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Banged My Best Friend’s Girl Friend

Hello Ladies and Gentleman, This is a story how I banged my best friend’s girl friend. I’m Jay living in Vizag done with my B.Tech 2 years back. I’m 25 5’9 with 7 inches dick Long and wide enough to satisfy any unsatisfied pussy and ass holes. Not so fair but a good looking face and dimples as girls say all this. Few months back just resigned my job and working on my own start-up.

Well, i have been reading these stories from quite long back and today I just wanted to submit one of my stories and also the best one which happened recently. Basically I’m a sex addict also a Ass lover and fucked many girls N aunties in my B.Tech life.

I will skip all the unwanted talks and try to explain briefly to start our main part.

Heroine of the story – Nithya working in one of the MNC Company in Coimbatore and I knew her from 6 years through my mutual friend. She is a Guajarati with 5’7 height, very fair with jaw dropping assets as you know Guajarati’s are goddess in beauty and also in sex drives. I can’t stop watching her set of boobs and ass cheeks in our meetings.

After few days of friendship with Nithya, she got to know about me through my sexual flirting and all but never ignored me nor considered in the serious way, we became very open to each other after few days we stared sexting, sex talks over phone. We even planned for outings to have fun but she was just scared to roam in our own city because of her relatives might see her.

We keep on postponing the dates to have a nice fuck but we had few romance sessions in one closed shop near complex kissing also used to press and suck her boobs and finger fuck her pussy.

Here comes my friend Ajay (not so looking guy and fatso and blackish but a very good person) I just introduced her to my best friend and they started chatting, meeting and all. He just fell in love with her by her looks and structure.

After few days i got a call from Nithya that she is also in love with my friend I just kinda sad but it’s ok and i ignored her completely to take my thoughts and looks from her to not to cheat on my best friend as i love him very much. Even she called me one night to forgot everything whatever happened between us regarding those sex chats and all.

After that we have been meeting having fun enjoyed three of us like best friends forever. Meanwhile I have been fucking many girls in college days from various colleges and explained everything to my friend Ajay and he used to say all this to his lover. ( I have many best sex stories and twists from the girls i made out. I will explain each of it from now on ).

One day he took her to hotel and tried to have sex it seems but he didn’t know how to do he can’t even enter his short dick inside her even after soo many tries (I got to know this later from her after their break-up). It’s been few years he became bit psycho so she left him after few quarrels.

I even broke up with him for all the nasty jobs he is doing and some money issues he kept me in trouble which leads to fight with my other friends and even went to station. He completely lied and kept me in problems. But somehow after many fights and finally got out from all these issues.

After few years she contacted me through whatsapp and I explained everything to her whatever happened with him. She felt sorry for that asked for a meeting I said OK. I never had any sexual thoughts on her again till our meeting. The day we met is just a memorable day in my entire life i felt like how could i left this such an hot bloody bomb without having a fuck after seeing her.

Her boobs and ass are more shaped. i was already raping her with my eyes in my mind. Everyone is staring at her with their killing eyes and i just got lucky she asked for the coffee. We went to Cafe Coffee day in MVP colony and had our casual talks and not only her looks but by the way she is talking her mind is also really matured than ever before. I started my flirting after few sips.

Me – So Nithya do you remember any of our naughty things with a wicked smile.

Nithya – Idiot, i knew you would ask me this question (with a smile)

Me – i just gave a long smile holding her hand

Nithya – Your dimples are more attractive than before (as she always likes my dimples)

Me – Taaaanq dear. Even you are looking soo ravishing and hot than ever before

Nithya – she confused with my compliment.

Me- ha-ha you are beautiful baby

Nithya – thank you Jay.

Me – So, what you doing now?

Nithya – working in XYZ Coimbatore and came here for a week. I’m leaving tomorrow and won’t be back for few months again

Me – Damn my face just fell down.

She noticed it and said holding my hand. Don’t worry dear we have whatsapp, facebook so many to be in touch.

Me – you didn’t answered my question yet.

Nithya – what question?

Me – Remember any memories that happened between us ?

Nithya – To be frank, yes I do

Me – So you just want to leave them as memories or you wanna get them in live again?

Nithya – ha-ha Naughty.

We had some more casual talk and left from there. Days were passing and I didn’t have a fuck from a long time and i decided to make it with Nithya at any cost. We are getting close again through chatting and video calls. I asked her how about a meet in Coimbatore that i was coming that weekend for some work. She immediately said yes.

I went only for her and the day has come after a long journey she picked me up at railway station saying that she applied for leave these 2 days. I felt happy inside headed to hotel which already booked a luxury room through OYO rooms App. She is in black top and blue tight jean from which i can see her hot shaped ass cheeks from back while she is walking.

We are in room at last and I went for the bath. While she is in bed having a small nap as she did her night shift the day before. I came from the bath with a towel around my waist. But when I saw the way she slept my dick got raised completely like never before. I cannot control anymore so removed my towel and reached on her top with nude body.

I forcefully locked my fingers with her and trying to push my tongue inside her mouth. She sensed and woke up by pushing me a side I fell down on the other side of the bed and again went to top on her within seconds and kissing very passionately licking her lips and forcefully inserted my tongue inside her mouth as she kept on resisting me but she cannot equal to my strength.

After 2 to 3 mnts she gave up and started kissing me passionately. Now i left her hands so she is holding my head with one hand and caressing my back with other hand. I’m working on her beautifully shape boobs with one and holding her back with other hand. After like 15 or 17 mints of passionate kissing session i asked her to stand up she saw my proudly standing dick which is ready for action course.

She dropped her jaw saying Jay I’m virgin I can’t take it I’m scared. Meanwhile i went near her and trying to open her top forcefully now she is in jeans and bra with two beautiful milk pots I’m just dying to suck it. In no time i pinned her to wall raised her legs holding her both the thighs she just kept her legs around my waist and holding my neck to start kissing me again. We closed her eyes having very loooong tongue fucking simultaneously for sometime for almost 15 mints while dragging her ass cheeks and boobs very rudely.

After fighting with our tongues in standing position , i pushed her to bed and kissing her cleavage holding her neck with my hand as i prefer wild sex, turned her back and opening her bra knots while kissing n pinching her ass cheeks over her jeans. Finally, i saw her naked boobs they are like two perfectly shaped melons, grabbed them immediately squeezing very hardly licking middle line of both boobs and she is moaning like uuummmm ummmm aaaahhhhhhh yaaaaaahhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmmmm while she is caressing and giving hand job to my dick very lovingly and slowly.

( I really loved this ) and trying to open her jeans for which she also cooperated by moving her hip and helped me to see her god gifted beautiful naked body. She was in her V-shaped pants slowly kissing on her both the thighs moving up by licking her body went to her panty dragging slowly down with my mouth n finally removed the last piece on her body with my mouth delaying on purpose.

Now we both are naked and cuddling on the bed while kissing on her beautiful lips, holding her ravishing boobs , sometimes holding her neck tightly and my god her ass was really something i didn’t take my hand from squeezing them for a second.

She said Jay Initially I do not have any feelings or planning on this but let’s do it Jay I can’t wait anymore to have that huge dick inside me.

I said oh baby just wait i have something to show you before starting the main course. She sensed that and told are you really gonna do it ? ( She didn’t forgot our sex chatting in our life )

Me – Of course I’m and even you too will do the same to me.

She – No no I hate that I’m not gonna do that at any cost.

Me – hahahaha will see, you even resisted me while i’m kissing you when you are sleeping but now look at us. I’m with the most beautiful naked body on the bed. You will do it N i will take care of that. : P

Asked her to sleep to edge of the bed, i sat on the floor to which i can easily access her pussy with my mouth and started with long lick on her pussy lips by holding her both the thighs with my both hands N chewing her pussy like bubble gum exploring her inner red meat for which she is holding my head pushing deep into her pussy.

She was shivering n moving like a snake saying please Jay slowly pleaseeeee ahhhh slooowwww and immediately no no no harder Jay harder much harder ahhhh my goooooodd what the .. yeah like that don’t stop don’t stop and pushing my head very hardly on her pussy.

I put a finger inside her starting finger fuck while chewing she was like in telugu aaahh akkadey konchem lopalaki inkonchem ah rei baley chesthunnav apodhu akkadey akkadey aaaaaahhhhh em chesthunnav ra entha mandhiki chesthey intha baga cheesy experience vasthundhi ra neku asalu( ahhh there only lick that spot there itself please don’t stop ra you are doing it in great way . I’m sure you did this with many) said she is having ultimate pleasure.

After entering one more long finger inside her she collapsed with huge cum with loud moaaan ahhhhhhhhhh with all the white fluid on my fingers my mouth and some on my face. I went and slept beside her both of us are breathing heavily. She said Thank you for such a great pleasure. I was like WHAT ? We didn’t yet started my love. Wait for it. I’m gonna show you more and more and we are not going anywhere today lets enjoy all the day in all the angles.

Slowly i went up to kiss on her neck suddenly she grabbed my head gave a very passionate by pushing her entire tongue inside me all sudden and having a passionate kiss. I told her to go down and give me blow job. She said only this time for giving me such a nice pleasure. Slowly she went down and gave me full look and said I’m sure its size not gonna fit in my mouth,

I said try it and started pushing her head. She gave it hesitatingly but later starting giving an amazing blow job by taking entire dick into her mouth. I came with huge moan and she took it out when she sensed it.

Still my dick is hard like rock she went to wash her mouth. As soon as she came from washroom i grabbed and made her to sleep on her tummy and explored her ass by spreading it chewing her ass cheeks and now she is really screaming like anything. I told her to turn around I went on missionary style she guided my dick to her hole I gave a slight push she starting shouting I gave one more push this time a bit more inside tears came out when I was trying to enter entire thing inside.

She is pushing me but I got her shoulders tightly and started drilling. After like 15 strokes she started enjoying while I sucking her boobs in the middle she grabbed my ass and pulling very hard when going inside. We came into actual rhythm now, kissing her lips , holding her both ass cheeks squeezing and going in and out even she giving her hip moments similarly.

She is moaning like anything – ahahhah this is sooo nice than expected i want it from you for my life-long please harder Jay more and more harder don’t stop you are touching my spot that was giving me heaven . I asked her for doggy she immediately got on her 4 legs showing me spreading her ass from behind I slowly entered from behind after few strokes she starting moaning – my friend told me doggy style fucking will give more pleasure but this is more than that .

I said really than have it grabbed her hair tighter and giving her strokes. She is shouting AAh AaAhhh Aaahhh every time when giving slow hard heavy strokes. I can sense that I’m coming so stopped immediately taken out my dick from her and i can see a chair in the corner of the room. I immediately brought that near bed and sat in that asked her to ride me in cowgirl position.

She came and adjusted my dick near her pussy hole and started inserting both of us shouted she started riding me moving her ass in all the ways I grabbed her boobs and sucking her neck. I was moaning now but she stopped me from moaning by giving a deep kiss by entering her entire tongue inside me.

She said she is coming i said wait wait please I got her ass cheeks and lifted her and pinned to wall and gave a heavy strokes by holding her thighs she grabbed my neck one hand and other hand to side hanger. After few strokes I said I’m coming she said me too and finally gave a very hard large strokes and came both of us same time kissing lovingly and slowly.

We fell on bed breathing heavily; she said I never thought that my fist sex would be this much great. I immediately asked you are saying this is your first sex. Though your pussy is very tight there is no blood. For which she said – One of my roommate is a bitch she enjoys sex regularly because of her I had a masturbation few times with her dildo.

That might be the reason you didn’t see any blood now. But Jay thank you so much I enjoyed a lot. We saw the time and got shocked that we enjoyed ourselves without our knowledge for almost 3 hours. I kissed her forehead saying Love you. She said thank you Love you too Jay.

Then we slept for few hours under the same blanket with our naked bodies hugging each other. Later we went out to roam she showed me some places and brought the food parcels to room that we had with sula red wine which I bought it from my city in bag, ate fully to gain strength for entire night show.

We had shower sex, floor sex, even fucked her ass hole in different positions had an ultimate pleasure for those two days. I just came 3 days back to my city. Again going to her on December 2nd or 3rd week most probably. Don’t know how we will end this time. Will write once we are done with 2nd trip sessions.

Hope I satisfied all your dicks and pussies while reading this story. In next story I will write about how I flirted one beautiful virgin girl in vizag few months back who is elder than me and spent 2 days in her home when her parents are out of city. These two sessions are my greatest fucking sessions in my life. Till then Bubye everyone.

Any unsatisfied Girls and Aunties from local and non-local are always welcome to have my dick inside your 3 holes.

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