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Month – March 2015

The Anniversary Sex Party

Sheetal was slowly dragged from a peaceful sleep by the muffled sound of creaking springs and stifled moans and grunts from the next room. By the sounds, her son and his wife were having an early morning screw. She cocked one eye open to look at the bedside clock. Quarter to seven. Bloody hell! As […]

Rough Date to Sex Date

I pulled into the driveway only to see the form of my mother standing on the front porch waiting for me to come home. She looked angry and her arms were folded across her chest, I did not want to go inside. She must have already heard how my date with the daughter of my […]

A Business Trip To UAE

My Company decided to send me on a business trip to Dubai, UAE, which was a nice decision made by my boss who did it for me more of a favor to enjoy myself and see Dubai, besides making some extra money. The destiny was our company branch in Dubai, where I had some work […]

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