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Bangalore Office Girl Having Fun

This is a story of my office girl with me. Hi all, I am a male from Jaipur working in a MNC. I am 6 feet height good looking and fair enough to attract a female. let us get into sex story without delay.

I heard that office girl in IT industry are fast and bold enough but couldn’t believe till I experience it. Then I joined one of the MNC in Bangalore and waiting for my project. along with me there are few others in my batch waiting for project. since we are in bench we used to check mails and then spend rest of the time by browsing net and roaming in campus.

One day I went to cafeteria to have something and found my batch mate sitting alone. I saw her and she gave me a smile. I joined her and started our conversation about education and other details.

From then we used to chat regularly and became close in no time. Later on we exchanged numbers and started WhatsApp massaging. coming to her figure she is dusky around 5.4 ht with perfect figure of 34 30 32.

One day she came to office in a tight outfit with low neck . Her chain locket was pointing exactly at her cleavage which made me to get hard-on. I dared and commented her that she is very beautiful and in fact hot. She was surprised to hear that and said thank you.

That day I invited her for lunch and she readily accepted . I already explored hotels near surroundings I told her will go to a restaurant which is very good . I brought my bike and she was sitting back and it was a different feeling for me. Soon we reached restaurant and placed order for food. Meanwhile I started asking her about her college life and affairs. She said why did you ask that question for which I replied it is obvious to have affairs as you are hot beauty.

She laughed and said yes she had one but broke up due to some reasons. After finishing lunch on way back to office I unintentionally applied sudden breaks and her boobs crushed my back.

After reaching office I apologize her for that incident which she said that ok I don’t mind. I relaxed and moved to work. That night I texted her on WhatsApp and got reply.

Me :. Hi

She : hi

Me: still awake

She: yes arranging clothes for tomorrow office

Me: oh my god no sleep for me tomorrow also

She: she got my point and laughed. She asked why are you staring like that

Me: I felt embarrassed and said i am very sorry but the fact is I couldn’t stop myself not to look at such a beauty which is right in front of me .

She: am I that beautiful

Me: yes you are. Your boyfriend is a fool to miss a beauty like this. If I have a girlfriend like you I won’t let you to be away from me and will have nonstop fun.

She: laughed and said interesting what else will you do

Me: got green signal and broke the ice. I said if you want to know more give me a chance will show you.

She: let us see and Said good night.

Next day to my surprise she came in saree which revealed her beauty. Along with me many are dumbstruck. That day she invited me for lunch for which I denied and asked for dinner. She thought for a while and accepted. I Said I will pick her up by 7.30 and asked to be ready.

I left office early and got ready and went to pick her up by sharp 7.30. she was ready. She is wearing tight jeans and velvet sleeveless top. My jaw dropped by looking at her and forgot that I am in road and gave a tight hug to her.

After that we moved to restaurant and had candle light dinner. She felt happy. I asked her next day plan for which she said no plans for her as it’s Saturday. In joy I asked can we hang out. She said let me think and I dropped her back.

Next morning I called her and said I want to spend some private time with you, she sensed me and said ok. We fixed time by 7 pm. We planned for a movie followed by dinner. I requested her to come in saree for which said no as it would be difficult to carry. I Said ok and picked her evening by 7. She is wearing jeans and t-shirt . I can make out her firm boobs and flat tummy.

After movie we finished dinner and she asked what next. I Said let us go to my room and spend some time. She agreed and moved to my house.

I asked her to get fresh and by the time she came out i decorated room with rose petals breadspread. She is shocked and impressed. Then She asked me to get fresh up and by the time I came out she shocked me.

She is wearing a lemon yellow transparent saree with low neck sleeveless bare back blouse. I was dumbstruck and got huge tent in my towel. Without wasting time I pulled her from back holding her hips. She turned slowly towards me with bit shy. I slowly started smooching her lips and she responded well.

We ended up in a deep liplock for 10 mins. Meanwhile I am my hands are busy exploring her back and started tapping and squeezing her butts. She is rubbing my back with one hand and pulling my hair with other hand.

I removed her saree and now she is standing in blouse and panty. My blood is boiling beyond boiling point.

I lifted her to bed and jumped on her she removed my towel and I am completely nude she is stunned by looking monster and it’s very hot. Then I slowly started kissing her cheeks, earlobes, neck and shoulders Atlast I unbuttoned her blouse, 34 size boobs are struggling to come out of bra.

I started smooching her boobs and slowly biting her nipples over bra. She is moaning heavily and slowly I started going down and played with her belly and started sucking her navel.

I wrapped my hands around her waist and pulled her and kissed around her waist and gave a very light bite. She is moaning heavily. I slowly moved down and touched her panty . She jerked her body. Her panty is full wet.

I started tapping on her pussy with my fingers and kissing her inner thighs and giving love bites. She started breathing very heavily and pulling my hair. I removed her panty in one go and her juices are flowing all over.

I inserted my two fingers and started fingering her pussy, my hands are busy squeezing her boobs . She is breathing very heavily and moaning louder.

In few mins she had heavy orgasm. I looked into her eyes she is very lustful and hugged me tight and whispered I had one of my best orgasm. I replied still long way to go.

We both cleaned ourselves and rested for few mins. My cock had become rock hard and she slowly took it into her hands and started playing with it using her fingers and rolled over her lips just like the way we roll over condom. I going mad with her moves and she started giving me the best blow job.

She took my cock As much as possible inside her mouth and unknowingly I started fucking her mouth. I reached my peaks and said I am Cumming she increased the pace and finally I shoot huge load of cum oh her boobs. She said oh my god too much stock… we laughed and cleaned ourselves. We had some juice and started watching TV

I started playing with her boobs and she is playing with my cock. We became horny again and moved to bed. After a lip lock I came over her wide spread her legs. Wow what a site clean shaved pussy gave a warm welcome.

I placed my cock over her pussy entrance and started teasing her by rubbing my cock over her pussy walls and tapping pussy with my cock. She shouted at me ….. you idiot stop playing and fuck me now …. it made me more horny and I slowly entered into her love hole. Because of too much lubrication my whole disappeared into her love hole in wink of an eye. She shouted uhhhh …. and hugged me very tight.

I slowly started ramming her pussy in missionary position she started shouting please fuck me hard please eee it made me very horny and I increased my pace. My cock is hitting against her pussy walls and making big sound thap thap thap thap….

I fucked her like that for 15 started giving heavy strokes by varying my pace meanwhile she already cummed once and ready for second orgasm. I am also at my peaks I immediately shifted to doggy and started giving heavy strokes.

Then I was about to cum and quickly changed into missionary and in a minute I released another huge load and we both collapsed on each other and sweating very badly… we both lied In each other hands and rested for half an hour.

Later we woke up and the time is 12.20 midnight. That night we dint slept and fucked 3 more times till 3.40 am . We tried different positions in different places in my house…. on bed … sofa…. on kitchen slab…. women on top.. next day we woke up by 9.30 and I got breakfast after that we got fresh up and had one more horny session… after that I dropped her back…

This is my story friends please excuse me for typo mistakes if any and sorry if you feel it’s lengthy story…. your valuable feedback and comments are welcome….. any unsatisfied housewife’s , girls couples feel free to reach me for most erotic sessions…

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