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Banglore Mom And Aunt Made Me Man

Hi readers this is my first story. Apologize me for sentences mistake. I am siva from Banglore. I am 21 years old .

This incident happen three year ago when I was 18 studying 12th. I want tell about mom she is 40 years old . At this age she look beautiful . She has normal body structure with 36d boob and big beautiful ass and my aunt Sheela she is 36 years old. Our house is near to my aunt house .

I stayer at home for study holiday. I was seriously preparing day by day . Me and mom alone stay at home becas dad working at abroad. My aunt often come to home and closely talk to mom some time about her unsatisfied sex, where his husband also work in abroad. One day I went friend house and after returning to home the door was closed. Some moan soun come from home.

I went to other side and saw from window. That mom and aunt kiss each other and mom rub aunts pussy. They both are horny. I come in front of door and pressed bell after five minutes aunt come with normal (nothing has gone) come to open door. On seeing his naval my rod become hard . On seeing this aunt smiled at me . Now I had bad sex intention on aunty.

Immediately aunt share about my hardness to mom. She smiles at me . First I don’t know why they are smiling . I went to my room to continue study. But mom and aunt are horny they arguing how to satisfy their sexual hunger. Suddenly idea came from aunt . She told to mom we have on way by satisfy sex hurge by siva. At first mom not accepted that siva is small boy after few minutes of argument between mom and aunt . Mom accepted . They both were planning.

On next day both wearing low cut blouse and transparent Saree. On seeing this my behavior is changing . Aunt talk to me openly . She sit with me closer and guide me in studies . Then Day by day mom and aunt behaivir is changed on me . One aunt told me to study few story books that she bought from shop for half discount. Among this she mixed incest sex story book (mom and son etc) .

While reading those books I found sex story book that contain incest story while reading my cock become harder my view focus on both mom and aunt. Few day after the mom caught me while reading porn book which was given by my friend. But mom they dramatically made me afraid by telling that she will tell to dad. But aunt supported me that I’m adult so we should teach everything .

By their dramatic skill finally their plan succeeded . I also accepted . Mom closed main door and all windows . They both stand in front of me and made me undressed and they made me remove their dress. We three in nude condition . This was first time to see naked women.

Then aunt took both hand on her boobs and I squeezed her softened boom and while mom sucking my cock . It become hard (6 inch size) I sucked both boobs as child . Then mom and aunt started teaching how to pleasant women with cock .

First mom made me lie she pounded in me and inserting cock inside her pussy and started move up and down . It was warm inside and made me he can. Then after that aunt made me to fuck In doggy style . Finally I cummed both on their mouth. Now a day we fuck 3 times per day.this is first incident made man.

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  1. Absolute shit.
    No grammer no story.
    Ton of shit.

    1. Hey rosina . Call me

  2. Shit grammar.
    Needs more description.
    Anyway aunts and moms are good initiators in sex since त्याही काट्यावर व दणकट लंडाच्या प्रतिक्षेत.
    मग काय, धिंगाणा होणारच

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