whether her husband fucked her.

Manju had after lot of hesitation told her in the affirmative. Usha was shocked and asked her mother “Do’t you feel shy to fuck your son in law.?. You know he is the husband of your daughter and he is younger to you atleast by 20 years. And what made you to fuck him. Did he force you to fuck and you had accepted his suggestion. Usha was in an agitated mood.

Manju offered her a glass of cool water and asked her to sit. She said I shall explain in what situation she had accepted his proposal. But Manju said that before she tells everything, she wants to know some of the facts from her. Usha said you can ask me whatever you like. Manju asked her is it a fact that you do not show much interest in sex and is it a fact that you do not have sex with him daily. Usha was perplexed and asker her mother how you know all these things. But Manju asked her to reply her questions. After sometime, Usha said yes: She told her that in the initial period of say 2 or 3 months, she had interest in sex. But Suresh is too much sexy and wants to have sex three or four times a night which she could not. She had revealed a shocking news to her by saying that I know you are also too sexy and I understand you could not manage without appa. I have seen you sometimes using vegetables and others to satisfy your physical needs. From that moment, I have decided to have less interest in sex; because if I also indulge in sex like you and in the unfortunate event like missing him, I could not manage my body urge.

Manju thanked her for understanding her perfectly but advised her that if she does not show interest in sex, what Suresh will do. He may try somewhere or go out to quench his body thirst. In that case, you will be the looser and your marriage will be in trouble. The foremost duty of the wife is to join and make him satisfy in his body requirements. You know gents have worked hard in office and they need relief at bed. Relief comes in the form of sex. If you do not have sex with him daily, he will be under tension which will affect his body and also his concentration to work. This will lead to lot of other problems too. She told her that she was also working as a Teacher whey they got married and she would be very tired after day’s hard work in the school. But when appa calls her for sex, even though she was very tired, she could not say no to him. This is the way of life. You know the more gents get relieved of their cum, it is better for them to have peace of mind.

Since Suresh has expressed his difficulties to me after my long persuasion, I had advised him that I shall advise Usha to be co- operative in bed. He was wondering how long it will take. I told him it may take few months for me to convince my daughter and he said few months will be a long time. Then only I have suggested, as an alternate way, that I shall satisfy his needs. He did not agree but due to my repeated requests, he said yes and we made love.

From that day onwards, we have been making love daily. He will come to my room once you slept. We shall have two times a night. You do not know how much sexy he is. He needs sex daily, as I was when I was young. May be he is having sex with you atleast once or not, but he comes to me and fucks me hard twice. If a man has got the urge to fuck thrice a night means, how much sexy he would be. Please think of him in that angle. You are not going to loose anything if you agree for one or more time sex with him. In fact if you try sincerely, you would love to have more sex than him. Take it from me, the interest in sex comes after repeated fucking Even now it is not too late. If you want to save your marriage and want to have peaceful life, you have to match him in the bed at nights. Just think of the situation that you are staying alone and what Suresh would have done you know, he would have gone away from you. It is God’s grace, he stays in our house and I am her to take care of him. Please do not be angry with me for saying like this. But this is the hard fact.

Let me come to my physical part. Since we talk like close friends, let my show my pussy. See my pussy with its hair, long lips, the big clit and the thick wall and the length and depth of the pussy. I am not too old to avoid sex. I am in the forties only.
In western countries, they fuck till 55 and have child. Since I am very conscious of my pachis, my pachis even now are hard and straight as that of yours. You cannot expect a woman with this pundai and pachi to be without sex. You do not know how much agony and hardship I had undergone after the loss of appa. Did I try anywhere or with any other men. Somehow I have managed myself and you have also seen some of the days. That is why I have got you married early, so that you will have long and continued sex life too.

Usha said sorry amma. I now understand the situation. I assure you that I shall match Suresh daily. Since he has seen and fucked you, there is no shy between us.
You can come and see me also how I fuck him hereafter. I want you to certify me that I am completely satisfying him. In fact, I want to come and fight with you. I got agitated when I know that Suresh had fucked you also. Now I pity him. I thank you amma for helping me and saving my marriage. This has also helped you in cooling your heat. Since you have already tasted him for the last few moths, I do not mind his continuing his love game with you, if both of you want. You can fuck him whenever you want. Manju embraced her daughter and kissed her gently.


The characters: Manju – the mother in law, Usha – her daughter, Suresh her son in law.

MANJU: A widow of 42 years with a recently married daughter of 23. 5.6 tall, slim with lovely cute eyes and very fair in colour. Has some in built sorrow on her face. Works as a Head Mistress in a local school with sufficient money at the bank. Owns a fairly big house. Resides with the recently married daughter and her husband.

USHA: An average girl of 23 years married just 6 months back to a very handsome software professional. Shares the comforts of life with mother. Though fair and knowledge, has some aversion on sex.

SURESH: A well educated, well mannered and horny man of 5.6 soft ware professional, aged 27, handsome but very very sexy.

Manju now 42 was married at the early age of 17 and had her only daughter at 18. Very sexy and enjoyed life till her husband’s death even though her daughter has been well grown up. She has lost her husband in a tragic road accident. He was holding a good position in a private firm. She has inherited lot of fortune on her husband’s death by way of compensation and insurance claims. Besides she too works as a Head Mistress in a school and early handsomely. Owns a fairly big house at Chennai. Got her daughter Usha married to Suresh very recently. Since Suresh was working in Mumbai before marriage, he did not have a place of his own at Chennai. His parents are in down south near Madurai. Just before marriage Suresh had been transferred to Chennai and with the persuasion of Manju, he preferred to stay at her house itself along with his wife Usha.

Manju is very active in sex and she has been making love with her husband almost daily till his death. His death had created a big vacuum as for as her sex activities are concerned and this is one of the reasons she has sorrowful races on her face. Since she was not enjoying sex, she thought of marrying her daughter early and let her enjoy sex and hence she had got married Usha to Suresh recently.

Suresh has also been equally sexy. Since he was staying in Mumbai, he had the opportunity and time to see lot of blue movies and couple of live nude shows also. Even though he returns home late, he would never fail to have sex with Usha. But unfortunately, Usha has not been matching him in his sexual activities. Even though Usha is very good and intelligent, she has shown some reluctance in sex. She was interested in sex for couple of months only after the marriage and for the last 4 months, her sexual interest has been dwindled. Suresh could not understand the reasons behind her sudden loss of interest in sex. He thought of taking her to a sexologist but postponed since it is too early to decide. Usha has been very good to him, comforts her and looks after his bank and other related work and manages the home when her mother goes out for her school. But the only thing missing in her is her sex feelings.

Manju being sexy herself was very happy when her daughter is married at the early age and is residing with her. She has got very few occasions to hear her moaning also. Manju has been feeling that Usha enjoys sex every night. She does not know that Usha is losing interest gradually. On the contrary sensing her daughter is fucking her husband daily, Manju has become more horny especially after Usha’s marriage and has been indulging in heavy fingering once the couple go to bed. This continued for few months.

Usha has gone to attend the marriage of her friend’s sister. She has insisted Suresh to come also; but Suresh was too tired and preferred to stay back. It was an evening on a Saturday. Suresh was resting on the sofa in the hall and watching TV. Manju had given her coffee and asked him why he was too tired. Suresh replied that he was not only physically tired but mentally too. Manju was shocked to hear this and she had requested him to come out with his problem. Manju wanted to know whether he needs some money etc. Suresh replied in the negative. Again Manju insisted him to come out. But Suresh did not say. Manju then pleaded to him that she is more interested in their welfare and she has been seeing him daily and she looks now days dull also. After lot of persuasion and request, Suresh opened up.

He came to the point straight away. He asked Manju whether Usha suffer from any genetic problems or mental upset. Manju was shocked and replied that she did not suffer from anything. All her physical organs are perfectly in order and she does not have any worry. Manju pleaded him to spell out what her problem is.
Suresh was hesitating to say. Manju asked her so many options and for everything Suresh replied in the negative. Then Manju started weeping and pleaded him to say the real reason. She had requested him not to treat her as his Mother in law but as his close friend. This has given some relief to Suresh and he has started telling about his problem with Usha.

Suresh told Manju that I am sorry to say that Manju was very in bed for the initial two months only and after that she has lost interest in sex. I do not know how to pull on with this attitude. You know very well that I am just 26 with lot of feelings and need relief in the nights after hectic work schedule in the office. When I do not get the required relief in the night thro Usha, I get bored and tired and this makes me dull and could not concentrate in job also. He has been pleading with Usha many times but she does not understand his problem and day by day, she looses interest and prefers to sleep alone also. At the most, he can hugg her and sleep.

Suresh was telling all these things to his mother in law feeling her as his close friend. This makes Maju to weep and she has apologized for her daughter’s behaviour. She promised him to not worry too much about her dwindling interest and she will make her back to the normalacy. At this point, Suresh asked her how long he has to wait and till such what to do.

Manju has started looking at him at a different way. She has lowered her head down and told in low voice that Mr Suresh, if you do not mind, till Usha come back to normalcy in bed, you can use me if you wish. I assure you that I shall definitely match better than Usha in bed. You do not know my sex activities with my husband when he was alive. We have not wasted even a night. We have made Usha to sleep in a separate room right from her childhood so that we shall have undisturbed sex. Moreover, I have also been deprived of sex for the last 6 six years since his death. Let this understanding be with us only. Not even Usha know. She has promised whenever Usha is not there, you can have me. She told him that he would have noticed that Usha has the habit of sleeping sound in the night and nothing can disturb her. You can come to me once Usha has slept.

Manju was more sympathetic and has her own calculations in her mind. She told herself that this is the best opportunity to have sex which she did not have for the last six years and also the best of way of saving her daughter’s marriage. She told him that she understands the feeling of the horny husband especially in the early years of marriage. She recalled how her husband found it difficult to be away from her even for a week to go on tour and on his coming, he fucked her through out the day and night.

While hearing this and seeing his mother in low very close angle with her lovely still hard tits, Suresh was excited and had his sunni tempered. Having sensed his urgency and to cash on the situation, Manju had made her pallu fall down and sat very close to his son in law. She had started the movement. She had kept her arms over his shouldlers and told him that Usha will be back only by 8.30 and we shall have more than 2 hours for enjoyment. While saying this, she had taken Suresh’s hand and kept it on her left pachi. Suresh was finding it embarrassed to have sex with his mother in law. When he preferred his reluctance, Manju told him not to see all these things now. Just think of your hard sunni and my starved pundai for years and this is nothing but common in most of the houses. This has encouraged Suresh to go further.

In the meantime, since Manju is very good at sex, opened her blouse and black bra and offer her apple size globes to him. To his surprise, Suresh found that the pachis of Manju is equally harder as that of Usha. He told her that your pachis are still harder and match Ushas. Manju smiled and told him that she is very consicious of her pachis and even with her husband, she was very careful in keeping the hardness. Suresh could find the grape like nipple standing straight and invite him to suck. Suresh was sucking the pachis which his wife sucked 22 years back. He told her and appreciated her about her hard pachis and its taste. Manju told him that these pachis are for him and he is at liberty to suck whenever he feels.
Since she could not further wait, she had removed his dress and made him full nude. She had then taken her saree out, downed the petticoat and the panty. She was standing full nude before her son in law like an angel. Suresh was surprised to see the hairy, juicy and bulgy pundai of the mother of his sweet wife. He told her that he could not still believe that she will have such a beautiful and horny pundai much better than her daughter who is 20 years younger to her.

Manju told him that she cannot wait for anymore time. She has stroked his sunni and made it big and big and told him that his sunni is much harder and longer than her late husband and she has been waiting for such a big monster all these years. She told him after the death of her husband, she had tried various methods to satisfy her pundai but could not get real relief. She told him that she had tried all vegetables, her fingers and sometimes full hand and also some rubber items. But nothing could satisfy her horny pundai. Now the time has come in her favour to quench her 6 years thirst. She asked Suresh just to see her pundai and how it waits for his penis.

Maju sat on the sofa, widened herlegs and asked Suresh to come in between her thighs, stroked his sunni, and kept it tip of the sunni at the opening of her 40 year old pundai. She has indicated to him to push and push so that the entire 8 inches sunni will go deep in her pundai and start working. Suresh did not find any difficulty in pushing his sunni in her pundai but found her pundai is also equally tight as that of her daughter’s pundai. Now the full sunni is in her pundai and Manju started moaning and asking him to fuck hard and cool his 6 years of heat. All these tempted Suresh to fuck more hard than he has fucked his wife on the wedding night. Manju was matching his sunni and keeping her butt up and matched with every stroke. Since Suresh also did not have sex for sometime, he could not prolong it. He told Manju that he was going to cum and what to do. Manju was in her best mood. She said she did not bother about his cumming inside her pundai. She is not worried about the cum.. She asked him to cum inside her pundai only. Her pundai has not tasted any cum for quite long. Even if she become pregnant with his hard cum, she would get it terminated and insisted Suresh to drop his all cum inside her dipping pundai. All these things made Suresh more horny and he fucked his mother in law like a bull and dropped his full load of cum in her pundai and he collapsed on her. Manju being an experienced fucker relished his fucking and certified him that he fucked better than her husband and asked him to lay on her for somemore time with his sunni inside her pundai.

After sometime, Suresh had taken out his limb sunni from her pundai and Manju sucked his sunni and made it dry. Suresh told her that he was fortunate enough to fuck her daughter’s pundai and also the pundai thro which she has come to this earth. Manju was very happy to hear this.

Manju had again hurried him up to go for the second time since Usha may come back any time and she should get fucked by him before Usha comes. Manju has kept his sunni in her mouth and sucked and sucked and made it bigger than the first time. She had made him to sit on the sofa and she had come in bet his legs and kept his sunni in her bulgy pundai and rode him like horse riding. Suresh told him that this is the first time he is enjoying this position and he was fucking Usha only in the normal missionary positon. Manju told him that she would teach him a new position every night. Suresh was just sitting and all the fucking has been done by Manju only. Manju had three orgasm in between and Suresh has finally shot his live cum in his mother in law’s big pundai. After few mts, she had come out, kissed him passionately and told him this would continue every night till Usha find her way to fuck him to his satisfaction. Suresh told him that even if Usha starts fucking him back, he would leave this experienced and most beautiful pundai.
They had dressed up, finished the dinner and were looking quite natural and normal when usha came back.

Blackmailing New Step Mom

“I’m nervous,” Amanda told her new husband David as they waited for his 3 sons, her new stepsons, to arrive.

“Don’t be nervous. The boys are going to love you just as much as I do,” David assured her.

“What if they don’t though? What if they think I’m too young for you.”

“The boys only want what is best for me, it will only take them a minute to see that it is you.”

She kissed David sweetly and then left him to grill dinner as she waited inside for the doorbell to ring.


She didn’t have to wait long.

She opened the door and there stood Michael, Andrew, and Steven.

“What are you three doing here? How did you find me? You have to get out of here before my husband sees you!” she babbled.

“David Collins?” Steven asked. “You married my dad?”

“Oh God…Mike, Andy, and Steve!” she thought outloud.

“Boys!” David shouted as he came down the hall. “It’s about time you got here. This is Amanda, your step-mom.”

“We’ve met,” Andrew said.

“Just now, at the door,” Amanda stammered.

“I see that Amanda. Step aside, let them in,” he laughed.

“I have to grab the food off the grill, why don’t you all come inside, get comfortable and get to know each other better,” David offered.

He ran back out the back door and Amanda just stood there in shock.

“I had no idea,” she mumbled.

“Won’t dad be surprised to find out that his new wife slept with not one of his sons, but all three of them…” Steven said.

“At the same time,” Michael added.

“He’ll be devastated,” Andrew concluded.

“You can’t tell him,” Amanda begged. “I never meant to hurt him. It was a mistake, it’ll never happen again.”

“No way, we have to tell dad,” Andrew said.

“Please, don’t. Please, I love him,” Amanda begged.

“If you love him, and you don’t want to hurt him, you’d want him to be happy, right?” Michael said suspiciously.

“Dad’s greatest joy is seeing us happy,” Steven said, seeing where Michael was heading.

“If you keep fucking us, we won’t tell him,” Michael offered.

“Come on out back,” David called from the kitchen. “The food’s ready,”

“You have till after dinner to decide,” Steven said as he led the way down the hall.

David pulled out a chair for Amanda and Steven and Michael pulled out the chairs on either side of her.

“You don’t care if we sit next to ‘mom’, do you?” Steven chuckled.

“You can call me Amanda,” Amanda said tensely.

“He was just kidding sweetie. I know you are all right around the same age and it is a little funny that you married their old man,” David admitted.

“Yeah, real funny,” Andrew said as he sat down across from Amanda.

As soon as David sat down, Steven’s hand found Amanda’s thigh.

“Everything looks great dad,” he smiled.

They dished out the food and started to eat and as Amanda took a bite of her baked potato, Steven poked a finger inside her.

“Shit,” she said.

“What?” David said in concern.

“The potato was just too hot. I’m gonna grab a glass of milk from the kitchen.”

“I need to use the bathroom, I’ll walk you in,” Steven offered.

As soon as the door closed behind them, Steven pushed Amanda against the counter and kissed her hard. His fingers found their way up her skirt and massaged her clit.

“Guest room,” she said breathlessly. “Just down the hall.”

“I guess you made up your mind, mom,” he grinned as he picked her up and carried her to the guest room.

“We have to make this fast,” she explained.

He pulled her thongs off and threw them in the corner as he rammed his hard cock into her already wet pussy. He fucked her wildly, fast, hard, and deep. She reached down and rubbed her clit in small fast circles. They were cumming together as the door opened.

“Dad was wondering what was keeping you and mom,” Michael announced. “I told him I’d find out.”

“I’m finished here,” Steven smiled. “I’ll go back out.”

“Tell David I got a call from work, they can take a while,” Amanda smiled at him as he zipped up.

“Yeah, tell him I went out to the car for something,” Michael added as he dropped his shorts to the floor.

Michael grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Amanda up.

“Bend over, bitch! I knew you didn’t want to stop fucking us,” he said.

Amanda leaned over the edge of the bed and stuck her ass in the air for him. He took a big swing at it and left a red handprint.

“Fuck yeah,” she called out. “Spank me.”

“Mommy like having her son spank her?”

“Yeah. Beat my ass baby!”

He nailed her again in the same place with his open hand and then rammed his hard cock into her cunt.

“Fuck me!” she cried out.

“Mommy likes her big boy’s cock don’t you?”

“I love your cock. Fuck me baby.”

He reached up and pulled her hair back, driving his cock deeper inside of her. She reached down and played with her clit, rubbing it in circles, matching his thrusts with her rotations.

She reached climax and her pulsating cunt begged for his cum. He shot inside of her again. He pulled out and got his shorts back up quickly.

“Coming back to dinner?” he asked as he looked at her collapsed on the bed.

“Send me Andrew,” she replied.

He laughed and walked out.

Shortly thereafter, a knock came at the door.

“It’s Andrew,” he said.

“Come in,” she said.

He came in to find her spread eagle on the bed, waiting for him. He closed the door and just stood there.

“Come here,” she smiled.

“I can’t do this, you married my dad!”

“Andrew, if I don’t keep fucking you, your brothers are going to tell you dad. He’ll be devastated and you know that. I don’t want to hurt your dad.”

“I’ll tell Mike and Steve that we did it, we don’t have to though,” he said meekly.

“Come, sit down here next to me,” Amanda beckoned. “You are definitely going to be my favorite son.”

He laughed uncomfortably as he sat down.

“I can’t believe it happened like this,” Andrew said shyly.

“You are still attracted to me, aren’t you Andrew?”

“Of course. Oh my God, of course. You are amazing.”

She reached over and started to rub his cock through his pants.

“I thought we were just going to say we did,” he whispered.

Amanda leaned in close and whispered in his ear.

“I want you to fuck mommy in the ass.”

His cock hardened instantly. She unzipped his pants and took it into her hand and then quickly put her lips around it, getting it good and slippery.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“I’m sure, but it’s our little secret. I won’t tell your brothers,” she grinned as she turned around and knelt before him on the floor.

He slowly rubbed the head of his cock on her asshole and gently started to push it inside.

“Harder,” she begged as she pushed back into him.

He rammed the entire length of his cock deep inside her tight ass.

“Oh God, it’s so fucking tight.”

She reached over and opened the bottom drawer of the dresser. She pulled out a thick black rubber dildo. She turned the vibration mode up as high as possible and drove it hard into her pussy.

He could feel the vibrations against his cock as he pumped his cock in and out of her ass.

“Fuck!” he screamed out, cumming quicker than he could remember ever doing before.

“Remember, this is our little secret,” she said as she pulled her skirt down. “Could you tell David that I told you I was almost done with my phone call and I’d be right out?”

He kissed her quickly and pulled his pants back up before he rejoined dinner.

“Sorry about that. Work can’t survive without me sometimes,” Amanda announced as she returned. “I hope I didn’t hold up dinner.”

She walked over and kissed David sweetly.

“Not at all honey, actually, this is the first time all the boys have been at the table at the same time since you left,” he chuckled. “Guess we should all eat before something else comes up.”

They all laughed heartily.

“This is nice. I love my new family,” Amanda said, winking.

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