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*****Ah Bombay*****

Ah Bombay. Nothing in the world could ever beat this city. It was dirty, smelly, congested and disorganized but it was my Bombay and I loved it. I had gotten out of college early today and was making my way back home. It was quite the task, I must say. It was very risky to be a pedestrian in Bombay, especially in the poorer areas. Weaving in and out of traffic (vehicles that often included donkey carts pulling massive loads and large diesel spewing buses packed with people that were literally hanging out of the windows and doors!), other pedestrians, scooters, bikes and perhaps other things that western pedestrians had not even imagined encountering on the streets, were all part of the life of the streets. It was really an incredible thing to watch.

I got home approximately an hour after my class had ended. That was pretty good considering my college was well a ways from my home. We lived in a modest house. We weren’t rich by any stretch of the imagination but we weren’t poor either. We are some of the fortunate ones. In that the area of the city that we live in, it never got crowded or overpopulated with people creating slums. Of course we had poor people in the area but it wasn’t a ghetto as some areas in Bombay. Overall it was a life of a modest family. My mom stayed home as a housewife and my dad worked a decent labour job on the very opposite of the city. His schedule was a bit gruelling. He used to leave early in the morning and come home well into the night. This was mainly due to the long commute both to and from work.

Upon hearing the creak of the door as it opened, I heard my mom yell, “Sunny!” My real name was Sunil but like every other Indian boy, I had been given the nickname Sunny.

“Sunny! How come it took you so long to get back home?”

“Mom! You know how it’s like in this city. You should be glad that I made it home in such short time.”

My mom was the type of person that was never satisfied. She was always in a rush, doing this and that around the house and she was always of the thought that everyone should be the same. I am pretty sure she meant to use her time efficiently but I don’t really think she realized that at the end of the day, it didn’t matter. Whatever she wanted done was going to get done regardless of whether it was going to get done a bit earlier or later. But that was the type of woman she was. Overall she was a sweet woman and I loved her.

“Wipe that smile off your face,” she said while she passed by me with a basket full of dirty clothes, gesturing as if she was going to slap me. That was her way of showing love. “Get ready, you have to go over to your Auntie Geeta’s house. She asked you to come and help her out.”

Ah yes, Auntie Geeta. We were fortunate enough to have some family living by us in the same neighbourhood. They were all a motorbike ride away. Aunt Geeta was by far my favourite aunt. She was relatively young; about 30 to 35 I would say and had the sweetest personality. She was a very soft person by heart and one was able to notice that in her demeanour. She was also very appealing to the eyes. Her golden brown skin, long luscious black hair, her sweet subtle smile, her height of 5’9, among other things made her sexy in my eyes. Her husband had just recently gotten a job with a huge multinational firm in which he was required to travel a great deal. Auntie Geeta often asked my mom if I was able to come over and assist her with duties around the house, especially after she had a newborn baby 2 months ago. I was always happy to go because after all, what is family for? Her being attractive, in my eyes was just the cherry on top.

I quickly took a shower, ate the lunch my mom had prepared for me and hopped on my bike to her place. Aunt Geeta’s house was pretty much the same as ours. It wasn’t the greatest house in the world but it wasn’t the best either. It was a modest house. I am quite sure that once Uncle was well established in his new company that they would move eventually, but they had no plans as of yet.

I pulled up to her house and parked my bike near the door. I rang the bell. Actually, I wasn’t really a bell. It was more like an annoying buzzer that made your bones cringe upon hearing it. A few seconds later, the door opened and I was greeted by Auntie Geeta who happened to be holding a basket of clothes, just like my mom was when I got home.

I smiled and said, “you women and laundry. The world could be ending right before your eyes and you would still be worried about the dirty clothes.”

Auntie Geeta crossed her eyebrows, pointed her index finger back and forth to me and said “we wouldn’t have to worry about the clothes if the men in this world did they’re part and didn’t make us do all the work!”

“That’s why I am here today, to make sure you won’t have to worry about clothes when the world ends!”

“Lo, since when did you become such a comedian!”

Aunt Geeta looked especially radiant today. Her long hair was tied in a ponytail while some of her bangs came undone and hugged her forehead. She looked very cute like that. She was wearing a rose-red coloured sari but without the dupatta.

At this point, I should explain to you what sort of sari this was, because there are a few styles. There are those saris that are pretty much a one piece; a long piece of cloth that covers the entire body. But there are other saris that are two pieces. Auntie was wearing the two-piece. A two-piece sari looks something like this: The top is a half sleeve, typically with a wide and/or low neckline that went down to just about where the breast ended and the stomach started. Basically, the midriff was left bare. The bottom piece consisted with a body-hugging trouser covered by a long piece of cloth or just the cloth itself wrapped around the waist and legs. Some women also wear a two-piece but use a really long piece of cloth to cover their entire body. Auntie Geeta was wearing the two-piece without the cloth on top, just around her legs and waist. It’s a south Indian type sari.

“How are you Sunny?” she asked as she caressed my cheeks with her soft hand.

“I am fine auntie, how are you?”

“Oh my God, you know how hard is been ever since Rohan has left. Its hard to be alone while having to take care of the baby and cook, clean and the rest.”

“How long has he gone for and when is he coming back?” I asked.

“He has been gone for a month now. He is expected to stay another month.” She sighed and continued on. “We will see what will happen then. But thank God I have help like you around!” Upon that compliment, out of the blue she reached over and gave me a tight hug. So tight in fact that I could feel her milk filled breasts press liberally against my chest, even feeling her nipples through her bra. Her hair smelled especially nice, giving off the smell of roses in a garden.

“Come,” said Auntie Geeta, “help me knee some of this dough for tonight. You’re mom asked me to prepare some for her as well tonight.”

Auntie Geeta’s house is quite different from that of a regular western style house. The rooms are located on either side of the building, with a huge open area with no roof in the middle. Off to the sides are the washroom, kitchen and a few other smaller rooms for storage. Our house has the same type of layout with the exception of a few differences. Its quite nice because it is usually hot in Bombay so most of the work can be done outside in the open area.

Auntie Geeta and I chose to sit in the open area out in the sun, since it was a nice sunny day. We sat across from each other on these Indian style stools that were made out of strong, multicoloured wicker that were inches off of the ground. They made work like kneeing dough and scrubbing clothes a lot easier since one didn’t have to swat down on the ground. Pouring in the flour and water into our respective containers, we began kneeing the dough. I prepared my dough, which my mom had asked for and she did hers. At first we didn’t say much because both of us were focused on mixing the ingredients carefully. With the type of dough we were using and the way we cook the dough, one mistake and it’s all ruined. But once we were done that, we began to talk and tell jokes. It was quite distracting though I must say. With the outfit that Aunt Geeta had on, particularly with the low neckline, I could not help but peak at her ample breasts swaying swelling, jiggling and manoeuvring up against each other while she kneed the dough. I could also see parts of her black bra make an appearance outside of her sari. I must admit, I did develop somewhat of an erection but I tried to control it and focus at the task at hand. It was odd at the same time though because I would catch her giving me this smile while she stared deep into my eyes. I think she was aware of the show she was providing for me. It wasn’t until then that I realize how beautiful her breasts really were.

As we carried on with the task, our conversation shifted to her baby. And right on cue, her baby woke up and started to cry.

“Aye Hai, I knew this was going to happen. He didn’t drink enough milk the last time I fed him. You finish your atta, I’ll be in the room feeding him. Come in when you are done, ok?” Aunt Geeta quickly washed her hands and ran into the room.

I made the final preparations for my mom’s dough, wrapped it so that the moisture would not escape and put it in the fridge. I then made my way to the baby’s room.

It wasn’t actually the baby’s room. It was the master bedroom where Auntie slept. Because the room wasn’t big enough, they had to put the crib in a smaller room that was attached to the master bedroom. Typically that was were all the guests would sit and when they came to visit but since they needed the baby near by the bedroom, they converted one of the other rooms into the guest room and converted the old guest room into a baby nursery. In my opinion, the current set up that they have now is far better than that of the old.

I walked into the master bedroom to find Auntie Geeta sitting on a chair breast feeding the baby. Her left breast was exposed which the baby was feeding off of. She smiled as I walked in. I was a bit taken aback because I am not used to situations like this but since Auntie didn’t express any protest, I assumed it was appropriate to be in the same room as my breast-feeding aunt. As hard as it was, I tried not looking at her while she fed the baby. It was especially hard since the dim light in the room gave expressed a golden brown glow to her beautiful complexion. This combined with the subtle glisten of the sweat on her skin made her something that you could not look away from. To distract my mind away from her obvious beauty, I continued on with the conversation I was about to have earlier about the baby. Soon after we had started talking, she finished feeding the baby and moved the baby away from her breast. It was then that I had a clear view of her breast along with her nipple. Her breast was bigger than what I had thought it was. It was a perfect round shape and her golden brown skin topped off with her pinkish-brown nipples made it quite the sight to view. I almost instantly got an erection from looking at her. No sooner had I caught a peak at her, had she slipped her bra and sari down over her bust. Auntie sat up straight, almost in a fully upright position, lifted the baby up onto her shoulder and began rocking back and forth, patting the baby’s back ever so lightly so as to encourage the baby to burp and help him fall asleep. I had never seen Auntie’s demeanour so soft in my entire life. And this only encouraged my erection. Within a few minutes the baby let out a loud burp and Auntie giggled like a little girl. It was one of the cutest things I had seen.

“What are you laughing about?!” I asked.

“I find it so cute when he burps like that, I can’t help but laugh. I think he’s finally asleep now.” She smiled at me and said, “Would you mind laying him down in his crib?” I hesitated a bit in an attempt to calm my erection. “Oh come on Sunny, its not like you haven’t done this before.” After a few seconds when I got control of my penis, I got up and took the baby to the crib. I came back to sit down and Aunt Geeta asked me to do the oddest thing.

“Sunny, do you mind helping me clean my milk? My breast squirted some on my stomach by accident.” Feeling a bit uncomfortable, I went to go reach for a towel.

“No, no. Not with a towel… with your tongue.”

I paused a minute and looked at her. She posed the most sinister smile. “What…?” I responded.

“Come lick the milk off my stomach,” she said in a soft, yet seductive manner.

“Auntie…are you sure…”

“Shhhh…not a word. Come lick my stomach.” She pointed down to the few drops of milk that were on her golden brown tummy, just above her belly button. At this point, I didn’t know what to do. I was so confused. Here is my Aunt asking me to lick her own breast milk off her stomach. I had redeveloped my erection, although I was uncertain about the entire situation. Thinking that I should do what my aunt told me to, I slowly bent down in front of her onto my knees, put both my hands on her thighs and licked the milk off her.

She let out a slight gasp of pleasure as her stomach muscles contracted. I could smell an ever so slight scent coming from her, a mixture of a perfume and her own natural scent.

“How did you like it? Did it taste good?” she asked with the same seductive, sinister smile.

“It tasted sweeter than I had expected.” I said nervously.

“That felt really nice. Lick me again.” My dick was getting pretty hard. Although in the back of my mind I knew it was wrong, there was something inside of me that just could not resist. This time, I gripped her sides, just above her love handles and sucked and licked her stomach. Her hands instantly grabbed the back and side of my head.


As her gasps began to get deeper, the more intensely I began to suck. Her hands began to pull the hair on my head ever so slightly, giving me a more pleasurable experience. Soon after, her hands began to push my head down slowly towards her pussy. I didn’t go down there right away, rather I licked the bottom half of her stomach and slowly made my way down, still leaving her sari on. As I began licking and sucking her pussy through her sari, I noticed a distinct scent come out of her. I was old enough to know that it was the smell of her sex. I continued rubbing her sides and teasing the bottom half of her sari with my fingers, running them in and around her waist area. Her breasts heaved up and down as she gasped in and out, letting out a slight moan of pleasure every now and then. It was soon apparent that she wanted direct contact between her pussy and my tongue.

Aunt Geeta took her hands off my head and slipped off her sari exposing her pussy. I had never seen anything like it. It was completely shaved and perfectly shaped. She looked at me and smiled.

“Do you like what you see? Taste it like you tasted my milk.”

Upon Geeta sitting back down in her chair, I spread her legs open and began to lick her fruit. I could not help but become intoxicated with her smell. It was unlike anything I had ever smelt in my entire life. My heart began beating so fast that it felt like it was going to come out of my chest. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing but from what I had learned in biology class, I knew where to direct my tongue. And judging from her moans, I think I was doing an adequate job.

At this point, my cock had become so hard and so big that it was beginning to hurt inside my tight fitting pants.

“Wait, wait. Let me take these off, its beginning to cause pain,” I told her.

Catching her breath, she remarked, “Have I had such an effect on you?”

I gave her a lustful smile and dug into her pussy. This time my tongue worked her feverishly. So much so that her legs began to squeeze around my head in an attempt to control the pleasure. With each gasp of breath, I could feel her ample breasts bounce under her sari top, just over my head. I was so turned on that my penis began to drip pre cum. I could feel the coolness of the pre-cum on the head of my penis as well as the sides of my legs when it slapped my thighs. Her body quickly began to sweat. This was not only due to the activity we were currently engaged in but also because of the hot Bombay sun. Her perspiration was to the extent that when I looked up at her while sucking her off, I could see the swells of her breasts glisten and see beads of sweat begin to develop and drip onto her sari top.

Not long after, I pushed away from her pussy, stood up and looked at my aunt. Her whole body was glistening with sweat. Her hair was clearly wet from the perspiration. The contrast between her glistening golden brown sweaty body and her red sari top was fantastic. My dick moved up and down just looking at her wet breasts sticking straight out and her back straight up against the back of the chair.

“Kiss me,” Said Geeta as she directed me towards her.

I took off my shirt and straddled up onto her legs, facing her. I moved the wet hair away from her eyes and planted the most impassioned kiss I had ever given anyone. Her tongue quickly entered my mouth and began exploring. A wave of lust came over both of us as we moaned during the kiss. I than broke the kiss off and moved down towards her breasts. I first kissed her neck and slowly made my way down to her chest. I looked down to her beasts to see her tits were swollen due to how close my body was to hers. My body had been pressing up against her breasts causing them to life up and swell over the neckline of her top. I dug my head right into her swelled breasts, massaging and squeezing them with my hands. Her head jerked back as she moaned and gasped for breath. She exacerbated the size of her breasts by squeezing them with her arms. Her stomach teased my throbbing penis. Every time my dick would touch her hot perspiring tummy, it would jerk up, causing me to feel pleasure I had never felt before.

Having my body so close to hers, it didn’t take long for me to start sweating. I was impatient to see her tits. I quickly undid the front of her Sari top revealing her black bra. Geeta leaned forward, reached back and undid the bra and sipped it off. Her milk filled tits were in perfect view. Her nipples were erect. The amazing thing was that her breasts did not sag. Rather, they were almost perky. I am sure that had she not been nursing, they would be perfectly in place on her body. I began licking and sucking her breasts while she stocked my hard dick back and forth slowly. I noticed that her nipples were very sensitive. Every time I licked them, she would moan. Milk would squirt out of either nipple every now and then but I did not care and neither did she. In fact, every time milk squirted into my chest, she would lick it off. Her breast barely fit into the palm of my hands. We began to kiss each other feverishly. It was as if a wave of lustful passion had enveloped the both of us.

Slowly, my right hand began to make its way down to her pussy while the left hand continued to work her tit. Her pelvis began moving back and forth as my hand worked her wet pussy as my thighs moved frictionless over hers, due to the sweat we were both releasing. Geeta’s gasps of pleasure increasingly started to become moans as I kissed her. Her breathing increased in frequency as had mine. After sometime of rubbing her pussy, I finally inserted my two fingers into her. She let out a loud moan. My left hand moved from her breast to the back of her head, pulling her ever so slightly and then back again. Her right hand began stroking my cock faster and faster while her left hand found its way to my naked ass, digging her fingernails into my flesh as the pleasure increased. As my breathing got faster and faster her moans started to get louder and more frequent. I had never heard a girl sound so beautiful until that point.

My fingers worked vigorously as they moved inside and out. My thumb meanwhile, worked her clit. The chair we were in began to rock back and shift. It even almost fell on a number of occasions. Her right breast began to jiggle as her right hand worked my cock. Finally, Geeta came with a roar. She moaned and then gasped for breath. Her entire body began to shutter with wave after wave of orgasm. Her milk filled breasts thundered up and down while I struggled to keep my fingers inside her drenched orgasming vagina. I quickly wrapped my free hand around her shoulder, holding her hot, sweaty body close to me so that the both of us would not fall off the chair. Her massive tits swelled up to just below her collarbone as the pressed up against my chest. Her moans filled the entire room. I tried kissing her during her orgasm but she experienced so many waves that it was hard for her to maintain the kiss. Instead her hot breath would exhale in my face, increasing the pleasure for me. Finally after her orgasm subsided, I took my drenched fingers out (my entire hand had become wet as a result of her cum), wrapped both my arms around her and kissed her lustfully. During this whole experience, Geeta had kept her eyes closed while mine were open the entire time. She opened her eyes to discover that my whole head was dripping of sweat. Her face was the same way. Sweat was running down from her face to her chest and over her breasts and nipples. After we kissed I continued to lick and massage her tits while she recovered from the intensity she had just experienced.

Aunt Geeta motioned me to get off her so she could stand up. I followed her to her bed, which was a few steps away from the chair we were active on. She threw me onto the bed and got on top of me with her legs straddling me. My dick was drenched with pre cum. Seeing this she guided her massive bust to my throbbing penis, having the two pieces of flesh caress my dick in-between them, seductively smiling as she did. I tilted my head back in pleasure. I didn’t know how long I would be able to take much more of this. She then leaned over, spread her thighs over my pelvis and engaged me in a passionate kiss, grinding her pelvis back and forth. Soon we were like animals, lusting at each other’s lips, not leaving an inch of the bed untouched as we moved around it.

Geeta knew, judging by the way I was moaning and how my penis would quiver when any part of her touched me that I was not going to last long. She swung my legs over to the edge of the mattress and got on the ground, squatting in front of me with her legs fully spread with both of her knees touching the box spring. She grabbed my cock with her hand and slowly began stroking it back and forth. Her strokes started to get faster and faster. Our breathing began to increase in frequency. Every now and then she would take one her breasts and rub it against my penis, her nipple teasing my shaft and balls, while the other breast bounced around. I came as soon as my moans peaked. I released torrent after torrent of my white sex all over her tits. In the manner and speed that she was jerking me off, some of my cum even landed on her face as well as some on the ground. I had never cum like that ever. My ballsack had never tightened up like that and spewed so much semen out of my dick. Geeta quickly lunged up off the floor and onto me where our lips met once again. This time we kissed more slowly and I took time caressing her curves.

After giving me enough time to recover from my orgasm, Aunt Geeta picked up the two pillows off the ground and put them in their proper spot.

“Come,” she said with a smile. “Let us lie here together for a while.” I agreed. I crawled up beside her and wrapped my one leg around her. Her body faced me. Naturally, in that position her breasts folded and squeezed together. I caressed my hand up and down her swelled tits, admiring every millimetre. Geeta kissed me softly on my lips and slowly closed her eyes. I felt like I was lying beside a goddess.

I woke up to discover a sheet around my body, my clothes lay perfectly on the bedside but my Aunt Geeta was missing. It felt like I had been asleep for hours but upon looking at the clock, I realized it was only 90 minutes or so. I looked around the room to discover Geeta in the chair with the baby in hand. She was breastfeeding him once again. She saw that I had awakened and smiled at me, though saying nothing. I just laid there watching her nurture her newborn son. Not long after, she slipped her breast under her black bra and sari top, burped the baby (giggling as usual when the baby burped) and sent him back to the crib to sleep. In the meanwhile I sat up on the bed. Geeta closed the door of the Nursery and began walking towards me. Her ample breasts bounced up and down with each step.

“Did you sleep well Sunny?” she asked innocently.

I smiled at her and responded, “I did.”

She hopped into bed with me, sitting up against the headboard. Her hands began to travel up and down against my body. Almost instantly, my penis became erect. Her touch was electrifying. I as well, began to kiss her neck and arm, my hand massaging and manoeuvring her breasts and my other hand around her waist, caressing the curves of her sides, which I had quickly come to appreciate. Quickly, our lips locked once again and we engaged in a passionate kiss. I began to breath hard in pleasure as Geeta worked my dick. Knowing what each of us wanted, I removed the sheet that was covering me and we shifted so I would have access to her pussy but at the same time, she could have access to my dick. Upon gaining position I immediately slipped my hand down Geeta’s sari and began rubbing her clit. At first I worked it slowly so that her juices could build up. In the mean time, my mouth worked her breasts that were swelled because of her arm that was reached over, jacking off my dick. By this time, I had developed a particular fascination with her bust. Even though she was still wearing her sari top, I kept licking her erect nipples that were clearly showing through the silk.

Our workings of each other soon became rigorous. My two fingers by this time were inside her pussy, moving in and out. The faster Geeta worked my dick, the faster I worked her pussy. Her entire bust was now constantly bouncing. She began to gasp for air in-between our kissing. She had soon quit kissing me due to her constant moaning and need to take in more air. Then she hit orgasm. Her body became to convulse violently. Her legs squeezed my hands which were in between them. Her free hand found its way to her breast, which she squeezed and held. Her moans became higher in pitch in a matter of seconds. Her body had broken out into a sweat with beads running down her chest. Amazingly, she did not let go of my dick. Rather, she continued stroking it through her orgasm. Watching her body behave the way it was during her climax made me all the more excited. Seconds after Geeta’s orgasm was over, I turned towards her and came all over her stomach. My moans of pleasure all of a sudden converted to loud and prolonged sighs of pleasure. I released three fairly large torrents of semen on various locations around her stomach. She continued stroking me well after I had the orgasm, making sure every bit of cum had come out.

Geeta finally let go of my dick and I took my drenched hand out of her sari. We sat back against the headboard, recovering from the climax we had just hit. Her breasts heaved up and down as she struggled to catch her breath. Beads of sweat ran down her face and onto her chest, escaping into her cleavage. I as well was covered in sweat and struggling to catch my breath. As I sat back in the bed, I could not help but wonder what had prompted this whole situation to take place. After all, it was her that had initiated the whole escapade of the afternoon by asking me to lick the milk off her stomach. I recalled back to just a few minutes ago, just before she exploded all over my hand, when I was working her way to her orgasm. I recalled the intensity on her face and the lust in her eyes that translated through her actions in the bed with me. It was then that it dawned on me. My poor Auntie Geeta was sexually deprived. She yearned for pleasure. Having her husband gone for a month now was starting to take its toll on her. Having to take care of the house as well as the baby, she had no time for herself. After I realized this, I reached over her, cupped her face with both of my hands and gave her a long sympathetic kiss.

“You are such a sweet boy Sunny,” she said in her soft innocent voice as she held me in her bosom.

“I must leave now. My mom might think I went somewhere else. I don’t want her to get mad.” We cleaned up and got dressed.

Auntie Geeta handed me the dough I had prepared for my mom earlier in the day and walked me to the door.

“I’ll come back in a few days, after I am done my exam,” I informed her. “Be good ok?” I winked at her and hopped on my bicycle and headed home.

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