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Beautiful Firm Boobs Of Married Colleague

This is the first time I’m sharing story of mine which happened during my first job. After my graduation I got a job in chennai. Before that let me tell you about myself I’m 5’9 in height and have an average body little bit on the heavier side and fair complexion.

I’m a great fan of boobs and admire from such a long distance because of a habit which was started during my school days through a teacher. From that day till now I love to admire beautiful big firm boobs in bus/trains/roads/ offices.

Coming back to the story, When I joined that company I was trained for a month and assigned to a team of people who were experienced. Since I was a fresher I was very much nervous in doing anything. Though my manager used to help at times I had fear in asking him and became I was slow in finishing the work.

There was a lady in that team who was married and say about 38-28-36 who came to help me. Initially I was hesitant and then slowly started taking help from her. Our team planned for a team outing to a resort and we all went there in car where all boozed well.

Since I don’t drink or smoke I sat beside her the whole day and started talking about her personal life. Then got to know that her’s was a love marriage but husband fights with her always and needs only money from her. We became close after the trip. Days ran very fast and we moved to different team together and became very close.

One day she told that she fought with her husband and now going to her parents house and asked whether I can join with her to drop in bus. I felt sad and said ok. We took bus and were sitting on two seater.

She sat near window and kept crying telling what happened. I tried to convince her but could not. From nowhere she asked whether she can rest her head on my shoulders. I said ok and tears running from her eyes. I wiped with my towel and asked her not to worry and things will become fine.

I dropped her and came back to Chennai. This became a habit that whenever she wants to go home she will ask me to come with her just to talk. This went on for a year. One day we started traveling from her hometown to Chennai during night as our shift starts at 6 am.

We planned in such a way like we can reach chennai by 4 so that we can refresh and go to office. As planned we reached Chennai and she told since it became early in the morning and just few hours for shift asked me to stay back at her house itself. I said ok. She stays alone in an apartment.

We reached her house at 4.30 and she asked me to keep baggage in the bed room. I went inside and kept. She told me to take rest for sometime and I told no to her. Then she said let’s talk for sometime. We kept talking and suddenly she said that I’ve become very close to her and asked me to lay my head on her lap.

I reluctantly laid on her and she asked me to close my eyes as she wants to give a gift. I was leaning my hand to receive the gift but what I got was never expected. She kissed on my forehead and I was shocked and opened my eyes. I always wait for opportunities.

So my inner heart told that its party time but didn’t show out. She asked whether she can kiss one more time I said ok and asked me to close my eyes. Then she kissed me on my lips. I immediately got up and sat. She smiled at me and asked whether I like it.

Then she pushed me near her and gave a kiss one more time on my lips and out of my control my both hands grabbed her boobs and started squeezing. She kept on kissing my lips and was squeezing with my hands after 2 mins we separated and started smiling with shyness.

Then we got ready to office and days went on like that. We used to finish office shift and go home directly. Since I love boobs much as soon as she locks the door I grab both of her boobs and start squeezing…she never allowed to touch from inside and she never touched my dick.

Days went on with kissing and squeezing from outside. One fine day we traveled back early in the morning to Chennai and reached her house, we started kissing and squeezing. She made me to lay down and removed my shirt and started biting my nipples and I started moaning.

Slowly she pushed her forearms and rested on my dick. It was extremely hard with 6 inches almost. I pushed her forearms on my dick so that she can press hard.

After I pushed her hand she starting sucking my nipples hard and out of my control I pushed one of her hand on top of my dick so that she can hold. That was the first time ever in my life a women touched my dick.

I felt extremely good and she started pressing it like crazy. After sometime I was about to cum inside and removed her hand then rushed to bathroom to vent out.

So came back cleaned my dick. From that time whenever we kiss, squeeze boobs she automatically grab my dick and play. One fine day she told that my dick is very hard. That was there in my mind for a while and the next day while we were doing smooches, she was holding my dick on hand slowly I removed my pant zip and pushed her had inside. So she immediately grabbed my penis from outside of my inner wear and went till the balls.

She played with my balls for sometime then I can feel the urgency and desperate ness to go full inside. So I slowly took her hand off and allowed into my land of forest. I’m actually a hairy guy so I have a huge forest. So was surprised to feel the hair and started holding the rod like a tower. Omg what a feel when a girl touches it for the first time. She then jerked for a while and moved to balls. Played well with it to pre cum level.

Then I rushed to bathroom and cleaned and came back. One day she received a letter from her sister who stays in US to quit job and come over there. Both were in no mood to leave each other but since no choice she has to leave. She called me and asked me to come to her house for the final time.

I went there and after her maid leave the house she locked the door. Then came inside room and asked me to lay down and do not open eyes as she is going to come naked and going to hug me. I said ok and then she came near me and started kissing me all over my body. First she removed my shirt and then started sucking my lips, nipples.

Then all of a sudden she took my dick in her hand and started playing with the balls. After a while she unzipped me and took the cock out and started sucking. What a feel!!!!! Then she moved to balls eating one by one. I started moaning.

This went on for 20 mins then she hugged me with her bare chest where for the very first time I felt the firmness of her big boobs hitting my chest as a rock. I could felt the hardness of her nipples. Slowly pushed her back and started playing with her boobs sucking one after the other.

I admire many boobs and for the first time I was infront of two towers with bullets. I squeezed like dosa batter and started sucking her nipples hard and she started moaning and giving jerk to my tool.

I never had any intention of having sex with her so our relationship went with smooches, sucking, jerking. I am a person who don’t like to have sex with all but love to play with boobs. If anybody would like to get boobs massaged contact me. Feel free to comment on my first experience so that I can share my next story.

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