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Alone Widow Aunt Getting Satisfied

Hi. My name is Jagan. I’m 19 yr old guy from Chennai. I live with my parents and doing my final yr. My family contains me, dad and mom. My dad works in a private company and my mom is a school teacher. The heroine of the story is my aunt(my dad’s elder sister). Story maybe somewhat lengthy but it will be hot and was a real incident took place before a yr. Sorry if there is any mistakes as it was my first time.

Telling about her, she is 45 yr old woman with a daughter and two grandchildren. She was a widow and she has no other relations than my dad and her daughter. So she was close to our family. Her daughter is living in u.s and she lives alone in there home which is some 6-8 km from my home. I really don’t know her sizes but I know her bra size(34c) as we brought a bra together(after the affair).she usually wears saree outside and nighty while at home.

As she have no other relations I was close to her. I used to visit her home during my holidays as she was alone and she was also buy me whatever I like as no one there for her. So, I like her so much from my childhood. Initially I didn’t have any sexual intention on her. I have huge respect on her as a aunt. But one incident changed everything in our life. After that incident she changed as my wife from aunt.

It was a Sunday morning. I felt boring. So, I went to her home. I rang her bell but there is no response. I rang continuously and after sometime she opened the door. She was in a nighty and after observing her I came to know she was sleeping. I asked her why she was sleeping till now (usually she will wake up early). She told that her granddaughter had danced in her school and she saw that live in Skype till 2 a.m.So,she was sleeping till now.

I went in and she made coffee for both of us. I was sitting in living room and watching t.v. She told that she is going to take a bath and will come back soon.Her bathroom is near the kitchen and the bedroom is exactly opposite to the bedroom. So, she need to go through the living room to reach her bedroom. I felt boring and was surfing through the channels. But all contain useless programs.

After sometime she came out from the bathroom. I was shocked to see her. she was just in a towel warping around her body. It was small and can’t cover her full body. I can see some of her cleavage and her nude legs. I never seen her like that before. It’s like everything happens in a slow motion. She gave me a smile and went to her bedroom. But I was thinking of her body what I saw just minutes ago.

She came out after sometime in nighty. She came and sat next to me and started chatting about normal things. She was very normal as if nothing happened. But I can’t act normal as the scene came to my mind again and again.After sometime, She went to make lunch for us and I had lunch with her and came home as I can’t face her with that scene in the mind. I came home and masturbated thinking about her twice for the first time.

I think about that incident again and again. I can’t forget that. I think to fuck her. I thought to rape her if she doesn’t cooperate with me. I think what will happen after I raped her and the consequences of it. My one part of mind says to fuck her and another part says she is your aunt and you should not do it to her. But If I think of that incident it says to fuck her at any cost. So I decided to fuck her when I visit her home next Sunday.

Next Sunday I went to her home and rang the bell. She opened door and she was in her nighty. I went in we are sitting in the sofa and chatting. My one side says to touch her but the other side says not to do that she is your aunt. I don’t know what to do. I was totally confused. After sometime she said she is going to make lunch and went towards kitchen. I was thinking and decided to fuck her today and can face any consequences arises out of it.

I went to kitchen and saw her. She was doing some work. I went near and hugged her tightly from back. She was shocked by my act and pushed me from her. But I thought to fuck her at any cost. So, I again hugged and tried to lip lock. But she resisted me and started shouting at me. But I have no mood to listen to her. The only thing in my mind is to fuck her. She tried her best to resist me, but everything went to vain.

I pulled her all the way to her bedroom and pushed her on the bed. She was shouting at me not to do that to her. But I didn’t listen her and I removed my tshirt and jumped on her. I tried to kiss on her lip but she resisted me. I kissed allover her face and pressed her boobs over the nighty. I was smooching her face and neck with my face and kissing her. All the time she was not cooperating with me and shouting at me.

I used my right hand to lift her nighty till her waist. She was wearing black color panty. I put my hand inside her panty and starting fingering her. At the same time with my left I was pressing her boobs and trying to kiss her. As time passes her resistance level was coming low and she started responding to my moves. When I tried to lip lock, she allowed me and responded well. I kiss her for about 10 mins.

I tried to remove her nighty and she helped me to remove it. She was in her red bra and panty. I was kissing allover her body and pressing her boobs. She was very horny at that time and saw giving out sweet moans when I pressed her boobs heavily. I was fingering her and felt she was wet down. She came within 2 mins and I took it in my hand and licked it fully. She was very happy to see my act.

Then, I removed her bra and panty and made her nude. It was very nice to see such a sexy woman nude. I was looking at her nude body without taking my eyes. She got up from bed and started to undress me. She removed my pants and then my underwear. She was playing with my cock for sometime and took it in her mouth. She gave me a perfect blow job for 10 mins. I was in heaven during that time as it was my first time.

I said I was about to cum. But she didn’t listen to me. I came in her mouth itself and she drank all my juices. I saw her face after that, she looked very happy with the blow job. Now, it’s my time to take revenge. I pushed her on the bed and started licking her pussy. I put my tongue inside her pussy and licked it fully. She was moaning very hard but I didn’t listen what she was moaning as I was busy licking her pussy.

I was pressing her boobs while I was licking her pussy. I was doing it for 10-15 mins. Then, she got her second orgasm. Then, I took my cock and kept it near her pussy. I was playing near her pussy with my cock. She was so horny and shouted at me to put my cock inside her and tear her pussy. Listening to her, I put my cock inside her pussy. Her pussy is so tight and it was hard to put my cock inside it. I know that her pussy was not used for many years.

I put my cock fully after sometime and was stroking up and down. It was free after some strokes. I was fucking her heavily for 20 mins. We both are moaning heavily. As it was my first time I can’t control the pleasure. We both came at the same time. I cummed inside her pussy and took it out. She cleaned my cock by giving a perfect blow job. She was very good at blow job.

We had two more sessions in that day and I also fucked her ass. We both are so tired and we slept nude in the bed hugging each other.

I woke up around 4.30 in the evening and found she was not in the bed. I came out warping a towel in my waist and saw her in the kitchen. She was in the nighty and making coffee for us. I hugged her from behind and pressed her boobs heavily. We had one more session in the kitchen itself.

Then we bathed together and I had another session in under the shower.

It was 7 pm and I thought of leaving to my home. She said that it was one of the best day in her life and she enjoyed it. She also asked me to fuck her regularly and told me not to say this to anyone. I promised her that I will not talk about our relationship to anyone.she also said sorry for resisting me at the beginning because she didn’t know she will get this much pleasure. I left her home with a warm kiss and a hug.

After that we had lots of affairs. I had fucked her in the shopping mall, theatre and in my home. We were in relationship till she left to u.s to her daughter home a month ago. I miss her so much.She was like my wife and we did everything what will a normal husband and wife will do. I will say about it in the next part of stories depending upon your response readers.

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