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A honeymoon to remember

My wife and I had just gotten married and we were on our way to the Andamans for our honeymoon, Geeta had just turned 21 and I was five years older than her. The plane landed in bright sunshine on the beautiful island of Port Blair and we found a cab and headed to our apartment. I had been told by my booking agents that we were to share the apartment with another couple and since both apartments in the flat were self contained I saw no problem with that. We got to the apartment about an hour later and were greeted by our flat mates, John and Belinda. John was a 6 footer of African decent and Belinda seemed Hispanic with the cutest ass that I had ever seen on a woman in my entire life. We introduced ourselves and then headed to our room to settle in.

Now let me tell you a bit about Geeta and myself, we had met when she was just 17 and I fell instantly in love with her long black hair and her model like body. She had the most amazing pair of breast that any man could ever hope for on a woman and she had a beautiful tanned complexion, in short she was a real sweetie pie and she turned heads where ever she went. We had dated for four years before deciding to tie the knot and here we were on our honeymoon on the start of out life together.

As we got into our room, Geeta stripped off and headed into the shower and I quickly followed still thinking of the serious ass on Belinda. The beautiful sight of my sexy wife with soap all over her gorgeous skin added to my sexual urge and I quickly took the soap from her and started to gently run my hands over her silky body, she leaned over and grabbed my head and slipped her tongue into my mouth, pulling me closer to her. I wasted no time in running my hand down to her shaved pussy and was caught off guard at how wet she was, I knew that Belinda’s sexy ass had gotten me hard but I couldn’t understand what had gotten my wife of just three days so wet and horny.

Her mouth was crazy on mine and then she trailed her lips to my chest and sucked onto my nipple with a force that I had not really known of her before, now I knew her sexual ways quite well because we had been fucking each other even before we had gotten married but this was somewhat different, she seemed more turned on than I had ever seen her before. Geeta did not take long to sink to her knees and take me deeply in her troth, sliding her hands to hold my balls firmly as her middle finger slid across my asshole making me jump. What the hell had turned this woman on so much, I wondered. I pulled her up after she had a good run of taking my 8in cock deep in her mouth and in turn went down on her, she raised her right leg to give me better access to her wet pussy as I sucked on her hardened clit, it did not take her long to reach her first orgasm.

I kissed my way back to her mouth and with the water running over out hot bodies, I lifted her on to my ragingly hard cock, I wasted no time in plunging into her wet but tight pussy, I pounded her without mercy. In all our years of sexual encounters, I had never ever really seen her this turned on and then the thought came to me that maybe it was the sight of our flat mate John that had brought on this wild side to her, could it be possible that my wife of just a few days could actually have fantasies about another man already? Just the thought of it made me even more horny and with her still with her legs wrapped around me, riding my cock, I walked her the bed and laid her down.

I pulled her legs onto my shoulder and then squatted down on her, pile driving my hard long cock deep into her. Geeta’s screams of pleasure filled the room and I knew that John and Belinda in the other room must have been hearing her. Testing her, I whispered “ I wonder what would happen if we invited John and Belinda to watch us” “Oh my God” was her only response as her body was rocked by another huge organism. Later as she lay sleeping, looking like the Angel that I had always known her to be, I formulated a plan to see just how far my beautiful sexy wife was willing to go to explore her seemingly secret fantasies.

At about six, we both got up and after a quick bath we headed outside. Our flat mates, John and Belinda were just returning from a trip to the beach which was just yards away from where we were staying and I could not help but noticing the way that Geeta was openly staring at the huge bulge that John had in his trunks, it was as if I wasn’t even there at all. “Hello sleepyheads” Belinda called out to us, her ass even more sexy in the tiny swim suit that barely covered her amazing body. They came in and we joined them in the sitting room to catch on a bit of get to know you gaff. Geeta sat with her legs slightly apart, the tiny shorts that she had decided to wear showing off her beautiful tanned skin and I’m sure a piece of the tiny thong panty that she had on. John had his eyes glued between her legs and it probably took every bit of energy to raise his head from that beautiful sight in a bid not to appear too rude. His trunks was having problems holding in the serious hard-on that he has acquired the second he had laid eyes on her.

Now I’m no slouch when it comes to size being a good 8inches myself but John definitely had to be fetching about 11 inches or more judging from the imprint that his cock had made in his swim trunks. Belinda seemed to notice the attention generated between my wife and her fella but she did not seemed bothered in any way, she confirmed it when she asked if anyone wanted to a drink and headed into the kitchen and quickly had four glasses of rum and cokes handing out. The drinks were quite stiff and after a couple of refreshes, I could feel the effects of the alcohol creeping in.

The sun had started to set and a lovely breeze was blowing making the entire setting quite comfortable and cozy. I got up and turned the radio and beautiful soca music filled the room. “Oohhh I just love soca music “ cooed Belinda and with that she got up pulling John with her, she really knew how to move that sexy body and wasted no time in turning her back to John and grinding her huge ass onto what seemed to be a hose pipe sticking up in his trunks. I got up and pulled the openmouthed Geeta with me and slid my hand onto her ass pulling her pussy onto my extra hard cock, she found it and worked her pussy hard on me. Belinda was bending over backing John in what they called a “backball” a Caribbean style dancing, I turned my beautiful and now totally horny wife around and pressed her head forward as she stuck out her ass and gyrated seductively on me. Belinda has by this time worked her way to the back of me and I could feel her pussy pressing against me as she danced.

We were all laughing and having a wonderful time and somehow we all knew that this could only end with in one amazing orgy and I could not wait to see what my sexy wife of just two days would do. The song ended and another started which gave us a chance to straighten up, Belinda once more took the lead and slipped over to me and braced her sexy ass on me, I looked over to see what Geeta would say but she was too busy as John was sliding his hands on her hips and pulling her onto him, I watched the amazing sight of this six footer black guy pulling my sexy white wife onto his huge bulge that had seemed to have grown even larger, his large hands had moved across her stomach and she was definitely feeling the hard cock that only a tiny piece of cloth was separating her from. “Do you think that she can take it all” Belinda whispered to me, “I’m going to love to see if she can” I replied as I leaned over and dimmed the lights in the room.

John had taken the lead and was now openly rubbing his hands all over Geeta, cupping her sweet ass in his hands and I swore I saw him slip a finger under her shorts as he turned from view for a minute. With the lights dimmed , Geeta turned around and faced John and for the first time felt the huge hard-on face first, I saw her eyes opened up as she moved her body closer in. Belinda had also turned around and was now facing me as well as we instantly slipped a bit away to allow our better halves a bit more intimacy.

John now had slipped his hands inside of Geeta’s thin shorts and was literally lifting her onto his huge hard-on as he leaned down and kissed her lips, she opened her mouth to accept his probing tongue lost in the wickedness that was happening around her. “Lets really get this thing going “ Belinda said and she pulled to one of the two large couches. I laid down as Belinda unbuttoned my shirt and slowly started kissing my chest. Geeta glanced over and saw the opening that she had been wishing for, her husband being kissed by another woman and she knew that this was my signal for her to do whatever she wanted. John who had been checking us for sign all along, could not believe his eyes as he also looked over and say Belinda kissing her way down my stomach and he wasted no time in sliding Geeta down on the second couch, his mouth covering hers totally.

John soaked in the amazing beauty of the gorgeous woman beneath him and quickly slid the tiny tank top off of Geeta, she in turn raising her delicate hands in the air to allow him to take it off, her 38d breasts were now exposed to the hungry lips of John as he hungered sucked on each nipple, now Geeta has some of the most amazing nipples you can ever see and they quickly grew to half of an inch in the wet greedy mouth of John. Geeta took his head in her hands and gently at first pushed his face downwards, John wasted no time in obeying her and as he slid down, he pulled the shorts down and off of her legs, so smooth was he that the sexy white g-sting came off as well and Geeta laid there totally exposed to the lustful eyes of this huge black man.

John’s big lips totally covered her tiny pussy and he stared to lick and suck Geeta to the first of many orgasms that night. I looked over to see the long tongue of John sliding its way deep into my wife’s wet pussy as her hands pulled his face deeper into her pussy. Geeta was thrusting her pussy on John’s mouth as if she was fucking him, his huge fingers were doing their magic as he expertly traced the outline of every part of her awesome body, I caught my breath as he slowly took a finger out of her pussy and touched the entrance of her asshole, she jumped but offered no resistance as he slipped his finger slowly into the one place she had never allowed me in. John really knew his trade as he worked my wife to another earth shattering orgasm taking turn to lick her pussy and then slide his long tongue deep into her once tight ass. I could not believe that my sexy wonderful wife was allowing herself to be fucked right in front of her husband of just 3 days.

John repositioned himself and suddenly Geeta was face to face with the biggest cock that she had ever seen in her life, her hands trembled as she pulled on the waistband of his trunks and suddenly freed, his huge black sprang out, its head a dark angry purple. Geeta’s eyes opened in amazement as the monster in front of her touched her face, her tiny hand reached out and she slid her fingers around its base, her fingers tips unable to make contact because of the sheer size of this magnificent cock. For a moment I wanted to shout at her to stop but the desire to see her handle this huge cock was too much to bear. Geeta’s pretty mouth opened as she slipped part of the head between her wet lips, for a moment it seemed that she was not going to be able to take even the head in alone but less all eleven and a half inches of this beast but women always have a way of overcoming hurdles and Geeta was no exception.

Her tongue flicked out and she slowly started working her saliva over the length of this massive shaft, pumping it with her hands, she slid the head once more in her mouth and this time aided with his pre-come and her saliva, the head of his cock slipped into her mouth and slowly she worked more of it in. Geeta had been a virgin when I met her but she had told me that that she had given head to a few of the guys that she went out with and with my coaching had gotten quite talented at it, now she was pulling out every trick in the book and she well on her way to taking close to seven inches of this massive cock down her troth as John under her was nibbling on her clit driving her even wilder. This wet pussy was the wettest and best that John had ever tasted but he badly wanted to fell this young pussy on his cock, he lifted her off and placed her to lie on the edge of the couch, pulling her legs onto his shoulders.

Geeta laid wide-eyed, her lips quivering as John slowly rubbed his huge cock along the tiny opening of her eager pussy, never had she felt herself so wet and perverted in her entire life, her she was married for just three days and about to fuck a total stranger, she caught her breath as the head forced its way into her tight pussy, even though her husband had a fairly big cock, it was no match for this monster that was slowly entering her, spreading her wider than she had ever before, John slowly pushed his big cock deeper and deeper into this amazing tight pussy, he wanted to put the entire eleven and a half inches of stiff black cock in before he picked up his rhythm, he knew that she was going to fall totally in love with his lovely cock before this was all over and he wanted to enjoy every moment of it. Belinda had stopped kissing me for a while, she as I stared at the amazing sight of John’s eleven and a half inches monster sliding deeper and deeper into my wife’s totally shaven pussy, the contrast of colours was awesome, his black cock outlined the pink of Geeta’s pussy, even from across the room you could see how stretched her pussy was.

John’s balls finally rested outside of her pussy all eleven and a half inches buried deep in my wife’s wet pussy, Geeta’s hand slipped between her legs as if she was checking to make sure that it was all in and it was, she looked up into John’s eyes and lifted her head and caught his lips in a deep kiss, John took a while to enjoy the moment and the passion that the kiss brought and then he quickly pulled all the way out until only the head of his huge purple angry cock remained inside, then he quickly rammed the entire length back inside with a force that I though would surely dislocate something or the other inside of her. John’s rhythm was fast paced and intense as he pounded my wife’s soaking wet pussy, just as I was about to think that he was going to faint or beg for mercy, I noticed her hand between her legs tugging at his balls, “Oh my God” I though, “She wants him deeper in her”

John pulled out of her and roughly turned her over and on her knees, Geeta in tern dropped her head into the couch and arched her sexy ass to receive this new onslaught, John leaned down and slid his tongue deeply into her pussy as Geeta let out a heart throbbing cry of enjoyment and pleasure, he came up and took hold of his huge cock and roughly slammed it deep into her waiting pussy “Oh fuck” she cried as John viciously pounded her pussy, she was soaking wet and I could see him sliding his fingers on the outside of her pussy and then transferring her wetness to her tightly puckered asshole, slowly he massaged his thumb into her asshole as I sat there in amazement at the thought that my wife might actually allow this Mandingo to fuck her tiny asshole, yep something that she had never allowed me to do, she seemed lost in the world of this huge cock and made no effort to stop him from sliding his finger into her virgin asshole, her lack of protest provided him with the incentive to slip an second finger into her and I was taken aback to see not one but two of his huge fingers buried deep in my wife’s asshole and she was actually allowing it to happen.

John slipped a third finger into Geeta’s ass as he continued to pound her pussy deeply. Geeta looked between her legs and could not believe the size of the cock that was being buried so deeply and brutally in her, and even more unbelievable was that she actually allowing this total stranger to slip not one but three fingers into her virgin asshole. I sat there watching this amazing sigh almost not even really aware that Belinda had taken my cock into her mouth and was busy fingering her own dripping wet pussy. John slipped his cock out of Geeta’s pussy for a moment and pushed her slightly forward, rubbing his mighty cock along the crack of her pussy and asshole, he eased the head of his cock gently into her ass as if testing her ability to take it, Geeta’s hand on his balls was all the indication that he needed as the head popped her once virgin back hole, Geeta’s mouth was wide open, her eyes glazed as this magnificent cock slipped further in her asshole, John’s hands were on either side of her ass cheeks, spreading her open as he slowly forced his eleven and a half inches of manhood deep into her.

Finally only his balls was visible, he rested himself on her as if to say that it was all in, in fascination I watched as Geeta slowly pulled her body forward and the huge cock slowly inched its way back out, then she pushed back and the length went back deep into her, John closed his eyes enjoying ever moment, Geeta picked up pace and she was the one doing the fucking now, slamming her pussy for all it was worth on John’s massive black cock, her fingers buried deep in her still dripping wet pussy, it was too much for John and he leaned his head back and bellowed “oh my god, I’m fucking cumming” as he drove his cock deep into her, then holding on to her with all of his might, trying to stop her from moving on his now extremely sensitive cock but there was no stopping her now, she wanted more cock, she pulled away from him and as he fell to the couch, she rolled him over and straddled his half hard cock, burying it deep in her ass once more, grinding her ass-cheeks on him then pulling all the way out and pushing herself back to engulf the entire eleven and a half inches of John’s black anaconda deep in her hot asshole.

John laid on the couch, totally drained and unable to even move as my incredibly hot wife fucked the living daylight out of him. Geeta’s eyes were closed and I knew that she was on the verge of a massive orgasm, the low growl that emitted from her lips signaled that she was about to loose total control as her body picked up rhythm and her movement become more intense, then suddenly she exploded, her mouth flew open as she was rocked by the powerful force of what was probably her twelfth orgasm, she slumped forward and lay on John’s huge chest almost unable to catch her breath.

I could see loads of cum dripping out of her as his cock slowly contracted and eased out of her now totally stretched and still gaping asshole. In seconds they were both asleep, I lifted Belinda up and headed into my room, her pussy soaking wet and her mouth kissing every part of me that she could, we ended up fucking for most of the nigh and still John and Geeta slept, too tired to even know what we were up to. The running of the shower woke me up in the wee hours of the morning, Belinda had gone and I crept up to the shower to see who was in it, it was Geeta covered from head to toe in soap suds and looking more sexy than I had ever seen her before, I pulled aside the curtain and stepped inside, her eyes trying to gauge what mood I was in and figure what I was thinking, I wasted no time in sliding my tongue into her mouth and pulling her leg up, slipping my hard cock into her now bruised and battered pussy, my head filled with the memory of John’s long black cock in her earlier, in seconds I was cumming as I plunged my cock deeply into her sweet pussy.

I got up at about eight o’clock when the morning sun streaming into our room, I turned over to see if Geeta was up as yet and she was just stirring, her eyes opened and saw me looking at her, “Hi” she said quietly shifting her eyes away from mine, I answered by leaning over and kissing her on her cheek and running my hand down her body to give her pussy a squeeze, she jumped as my fingers found her sore pussy, “why does this pussy feel so abused” I joked, we both laughed and she said, “did that really happen last night” she asked “yep and you were amazing” I answered “you always wanted to see me fuck someone else, I hope that it was all you expected” she added, “yep and we have five more days more remaining” I answered. “this is going to be a honeymoon to remember ” she smiled and indeed it was.

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