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A date can change your live

Lisa a beautiful young woman was standing in front of the mirror and watching her picture of a proper young woman. Her brunette hair was short cut and going only to the neck. It gave her a very sportive look. She was a sportive and fit girl, no doubt, but it was hard to see for a stranger.

Lisa always dressed in long and high closed shirts, her shortest hem only goes up to her knees, even when she was jogging she wears surf shorts to cover the most of her shapely and muscular legs. You would not have found some cloth in her room which revealing more skin than necessary.

For the beach she owned only an one-piece swimsuit with a floral print which masks her curvy figure and middle sized firm breast perfectly. Yes, Lisa was a young woman who could turn a man into an animal from the first sight if he could see her nude, but she was prude like an iceberg and would never allow a man to see more than necessary or even touch her in an intimated way before she gets married with him. Even when the boys from school or workers on the street whistle at her, she only snarls at them. And if you stand closer to her, you could see the profound glance she had for the whistler.

Now Lisa was waiting for her date, George would pick her up to go to the cinema. It would be a ten mile drive because Lisa, her brother Danny and her parents lived in a rural country town near Columbia South Carolina.

Lisa was dating George now for almost six month and called him her boyfriend. George who waited six months before he could date Lisa for the first time, had to learn that they were a couple now, but Lisa would not allow more sexual intercourse than holding hands and a kiss or hug from time to time.

George tried to be the knightly guy Lisa was dreaming off but from time to time he lost control and met with his friends to spend a weekend at Caswell Beach. Here they had access to a property with beach access where nobody could see what´s going on behind the fence. The parties were legendary and if Lisa would have known she would denigrate George at all people she knew.

It has been a wonderful and sunny Friday, today. But now it was getting cooler to the evening, and Lisa was dressed with Jeans, turtleneck shirt and a jacket from her favorite football team. George came on time and after a short talk with Danny, who told him that their parents were on vacation over the weekend, Lisa and George left for the cinema.

It was a romantic movie and a couple of minutes after they darkened the room, Lisa rested her head on George´s shoulder. He took her in his arm and started to caress her arm and side. When Lisa purred like a cat, George started carefully to fondle the side of her breast. Immediately Lisa rose into an upright sitting position and tossed George´s arm away.

For the next minutes she watched the movie with a stony look. But to make thinks worse, the actress in the movie stripped for her lover (you could only see her back). Lisa lifted her hand and tried to blindfold George preventing him from seeing naked flesh. She stood up grabbed his hand and started to leave the cinema with the words:

“Come on George, this is a porn movie, I want to leave. NOW!”

The Interstate was closed due to an accident, so George was forced to take the little streets, on their drive back.

“How can you do this to me, I thought you love me?” Lisa started.

“What do you mean?” George asked baffled.

“Take me to a porn movie and try to rape me!” Lisa barked back, tears in her eyes.

“ÄÄÄHHH what” George didn´t understand a word.

“They started to fuck in this movie and worst of all you tried to fondle my breast, that´s …” Lisa found not the word.

George got angry and losing his voice he screamed: “If I want to rape you, it would not be in the cinema by caressing your breast. I would fuck your proper and honest brain out of your beautiful head!”

Lisa winced about the harsh words of her boyfriend, started to sob heavily and slide as far away from George as she could.

George left the street and drove into a small field path leading into the woods.

After he was sure they were far enough into the woods and the car was not visible from the street, he stopped.
Lisa couldn´t believe what he was doing and when she recognized what her boyfriend had in mind she tried to open the door to escape. George reacted quick, he grabbed her hair and pulled her over to him. Opening his door he pulled her outside and throw her into the dirt.

“Stand up, it´s your own fault. Now you´ve to show me the things you prevented me to see in the cinema.” George commanded.

Lisa, shocked, didn´t really understand, trembling she stood up. Sobbing she pleads:” Please George, I love you. Please don´t do this to me. I never will tell anybody what happened. Please bring me home.”

“It´s too late hon, now I will see what you´re keeping so long as a secret; your body. It´s time to strip, NOW!!” George commanded with an evil grin.

Lisa saw in George´s face that she has lost, there was no change to make a deal. Now she had to act as commanded to prevent more possible pain. Slowly she started to remove her jacket, than she pulled her turtleneck shirt over her head, revealing a wonderful pair of boobs, covered with a white satin bra. With trembling fingers she started to unbutton her jeans, pushing it down to her ankles.

“Remove your shoes, step out of the trousers and strip you nylons. Quick!” George commanded.

Sobbing heavily, Lisa did as she was told. Her tidy clothes were lying in the dirt. Covering her breast with one arm and her private area between her legs with the other hand, she tried again:

“Please George, it´s enough. Please stop here, I´m freezing and want to go home. I swear I won´t tell anybody”

“Ha, this is first the beginning of your penalty” George said.

He took her nylons from the ground.

“Turn around with hands on your back” he commanded.

Lisa turned around folding her hands on her back. George stepped behind her, with one foot her parted her legs a little bit, so that Lisa was standing now with light spread legs. Than he tied her hands with her own nylons on her back. He turned her around and with a fast move ripped her bra from her body, revealing a perfect set of white boobs with hard nipples poking towards him.

Lisa let out a scream from the pain the ripping fabric caused on her shoulders and back.

George slammed her face, immediately his fingerprints grew as red marks on her cheek.

“Hope you know to be quite, I don´t want to hear any sound from you again. Understood?” He asked.

Lisa nodded, biting on her lower lip, trying to bear the pain.

A fast move and Lisa lost her panties, showing a neatly trimmed pussy.

“Open your mouth, bitch” her former boyfriend commanded.

Hesitant, she opened her mouth and George pressed her torn slip into her mouth, gagging her perfectly. Her turned her around and pushed her on the hood of his car, spreading her legs with his feet.

Lisa felt the motor heat on her boobs and belly, the hood was hot like a pan. Lisa thought she gets roasted because she never sensed such a temperature before.

She screamed into her gag as George´s cock rammed into her virgin pussy, ripping her hymen and stretching her vagina to an unknown size. Thrust after thrust, George rammed his massive member into the meantime well lubricated pussy of his victim.

After a couple of minutes, where Lisa was pushed over the hot motor hood with each thrust, George exploded inside the “new woman”. He shot his hot seed deep inside Lisa.

George took Lisa´s turtleneck shirt from the ground and cleaned his with virgin blood strains covered cock with it. Then he grabbed the exhausted woman on her arms, dragged her to her feet and let her to the trunk of his car.

He released the cover and pushed the poor woman inside. Took some tape from the tool box, tied her feet together and secured the slip in her mouth. He collected her on the ground spread cloth and put them into the trunk also.
Ignoring her pleading sight, he closed the cover of the trunk with the words: “I´m sure honey we will have a wonderful weekend.”

Lying in the dark trunk of George´s car, Lisa had lost any time feeling. She only recognized that her captor stopped once to get some fuel.

George drove North after he reached the Interstate, away from the rural town in the South where Lisa was at home. To make ensure that Lisa would have an unforgettable weekend, he stopped at a lonely fuel station to fill his tank and made two phone calls. One was with Danny, telling him that Lisa decided to stay with George over the weekend. And the second one was with his friend Tom to inform him about the beach house.

After a roughly two hours drive they reached the well hidden beach house at Caswell Beach, which George and his friends used from time to time for their parties.

George ensured that the gate was closed and the car parked behind the fence which surrounded the property. Than he prepared the beach house for the new “guest”.

Half an hour later, he opened the trunk of his car and helped the poor woman outside. He pulled Lisa over his shoulder and carried her into the living room.

Lisa needed a couple of minutes to attached her eyes to the changed light, now she was in a bright light room furnished with tables, chairs and a sofa.

George placed his victim in the middle of the room behind a small table facing the hallway and the entry door.
He pushed Lisa over the table, parted her legs and bound her ankles to the next table leg.

Lisa was lying head down over the table which supported only her belly, her tits and upper part of the body was hanging down. George got two small chains with an alligator clip on one end. He kneeled in front of Lisa and attached the alligator clips on her nipples. Tears shot in Lisa´s eyes, the pain was unexpected and nearly unbearable. She screamed into her meanwhile soaked panties.

The other end of the chains were attached to the table legs with some tape. George made sure that the chains where tight and the poor woman had no change to rise her head and upper body without stretching her tits. With a smile on his face he turned around the table and slapped Lisa´s ass cheeks with a powerful stroke. This stroke caused Lisa to jerk her body up.

Her tits where stretched to the max and her nipples hold in place by the alligator clips. Lisa was near to darken out from pain but her body stood awake. When the pain on her tits lowered she recognized that with each move she does, she would stretch her breast, and the alligator clips would bite more and more into her sensitive nipples.

George had left the room for a few minutes, when he came back he brought a dog leash and collar with him. He applied the dog collar round Lisa´s neck and hooked in the leash.

“This is everything you need to wear over the weekend, my dear” he said.

Cars arrived, George and Lisa could hear them on the graveled driveway. Doors slammed and they heard the voices of at least four men. George smiled, his friends arrived.

Tom was the first who came through the entry door, followed by Brian, John and Paul. When they saw the over the table bound woman the cheered and whistled in appreciation.

“Hi George, first I thought you would make a joke, promising us an unforgettable weekend. But now, man, you beat everything. The nice and beauty Miss Iceberg, bound like a cow ready for milking.” Tom said.

“Thank you guys. Yes, she´s ready for the weekend fun. I can tell you, it was a great feeling to pop her cherry a couple of hours ago. And I´m sure it will be at least the same fun to deflower her ass.” George stated.

This could not be true, it must be a nightmare, Lisa could not belief her ears but the pain on her breast was real. And as to improve she was right, Tom slapped her ass with a powerful hand stroke leaving a red mark of his hand on her right ass cheek. Lisa jerked up, only to pull on her nipple chains. The alligator clips did their job, holding the woman down. The ripped her nipples with the metallic teeth and caused little blood strains dropping on the floor.

George standing behind Lisa pulled the leash tight, causing the woman to rise her head and stretching the nipple chains tight. Brian released her mouth gag with the warning not to scream. Then he unzipped his fly and released his fully erected cock. Commanded Lisa to open her mouth and started to mouth fuck the girl. His big cock dove deep inside the poor woman, touching her uvula and cutting of her breath. Lisa wiggled her body, trying to get air, her eyes widening in fear.

The next Lisa felt was somebody was spreading her ass cheeks and something liquid was running down her ass crack towards her hole. The pain was horrible as George rammed his dick into her tight ass hole breaking her last piece of virginity.

After Brian shot his load down the woman´s throat, Lisa had no other change than to swallow the most of his semen, he changed his place with John. The same did George with Paul after he filled her gut with his load. They changed places during a couple of hours until each of her three holes was filled from each man. Early in the morning the boys went to bed, leaving her fuck toy cum dripping out of every opening and bound over the table.

Lisa couldn´t say if she felt asleep or if she was passed out. The only she recognized was the pain caused by a powerful stroke on her ass and the ripping of the alligator clips on her nipples.

“Good morning honey, breakfast is over, now it´s time to start the new day. But first we have to clean you up, you little cumdump” John said.

“I think we should give her the change to have a bath” Tom said with a wink of his eye.

“Fine, but if I remember right, we don´t have a bathing tube here”, Paul replied with a questionnaire look.

“You´re wrong” Tom answered, “We´ve the biggest bathing tube you can imagine. You can see it from the window; the Atlantic Ocean”.

“This sounds good to me” Brian said. “And on Saturday morning we´ll meet surely enough joggers on the beach who like to have a special exercise”.

George came with an automatic dog leash which he hooked in to Lisa´s collar instead of the leather leash they used during the night. Then he removed the nylon tie from her hands and locked her hands in front of Lisa´s belly with some cuffs. Then he puts an oversized ring gag into her mouth and secured it behind her head. Lisa thought this thing would give her a first class lockjaw. She tried to speak but all the guys could hear was a grunting sound.

George pulled on the doggy leash and Paul slapped Lisa´s ass to start the journey.

On the beach, Lisa had to wash herself in the cold ocean whiles the boys watched her.

“See, her nipples get stiff like metal nails from the cold water. I like stiff nipples.” Brian cheered.

George who was still holding the control of the doggy leash, switched to “Pull” and Lisa had trouble to prevent herself from falling on her way through the shore due to the force pulling on her collar.

Back on the beach Tom opened one cuff, only to tie Lisa´s hands again on her back.

Paul got some wet and smooth leather straps and started to tie the poor girls breast on their base. To the question from George, why he´s using leather straps instead of the plastic bands they use regularly, he gave following answer:

“If you watched carefully you would have recognized that the leather was wet. And if you remember physics in school, you know what will happen if the leather dry. It will shrink and therefore will go tighten more and more. And to ease the pain from cutting of the blood transfer through her tits, she has to keep them wet. And of course, if we don´t let her go in the water all the time, she has to use other liquids; cum for example”, Paul mentioned.

“It will be fun, to see our new pet whoring around like a cat in heat” Brian said.

Lisa got frightened after her mind recognized the consequences. The boys didn´t only want to rape and humiliate her. No, they would turn her into a whore.

George started to run and pulled on the dog leash, so Lisa had to start running as well if she would avoid falling to the beach with her hands tied on her back. The other guys started to run also. When they passed Lisa, each of them gave her a stroke on her ass, trying to hit her with even more force than the guy before. After they overtook George, they turned round to run back for the next change to slap the poor woman.

When George saw two joggers coming towards them, he stopped and waited until they came across.

“Morning guys”, he greeted them, “are you interested in some special exercise?”

The two men stopped their run. Now George´s friends stepped aside to give the two men a good view of the leashed and bound woman. They saw a pitiful young woman, exhausted from running, hands cuffed on the back, bright red ass from the hand strokes, with outstanding purple tits.

“It´s all free, you can do to her what you want. Only limitation, please leave no irreversible marks on her body. And if you think she´s doing a good job, you can ease her titti pain with some cum or other liquids on the leather straps.” Paul offered.

“Take your time and if you´re ready please bring her to the yellow painted beach house over there”, Brian said and pointed to the house down the beach.

The two joggers agreed and George handed over the automatic doggy leash to one of them and the friends turned around to leave the naked and bound Lisa to the mercy of two strangers.

Two hours later, the boys enjoyed their lunch, a dog was barking loud on the beach. John went out to see what´s going on. After a couple of minutes he came back with a smirk on his face.

“Guys, you have to see this. Down on the shore line our lovely Lisa is fucked by an old couple. They must be past 60 from the look. The man is fucking Lisas ass while his wife is laying with spread legs in front of her and let her pussy been eaten out. They have a small dog with them, running round the scene and barking to cheer on its masters. I spoke to the grandpa and he promised me to bring Lisa over here when they are done with her.” The guys went to the window to see the scene on the beach.

Later they heard a knock on the door. When Paul opened, he saw Lisa, covered in cum and sand, cum dripping from her ass and pussy. He removed the ring gag and Lisa closed her stretched mouth carefully and swallowed the inside remaining liquids. Then with a hoarse voice she pleaded: “Please, I do everything you want, everything. But please release these leather straps from my breast, it feels like these things are going to cut them off.”

Paul smiled and called his friends, discussing what to do. After a short discussion they decided to clean the young whore with the water hose in the garden. John took the hose and opened the cold water. With the maximum stream they cleaned Lisa while she was standing on the sundeck. After the poor woman was washed, Brian took a knife and cut the leather straps off. From the feeling of the immediately back rushing blood, Lisa screamed from pain. She sank on her knees, heavily sobbing. “Pleaseeeee, I do everything you like, but please don´t hurt me. I can´t stand the pain anymore”.

Due to the fact it was late on Saturday afternoon, they allowed the poor woman to come in and have a warm shower in complete privacy for about 30 minutes. After this time she had to come to the living room.

Here she stud now, clean and naked in front of her “masters”.

George said, “See, from now on you announce us as your masters and do everything we tell you, no matter of time and place even not who´s in the near or not. Understand?”

“Yes, Master George”, poor Lisa replied with eyes fixing a point on the ground. They men had left a note on the bathroom mirror, explaining the rules for her new life from now on. And Lisa studied them carefully to avoid been punished.

“We called your brother Danny to come to give you a lift back home. He has to arrange some things and will be here early Sunday morning. And for tonight we like to have some fun with you.” John said.

Lisa was terrified, her brother, she had hoped to keep this weekend as a secret among her and the boys. But now her brother would come to bring her home. How would he react? What did they tell him on phone? Did he know everything? The poor woman would have asked her masters, but the rules stated a whipping hour as penalty for speaking without permission. So everything she could do, was acting like she was commanded. She started to give the boys another blow job for this weekend.

Early on Sunday morning, she had swallowed a lot of cum from the four friends, licked their cocks clean and was fucked into each hole a couple of times.

Now she was standing on the driveway, dressed in the sluttiest outfit she could imagine and waiting for her brother.

Danny arrived, opened the door from inside and let her in. Immediately Lisa started sobbing and tried to explain her brother what happened to her.

Danny broke in:”Don´t tell me a story, George informed me about everything, and I think this will be the best for us all.”

With a puzzled look Lisa stared at her brother. What does he mean.

“George, told me that you are a public whore from now on and I can use you in any way I like. They asked me to manage you for the next time.” he said with a smile on his face.

Lisa shook her head in disbelieve, her own brother would be her ponce.

“I removed your “old life” from your room. Means the old cloths are thrown away. Your new wardrobe is in the trunk. You will see it´s funny how small shirts and skirts can be”. He explained.

Lisa said no word until the arrived at home.

Danny let her to her room and Lisa frightened about the things she saw. On her bed spread out was a selection of cuffs, collars, whips and bondage equipment.

“You don´t know how long I waited for this day” Danny said. “Start stripping, sister, I want to check your skills. I´m sure we will have a lot of fun tonight. And if you do right, Mom and Dad will never know”

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