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Aunty Looked Hot In Transparent Saree

Hii all!! This is my 1st story. Hope you all will enjoy it.

This incident happened some time ago but i planned for it almost a month to execute. My sister takes tuition for some students near my home may 4-5 boys of age 10 or 11. They study in reputed schools in Bangalore. Everyday their mom come and pick them up. Among them was my fav aunty Shobha.

To say about her (stats 34-30-32) a sexy figure and can make any cock to salute her. In the beginning I didnt notice her at all. I was busy with friends and teasing girls on road.

One similar day while coming home from college i saw 3 ladies standing near my home and was waiting for their children to come. Shobha was standing there with pink saree. I could see her assets as her saree was bit transparent.

I stood staring her and she caught me staring at her assets. She just covered it and acted normal. From next day onwards she came with non-transparent saree. I was very disappointed. I asked her child about Shobha and her husband.

Shobha’s husband was working in a MNC and a work alcoholic. Hearing this i became very happy (i dont know what made me happy but i was flying in air).

Next day onwards I used to take special care for her child and he used to say about me to his mom. She used to smile at me when ever she sees. I became best friend to her son. He used to play with me all times. One day he had called me to his home for helping him in his computer game. I readily accepted as I got a chance for going to home. When i was playing computer game Shobha came in and saw what me and her son were doing.

Shobha: seems like you both are best friends.

Me: yes aunty. I like you… (with a pause) and continued your son.

Shobha: hy you! You naughty boy.. ok do you like tea or coffee?

Me: your wish aunty..

(She brought me a cup of coffee and sat watching me playing the game)

Shobha: you seem to play games nicely. Ok you both continue playing and mean time I will purchase some grocery and come. (She left us. After an hour she returned).

Me: aunty its getting late i will go home.

Shobha: ok thank you for taking care of my son for a while.

Me: thats ok aunty. Cya…

Now Shobha has a good opinion on me. I started visiting her home on daily basis. It was a Thursday i guess, when i rang the bell Shobha opened the door. God… she was soo hot in tight tee’s and a track pant. She was like a sex bomb, i couldnt control myself. I said “aunty your husband is very lucky” saying this i went in.

She asked me why did you say like that pradeep? Nothing aunty i just felt like saying, so i said. We were getting to know each other day by day so i asked her number for which she readily gave because she had some trust on me.

That day night i texted her wishing “good night”. After an hour or so i got a reply “sweet dreams”. I didnt want to end the conversation because devil in a lady will wake up in the night only. I started a conversation saying.

Me: still didnt you sleep aunty?

Shobha: no da. i didnt get sleep and am waiting for uncle to come.

Me: oh ok ok aunty. did you have dinner?

Shobha: yup done. what about you da?

Me: yes aunty. even i had.

Shobha: Mmm… ok da. In the morning you said that “uncle is lucky”. Why did you say that?

Me: Chumma only aunty.. i felt like saying so I did.

Shobha: no. I can’t believe you..

Me: seriously aunty(with a wink emoji).

Shobha: ok if you dont want to say, k leave it.

Me: ok aunty i will say but you should not get angry. I will say straight forwardly (i didnt know were i got so much guts to say like that).

Shobha: ok you say..!!

Me: aunty amm going to say it but…!!

Shobha: but???

Me: you will scold me!!

Shobha: ok i will not scold you!! you are my sweet friend.

Me: aunty you were looking damn hot today. I couldn’t resist seeing you!! I wanted to hug and caress you!!

Shobha: what??

Me: (with sad emoji) thats why i didnt want to tell you.

There was no reply from her. I got nervous. I didnt know what to reply further. Everything was over. I felt very bad. There was complete silence for an hour. So i broke the silence. Aunty are you here. There was no reply. I sent “sorry” for many a times. She was very angry on me that she didnt even reply. Somehow i managed to compromise her (it will be very long if i say that so am cutting it down).

Aunty fell for me while compromising. We started sex chatting and started to exchange nude pics. I asked for real sex for which she agreed. She asked me to come to her home in morning after her son gonna to school. When i went there she was hiding behind door when she opened the door.

As pulled me inside as soon as she opened the door. Omg she was standing with only towel wrapped around her. Wow she pulled me towards her and locked my lip. So juicy lips.. I started smooching her. Tongues met and were playing with them. She broke he kiss and took me to bedroom.

As soon as we entered the room I pulled her towel off and started to kiss all over her body. Sucked her nipples like a hungry child. her moans started to fill in the room. Then i went to love hole. Touching the pussy itself couldnt resist me.

I split her pussy wall and kissed it gently. Slowly inserted my fingers into the hole and started finger fucking the hole. She started to moan loudly. Aaah aah harder my boy.. Took out my finger out and started to lick it all around.

Meanwhile Shobha put her hand inside my pant and undressed me. She was sucking my dick(we were in 69 position). wow i enjoyed the blowjob.

Shobha was fully turned on. She pushed me on the bed and climbed upon me. She started to fuck her pussy with my dick. I was below her. I did nothing but just enjoyed her movements and started sucking her nipple.

I was also turned on so i made sit on all four and started fucking her pussy from back. She started to squirt. After her squirting is over i made her to lean towards wall and lifted 1 leg with my right hand and gave my dick in her hand to guide it to her hole and with my left hand i was playing with her boobs and some times inserted in her anal.

After 20 mins i cummed a load of hot sperms in her pussy. Her pussy was over loaded and started to leak out my cum. We slept on bed for sometime and cleaned ourselves under shower.

Thank you people for reading my story. Hope you all liked it. I’m waiting for your comments.

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