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Month – October 2015

Sex With My Widowed Aunt

Hi friends its Mohit to write a true incident which involves my real uncles widowed wife i.e, My aunt kalpana and me. I would like to inform you all that 2 years before our family faced biggest tragedy till now my parents and my uncle had gone to attend one marriage function and while traveling […]

Threesome With Office Colleagues

Dear Readers thanks for liking my previous two stories which were posted in the Gay section as I’m a bisexual. However this incident took place 4 months back and is a bi-sexual three some incident. A little bit about me. I am 35 year old married fair skinned, having a very soft plump body. Main […]

Impressed Aunty For Sex

Hi friends,this is mitesh from delhi with a real story how I started chatting with my aunty and finally impressed her for sex..This incident happened recently when I was 19years old. So,let me start..My aunty is a really good looking and her age is 33years but medium in skin colour and medium in height also..She […]

Teaching New Position To Young Married Neighbor

We were recently married and lived in an apartment in a big city. Those were the fun days when we were very excited about sex and used to experiment a lot. We had a couple moved in our neighborhood, who were also recently married. Neighborhood lady Mira was in her early 20s, and my wife […]

Gay Sex With Friend And His Father

Hi, I am Parth, sweet and cute. I like boys as much as girls so I’m bi-sexual. I have good physics 6” height 75kg wight and 5.5′ dick I was 18 when something remarkable event happened with me. Before this I never had any sex not with girl or boy in fact I never been […]

Getting Laid With My Ex-Teacher

Hey girls and guys , me Ankur from Meerut back with my new story, this incident happened 7 days ago, now let’s get back to the story. The story is related to the time, I was very weak in my studies, my parents were worried about me and contacted the school staff. Nothing much helpful […]

Babita Driving Cum Sex Lessons

Hi guys , your naughty professor is back. So After I got good response to my previous stories I am back to share another experience of my sex life/For those who don’t know me myself naughty professor, Sachin, age 24, average built , creative guru in satisfying any girl or ladies known for being a […]

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