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Month – September 2015


Namaskar i am miss nisha g mom mrs kundan g parakh. It is 100% true stories.first tell me abaut my beautiful mom she 45. But she is 29. she is 5″4′ tall slim figure, she has nice round breasts, broad hips and a beautiful flat belly delightfully centred with a deep dark navel.Speaking about […]

Fucking My Neighbor’s Girl Hardly

Hi, this is Rishubh with a dick size of 6′. I am 5’7″ from Jaipur this is my 1 story so pardon for any mistakes.. This story happened to me last year when I was in my 12 standard. I was a study-holic person and use to study a lot but at the same time […]

My First Gangbang! How Hell Turned Into Heaven

This is Maaya. I’m 22 years old, Chennai girl who is married since last year. This is a real life story that happened when i was in my 2nd year of college. It’s about how i was forced by my boyfriend into rough gangbang and ended up loving it. So, i was in a relationship […]

Reconnected And It Happened Unexpectedly

Hi friends this Amruth from Bangalore…I am fan of this site ,about myself am 5’10” in height…,age 30 ,married to beautiful gal ,enjoying healthy sex life with my life partner.. Fun loving guy…easy going, fair in complexion, model type… I am going to tell one of my incident which had happen few months back and this is […]

Aunty Became My Mistress

Hi,this is Mayre starting my story of another domination.ladies who loves submissive man I am available for you in Ahmadabad and write in your view friends. This incident happened to me when I was doing my graduation,I stayed with my parents at that time.I was doing commerce graduation and I sucked at statistics and I […]

Gayathri, Love And Virginity

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes! Yes! Yes! Aaaahh!!” Gayathri screamed as Sammy came inside her. She felt her inside filled with his warm semen. She looked sideways as Sammy collapsed on top of her. He was still inside her and was licking her neck. She could see her bra, panty and clothes scattered everywhere. That morning […]

My Papa! Best Dad In The World

Hi, I am Shashi from Karnal. I am doing my graduation. I am 5 feet 5 inch tall and age is 21.I am little bit fatty but have adorable figure. My boobs are big as compare to my age girl. My father is working in bank at clerk position. He is very caring and calm […]

My Experience With An Experienced Aunty

Let me introduce myself,l am Faris completed my engineering course last year.Presently working in an MNC in Bangalore. I am 5.10 ft in height , athletic , 26 yrs old. It happened just 1 week before. I came home on Friday night for two day holidays.On Saturday my mom and dad went to attend a […]

Desire To Fuck My Own Aunty And Her Daughter-In-Law

Hi guys. This is real story happened in 2012 and still continuing with my sexual partners. This is my first story and if you find any mistakes kindly pardon me. And send the feedback Coming to the story, I was just 18 years at the time and our family is of father,mother,sister and me. Our […]

Daddy’s Slut got pregnant

Ruksar stretched her lithe young body out along the lounge chair with a groan, her skimpy bikini barely covering her perky tits and shaved pussy lips. “What’s wrong, honey?” asked her equally sexy mother, Reshma, as she lounged on the chair next to her daughter. “I’m just so frustrated, mom! Ashok and I have been […]

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