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Month – June 2016

First Sexual Encounter With Cousin Sister

Hello friends this is John 24 years writing my first sexual encounter with my cousin sister. Let me describe about myself I am 5.7 ft with average body and 6 inch penis size. Coming to my cousin sister she is also 23 years black completion with nice boobs of 36. Let’s get in to the […]

A beautiful Guest At My House

Hello there Friends I am new here. So I am sorry if there are some errors in my words and verbal expressions. Well introducing myself I am 24 yrs. old champ presently working in a Huge MNC highly desperate for love and sex. For the ladies there I am still a Bachelor. For ladies who […]

She Was Happily Married From Outside Only

Hi all myself raj (name changed) from Bangalore working in reputed company, its been three years working in same company, I was searching for female partner who can accompany me after office hours. I am 26 of age belong to slim category with fair in complex with decent 5.9 inch height and sexy hairy chest […]

My Younger Sis Was Still A Virgin

I’m Vivaan from Delhi going to narrate a true happening incident just 15 days ago. This incident happened between me and my younger sis who was a virgin till that incident. Her name is Vaishali, a cute little studious girl, aged 19. I don’t even noticed when my little angel turn into a hot chick […]

She Hanged Her Panty On Wire

I am married and live in a flat. We have another apartment just besides us and hardly any space between the two. The other apartment was built on a declination. So our balcony and bit higher than theirs. Their bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms are below our balcony level. Like for them my flat is quite […]

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