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A beautiful Guest At My House

Hello there Friends I am new here. So I am sorry if there are some errors in my words and verbal expressions. Well introducing myself I am 24 yrs. old champ presently working in a Huge MNC highly desperate for love and sex.

For the ladies there I am still a Bachelor. For ladies who are starving for long-lasting and good sex contact me I have a 6 inch dick I think it is sufficient for u and a very good built body. Now coming back to the story it all happen with a guest when a girl stayed in my house for 3 days to clear Medical College Admission which was to happen on Saturday. She stayed in my house because her father and mother were out of town because her mother’s sister was in ICU because of car accident.

At that time I was in 10th class and dick size was around 5’7’’ inch good enough. Frankly guys it was first time to have a real sex than seeing porn. By seeing bf I knew how to handle girls (their weak points, stroking speed, how to satisfy them etc..).

Now it was Thursday I came back from the school and saw a new pair of girl’s foot wear. I thought mom brought another new pair of footwear but as I went into the house I was a beautiful girl sitting on my couch and texting in her phone .She was soo hot that my dick got erected and formed a tent on my pants by the very sight of her boobs, curves and etc..

Now describing about her she is really like a sex goddess and her name is Priya (name changed). With really good boobs I think like 36d, perfect curves any boy would aspire, White as a pearl and lustrous as a diamond.

Then my mother introduced me to her and said that she would be here for 3 days and had given her my room to stay until her admission is cleared and her parents return. Thursday night after having dinner we had a usual chat and I  went to my room for studying maths has I had a test tomorrow .

After watching tv she came to my room for sleeping and saw me doing hell of a maths and said “Do you like Maths??” and I said “Maths is my all time because there is nothing to remember and just the formulas flow through mind”. She laughed out saying that she took medicine because she hated maths.

During this session I took a peek on to her boobs god there like the best sight I have ever seen in my life. I think she noticed it but didn’t say a word after half an hour or so I left the room and she slept off.

The Next day I went off to my school and while I returned to home there was letter stating that it’s from my mother she and Priya had gone out to buy some stuffs and will be coming back soon and hided keys in the usual hiding spot. I unlocked the door and went inside and opened my room and searched all over her bag for her bra or panty so that I can masturbate. I at last found them and did masturbate with those and forgot to lock the door.

Then I heard someone was coming and kept all the stuffs inside and went away and welcomed and discussed about the test and other stuff and said that Tomorrow is a holiday for some reason and in fact schools did forwarded a message to parent stating that tomorrow was a holiday.

So I found that Priya got admission into some really good Institute and we partied on that whole night . After such a good news bad news did arrived that her mother’s sister was out of danger and are returning back today. So I said to myself that this is the last day whatever I wished to do can be done today or nothing .Then I thought that it is just waste of time and I was off to bed with my parents as my room was occupied by Priya.

Around 2:00 am I woke up from the sleep to drink water, my mother was in deep sleep because she can wake up late tomorrow as I have a holiday tomorrow. Thanks to the God I got a perfect opportunity to fuck her. She was watching a bf in her phone and squirting with her goddamn sexy pussy on my bed God hell this thing I got a huge erection again and was moaning in the name Rajesh (name changed). Rajesh?? May be her boyfriend. I immediately took my phone I recorded her moaning in his name.

After a good amount of video recording by keeping some door opening enough to record. I entered into room suspiciously and then immediately she wrapped herself in the blanket and she shouted at me saying ”Don’t you have the manners to enter someone room without knocking the door”.

Then I said that “It’s my room and y the hell r u masturbating on my bed”.

She said “None of your business and said tomorrow I will complain to your parents about this and your the one how masturbated on my bra and panty”.

Then in contrary I said playing the video “Then I will send this mms to your parents chanting the name of rajesh on my bed”.

She said “It’s balanced you can leave ”.

I said “Babe check it out it’s not balanced I have the dominance” showing the phone.

She said “Okk ,I got you what do you want”.

I said “Squirt on my name and I will record it and it will only be with me”.


“I will have god hell sex with you”.

She said ”No way squirting is okk but not sex I hadn’t had with rajesh yet”.

Your problem I said then she finally accepted it

I took my phone recorded her masturbating on my name. she took a dildo from her bag and said ”aaah.. aah.. ooo yeah your r so naughty so sexy you fucking asshole give me push as hard as you can this naughty girl needs your fucking dick…”, and after sometime she squirted and it was my time.

I locked my phone and removed my dress and launched my 5 inch dick and after that view she said That’s a hell of a dick. I went close to her kissed her passionately for 10 mins she broke the kiss and took my chance and undressed her first the t-shirt she was wearing and kissed her boobs over the bra and then removed it and undressed myself and by the time was undressing she kneeled down to welcome my dick then she took it into her mouth and started the to and fro movement process and I was like on cloud-nine having fun from my guest and literally had no fear that parents were on the next room and could wake up at any time.

Then I pushed her on the bed and sat on 69 position. It was the best thing I ever had in my life .i was licking her fresh pussy and she was playing with my cock. Licking her pussy was superb. The smell of her body, taste of her orgasm everything was riding me a lot and made my cock grow erect again and again. Finally she said “Let’s do the real thing your erect dick is driving me crazy”..

We changed positions and we were in the missionary mode ready for firing. At first her pussy was so tight, fair, clean shaven and beautiful I praised her pussy and she blushed I then took a condom and started digging into her as far as with a lot of pain from my dick it was just like fucking her ass. Blood was flowing from her pussy as I broke her seal.

I was on top of her and as I was moving she started to moan and then I had to kiss her beautiful pink lips as her moan could wake my parents up and then she ready for the flow and we had almost done sex till 3 in the morning and tried various sex positions out in the kamasutra book and then I dressed up and finally gave my farewell kiss and went up and said her to get dress up too. In the morning we addressed each other has unknown and promised that whenever we could get a chance we will fuck each other till the brains out…

Hope you like my First Sex Experience leave your comments below which can boost me up to add more sexual encounters to delight my readers.

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