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Month – June 2016

First Sexual Encounter With Cousin Sister

Hello friends this is John 24 years writing my first sexual encounter with my cousin sister. Let me describe about myself I am 5.7 ft with average body and 6 inch penis size. Coming to my cousin sister she is also 23 years black completion with nice boobs of 36. Let’s get in to the […]

A beautiful Guest At My House

Hello there Friends I am new here. So I am sorry if there are some errors in my words and verbal expressions. Well introducing myself I am 24 yrs. old champ presently working in a Huge MNC highly desperate for love and sex. For the ladies there I am still a Bachelor. For ladies who […]

She Was Happily Married From Outside Only

Hi all myself raj (name changed) from Bangalore working in reputed company, its been three years working in same company, I was searching for female partner who can accompany me after office hours. I am 26 of age belong to slim category with fair in complex with decent 5.9 inch height and sexy hairy chest […]

My Younger Sis Was Still A Virgin

I’m Vivaan from Delhi going to narrate a true happening incident just 15 days ago. This incident happened between me and my younger sis who was a virgin till that incident. Her name is Vaishali, a cute little studious girl, aged 19. I don’t even noticed when my little angel turn into a hot chick […]

She Hanged Her Panty On Wire

I am married and live in a flat. We have another apartment just besides us and hardly any space between the two. The other apartment was built on a declination. So our balcony and bit higher than theirs. Their bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms are below our balcony level. Like for them my flat is quite […]

One Unexpected Night Got Us Together

Hey this is Dhruv. This is my first sex experience which I want to share with u guys. This experience and situation was completely unexpected. Its with my best friend Tina. Tina and me are best friends from childhood.. but one unexpected night got us together physically too.. Coming to info about me I am […]

My Aunts Daughter and Me For First Time

Hi, I am Raj 25 from Andhra near ongole. Currently I am in Bangalore working as software engineer in mnc. I am fair homely and handsome guy with 5.7 height. This is very true incident happen from 3 years to 1 year back when I am doing be. My aunts daughter is 18 yrs old […]

Mature Married Women From Pune In Hotel

Hi myself rahul working in pune as a software engineer from few years.This story is about how I got lucky with a mature married women and had fantastic sex ..So anyone can feel free to contact and share there thoughts on these story …. Coming to story I go to gym near to my area […]

Hema My Maid’s Widow Daughter

Hi I am a 24 year old guy working in Bangalore. I stay in a 2 bhk flat with another guy working in the same company with me. Our apartment is a regular building and not a society of sorts. An old lady used to work here – cleaning and cooking. But recently she broke […]

No Pity on Mom’s Ganagbang

My brother Ramesh had come from village to Mumbai to look for a job and father got him a job at a college as a clerk. My father a professor, so busy in classes and college all day and not fond of sex. My mother always looked starved for sex but she never reacted as […]

Gay Sex Experience In Tea Gardens

This is a piece of pure fiction oozing from the lucid imagination of its author and bears no resemblance to actual persons places or events in the past,present or future. I was really happy to join the tea gardens on the Assam-Bengal border. With the recent promotion I got a huge ancient bungalow in the […]

Birthday Gift For Birthday Girl

Let me introduce myself- my name is rocker Hassan and I stay in Tumkur which is near Bangalore.. And I am an engineering student of first year mechanical.. I would like to tel u my real story 1 year back when I was in p.U.C… I used to go to have some coffee and a […]

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