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Month – January 2015

How I Fucked My Best Friend’s Wife

I’ve known Ramesh and Varsha since junior High School. Ramesh is my best friend and Varsha is his wife and also one of my closest friends. They’ve been together since we were all juniors at High School, way back when. My name is Shreyash, by the way. I guess I’ve always had a thing for […]

Swapping Wives

Geeta and I married in our early twenties and have led a fairly ordinary existence ever since. We both have a healthy appetite for sex and we’re both willing try new things, up to a point. That said, we’ve had a conventional monogamous relationship. We’ve managed to keep our marriage pretty interesting for over ten […]

Getting Her Ready

“I think I hear him knocking,” said my wife as she broke our kiss. We were laying naked on the bed in our room on the 18th floor at Taj International in Mumbai. Prior to the knock we had been involved in foreplay. Or should I say I was in the process of getting my […]


“We can manage it on our own,” Sumitra said eagerly. She was right. Of course we could manage it. Ever since I was about nine years old mother and I had taken annual trips on the river in a houseboat. True, we had always gone on these jaunts with Uncle Praveen and Aunt Neha, and […]

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