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Month – November 2014


My story began after I migrated to Canada from India. I struggled a lot in the initial stages. I worked even 18 hours a day for my settlement in this new country. In this process of setting down I have had chances to meet with several people and obviously I made several new friends including […]


“Aw honey, she always feels ill…I really don’t see why they don’t just get a taxi home.” I was talking about our neighbors Kim and Geoff. They were an ok couple…as neighbors go, but Kim was one of those hypochondriac types. She was never happy unless there was something wrong with her. I mean, don’t […]


The reception went well – my new wife looked stunning in the long white dress she had managed to conceal form me in the days leading up to the event. I was so happy and excited during the whole day; pleased that all the intricate planning had paid off. No hitches, no embarrassing moments and […]

Doctor Doctor- A Game Full of Sensuality

Let me describe myself in 23 yr old student doing my bcom from hyderabad (telangana ). I m very horny and enjoy having sex. I love to suck boobs & lick thullu (pussy) dry. And girls and aunties whom I meet love the way I do, they say so!! All this started when I was […]


Let me first introduce ourselves. I am an 18 yr old Bengali girl from a traditional Hindu family. I live with my mother and my father and my sister. My father was working in a small biscuit factory as an accounts Clark. My mother is also a Bengali lady around 38. She really has a […]


From the moment my wife Stayla walked into her new office, she had James lusting after her. James was immediately impressed by how great she looked. He felt his face flush in embarrassment and he tried to look away but he couldn’t. Completely unaware she was being watched, my wife pushed her long hair out […]


I am Srikanth Rao, aged 29, working as a Human resources Manager in a MNC. Three years back when my parents arranged my marriage, I was not interested in marriage and told them to leave me free for at least another two years so that I could settle financially. But my parents forced me to […]


My wife Neeta planned a weekend trip with two of her friends and their husbands to a resort out of Bangalore. I had met her friends before– Neha, a very sexy 28 year old with a good figure and Sunita, slightly plump but still very sexy. Neeta, my wife, is absolutely stunning. Last year she […]

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