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Month – January 2016

Dehradun To Mumbai – Male Escort

Hi to all the readers – especially to aunties,bhabhies,girls and all the ladies who find their sexual desire outside and here…this is Ronny after a long time from dehradun and now in Mumbai for one month and I have received several feedback’s regarding my post stories..Mostly from boys.Let me make it clear I provide my […]

From Friends To Fuck Buddies

Hello to all the readers, I am Rohan and I live in Bangalore. This is my first story. I have been following  sex stories for a long time, but never thought of sharing my story until now. This story is the one in which me and my classmate from college, Nisha, got into a sexual […]

Punishing Canteen Owner’s Wife

I am 20 year old lost my virginity at the age of 18 to a woman about 20 years older to me,I’ve always been attracted to women older to me as they have voluptuous body damn great ass I m from Hyderabad(India),but the story is not about how I lost my virginity but it’s about […]

7.5 Inches Drilled The Busty Malvika

Upon taking the permission of Malvika I am writing this story and upon her request I have dropped her mail id too [email protected] Coming to the story, I have been ordered to train new recruits in Mumbai and my lusty 7.5 inches hot cock was in search of tight and horny cunt and in this […]

Fuck Buddy Match In Local Train

Its great to have to meet strangers and convert them to fuck buddy . Meeting such people on train journeys is really a wish come true. however this happened after a long wish. This was the best day of my life. I had sex with an attractive guy for the first time recently. And i […]

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