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Month – January 2016

Dehradun To Mumbai – Male Escort

Hi to all the readers – especially to aunties,bhabhies,girls and all the ladies who find their sexual desire outside and here…this is Ronny after a long time from dehradun and now in Mumbai for one month and I have received several feedback’s regarding my post stories..Mostly from boys.Let me make it clear I provide my […]

From Friends To Fuck Buddies

Hello to all the readers, I am Rohan and I live in Bangalore. This is my first story. I have been following  sex stories for a long time, but never thought of sharing my story until now. This story is the one in which me and my classmate from college, Nisha, got into a sexual […]

Punishing Canteen Owner’s Wife

I am 20 year old lost my virginity at the age of 18 to a woman about 20 years older to me,I’ve always been attracted to women older to me as they have voluptuous body damn great ass I m from Hyderabad(India),but the story is not about how I lost my virginity but it’s about […]

7.5 Inches Drilled The Busty Malvika

Upon taking the permission of Malvika I am writing this story and upon her request I have dropped her mail id too [email protected] Coming to the story, I have been ordered to train new recruits in Mumbai and my lusty 7.5 inches hot cock was in search of tight and horny cunt and in this […]

Fuck Buddy Match In Local Train

Its great to have to meet strangers and convert them to fuck buddy . Meeting such people on train journeys is really a wish come true. however this happened after a long wish. This was the best day of my life. I had sex with an attractive guy for the first time recently. And i […]

Copulation In The Cupboard

It was really difficult for me to not to look at her thighs with my mom sitting beside me. They looked so soft. I badly wanted to touch them. With the water droplets falling and flowing on them they looked sexier. She didn’t care about anything else. She was busily washing our clothes with her […]

A Desperate Instance

Myself Peter. I was born and brought up in Bangalore. I was exposed to the sex world in a very early age. During my school days, I used masturbate by fantasizing my teachers. During my pre college I used my classmate girls for the imagination m finally during my professional degree college days I used […]

First Class AC Nightmare

Let me introduce myself. I’m Upendra Dubey, I’m working as a senior sales manager in a MNC, since last 3 years. Recently my family persuaded for marriage. I’m the youngest in the family. Two elder brothers and two elder sisters. My father along with my brothers and my brother-in-laws all are of very dominating nature. […]

Hot Sex With Cousin’s Wife At Bangalore

Hi guys…this is GK (short name) from Mangalore. Any ladies or girls who likes to have real sex or sex chat can contact me at hyperlink “mailto:[email protected]” This story is between me and my cousin’s wife Remya, my sex goddess. She is round 32 years with a boob size of 36 and mother of a […]

A Little Drink Can Do Wonders

Well for starters the following story is partly true and partly exaggerated for the pleasure of the audience. Well I’m basically from Mumbai, Malad to be specific. I’m a south Indian married to a Maharashtrian. I got married recently. Me and my wife stay separately from our families. Our’s is a cozy 1bhk home in […]

Looking At The Cleavage

I was in sixth standard studying in co-education school, so I was having both girls and boys as my friends. I was a good boy in the class as I was the class leader and having no bad intention. One of my friend who was keen about science fiction movies, was disclosing the detail of […]

First Sexual Encounter With Flat Mate

Hello readers, I am Ashish Dhawan (Name changed) 20 yrs of age, sharing my 1st experience with my female flat mate. Let me introduce you to the heroin of this story, Swati Khanna (Name Changed) 25 yrs of age 32-28-36 is her figure which I came to know later. I have an eight inch long […]

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