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Month – May 2015

Slutty Busty Sister & Her Friend

It was Friday night, close to midnight. I was half asleep, dozing off in my bedroom with Sportscenter on TV. Another boring Friday night was just about over. I couldn’t wait til next year when I’d be off to college, partying all the time. For now, there were a few weeks left of the life […]

Wrong Sister, Right Time

Wow what a party. When I married my wife I had no idea who else I was actually “marrying”. My wife’s family it turned out really liked a good party. My wife had a mother that wanted everybody to have a good time and often ran the family functions with a theme. I have no […]

Mary takes on the gang & hubby watches

“If you don’t like the idea of me being home late again, you can always come along and help me.” said Mary with a pout. “You must be kidding!” I responded to my wife, “I’m completely wiped out by the time I finish work, the last thing I want to do is to start helping […]

He sees them fucking in the shower

I shouldn’t have been there and undeniably I shouldn’t have stayed, but I simply got caught up in it all and simply froze. Although I was pretty drunk, I make no excuses, I was wrong and am completely embarrassed that things worked out as well as they did. My friend Mike had invited me to […]

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