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Month – December 2014


My name is Surendar, I am 25 years old, only son of my parents. My father is retired from Army and lives in our village near Jaipur. My mother 45, is a house wife, devoted mother, wife and regular visitor to the nearby temple. My father on the other hand is liberal and rarely visits […]

THE GIFT(New Year Special)

Never thought I can give this kind of present for my son from me on the new millennium. My name is Vijaya. My son Ramesh is working in US and returned home for the millennium. As usual I was very excited to see him. He has been living in US for 5 years now and […]


This is the story of how I and my mother became lovers when I was 15 years old and how our relationship became more intimate later. My mother’s name is Meena and my name is Sunil. We are a middle class Gujarathi family. My mother was married at the age of 14 to her uncle […]


I’m Sujay . My mother Umma is a beautiful lady. She is 37 now and I am 18. Girls in the Northern part of Kerala get married at a very young age. My father was a bus driver. Four years ago my father died in terrible a bus accident. Zafar was working with my father […]

Wife Fucked By Friend

As the monsoons arrive, I am reminded of another day a couple of years back, when the heavens opened up in a sudden downpour, and took us by surprise in the first rains of the season. It was evening, and I was sitting with my friend Nikhil, having coffee at home. My wife Rashmi, who […]

Sharmila Succumbs To Curiosity

Sharmila and her husband Ankit moved into a new town consequent upon his transfer and they picked this new apartment complex to live in until they could find a place of their own. Ankit was 33 and Sharmila 29 years old and had been married since she was 24.She had done a lot of research […]

Bed Room Eyes

This is real life incident, which took place nearly 45 years ago during the period when war between India and Pakistan took place. I was around 12 years of age then and witnessed the whole incident with my naked eyes for nearly 4-6 hours right form the late evening to wee hours of the morning. […]


Last year turned into a very interesting one for my wife and me. It started out as a conversation about different persons and couples. I didn’t really think it would happen as we had never done anything like that before. My wife Renu 32, is seven years apart in age to me. She with dark […]

Mother fucked by Uncle

I’m 19 years old boy from a small family. Mom dad and myself. I was studying for my examinations when this incident was happen. My dad is an engineer and was working at abroad and coming only once in two years. He is having medium size body and in his mid 50s. But mother, Sulochana […]

Bengali mother becomes Randi

We live in kolkata in a house on rent. The home rent is very high. My father also has to bear the tuition fee of my college. As an ordinary Clark in a Marwari trading house, father sometime have so many financial problem that he can not even pay the rent of house. Our landlord, […]

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