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My Beautiful Naughty Neighbor Lakshmi

Hi readers, I am a budding writer from Hyderabad. And this is my fantasy and all the characters are pure fiction. Any female reader interested to chat or meet at Hyderabad. Ping me.

This beautiful dream which I am going to share with you all is about me and my beautiful naughty neighbor Lakshmi.

She was around 35 years old and me 22 years old when we first made love. Lakshmi Aunty ( this what I used to call her normally ) mother of 2 kids had beautiful glowing skin. naughty smile long black hair till her waist round big ass with 34 bra size.

We were like any other normal neighbors you have in your area. Lakshmi aunty and her kids use to frequently pop in and out of my house so did we as in my family.

I always had a crush on her and always dreamed to get her in bed with me at least once. But never got a chance or would say was scare to approach her thinking it would spoil my name and relation. We were like one big family and not even a single day we miss by not greeting or having a small chat between us.

Things started to change for me when I joined College and I had quite a big group in my college life. Since being arts student the number of female friends was more than compared to male.

I use to be full time occupied with my college work or hanging around with my friends. And off late was not able to see Lakshmi aunty. One evening it so happened that I was about to move out to meet my friends. My doorbell rang when I opened the door I saw Lakshmi aunty standing in front of me.

I pleased to see her after a long time and said Hello to her. So did she replied with a Hi. But not in a friendly manner and it look like she was not interest in talking to me. So I asked her what’s wrong and why she sounding so off mood.

She said that since I have been in college life and I have forgot her and don’t have time to say hi and hello. To which I agreed and said won’t happen again and I told her that I am going out now will talk to her later on.

Next day in noon time I made my point to go and see her. She opened the door for me & had big smile on her face. We were talking causally standing in her kitchen. Lakshmi aunty normally use to wear Salwar kameez.

At times she use to be in her gown once she was done with her cooking she serve cool drinks for me and herself. Which we had while taking sitting in the living room. She asked me where I went last evening in a rush.

I told her that I was at IMAX Theater. The minute I told her that I could see a cute smile on her face. She straight away asked me oh so you were with your Girlfriend huh? Looks like you both had good time yesterday?

I told her no aunty nothing like that and first of all I do not have a girlfriend so no question of having fun.

She did not believe me that I had no girlfriend. To this I told her Lakshmi aunty why not you be my girlfriend with a smile. I was lucky that day she said ok let me think over it and gave me naughty smile.

I was thing at back of my mind wow I told her to be my girlfriend. What if she really becomes mine. I start getting a hard on but as I was wearing jeans it was not visible clearly.

I went back home and that I night masturbated thinking of Lakshmi aunty. Which I use to do quite often like this talks were going on with our day to day life. It was 14th February that I decided to give her valentine gift. I bought a red color small heart for her and wrote her name on it along with mine.

She ask me a day earlier that on 14th February you will be busy with your college girls and I said yes aunty.

I did not tell her anything regarding the surprise gift I would give her on 14th February. During noon time when everyone sleeps and her kids are in school and hubby at work. I knocked her door Lakshmi aunty came out to open the door for me.

She was wearing a white color salwar kameez with flower prints on it and no duppata which was her normal style. After I entered her house and shut the main door I told her to close her eyes.

Lakshmi Aunty smiled and asked why? What am I going to do? I told her do not worry I will not harm you for sure. So she closed her eyes then I removed the red hear with her and my name on it and gave in her hands.

Lakshmi aunty was very happy to see that gift from me and kept holding my hand nicely. She asked me to sit in her bed room and got coffee for me and she thank me for the gift and making her feel so special. I told her that since you are my girlfriend I had to do it for you.

Lakshmi aunty said I did not say yes to you the other day dear but now I am your girlfriend. I asked her where is my gift. To which she said sorry I do not have anything to give you now. I thought this was my chance to get her close but I wanted to play it safe.

I asked her give me permission to call her Lucky when we both are alone. To which she agreed. Days passed by we were getting along good and friendly sometimes even use to talk double meaning thing indirectly which gave me some hope of my dreams coming true.

Soon it was Holi time, which we celebrated in our building very well on holiday when I was playing with colors with my friends in our building compound. I saw Lucky siting on her window and I asked her to join us. But she refused after sometime I went upstairs to get water,

Luckily Lakshmi opened her house door to give sweets at my place that was my only chance to catch her. She was wearing a navy blue gown and I was wearing shorts and t shirt I was all wet.

I asked Lucky if I could apply color on her cheeks she said ok but little only. That was the first time I touch her soft cheeks which gave me a hard on. I was quite close to her while putting color on her and guess even she could feel my cock touching her hot spot.

She also applied color on my face and in this exchange of colors. I was almost about to hug her and my wet clothes had made her gown wet to and I could see her nipples shooting out.

I asked Lucky to join me and play Holi with us and she said not all but may be with my husband kids and you.  At that time I was happy hearing that I told her to wait for me as I will get terrace keys so that we could play up stairs. I quickly got the keys and went upstairs.

Lucky was waiting for me and had smile on her face as always. I pulled her cheeks and complimented that she was looking cute with all the colors on her . I applied colors again on her and poured some water on her which made her body more visible.

Her gown was sticking to her curves very well. Looking at all this and I was going crazy and just wanted to eat her that time. She was shivering as water was bit cold. I asked her if I could hold her hands. So that she would not shiver that much. Within no time Lucky hold both my hands and stood stilling front of me.

Water was dripping from her head to toe. I could not stop my eyes rolling all over her hot wet body, which she caught me doing and asked what are you looking at? I was too scare that time did not knew what to say.

She smiled and said are you looking at curves? I felt shy and started looking down and she lifted my head up and asked me softly again. If I was looking at her curves? To which I nodded my head and said yes Lucky and said sorry.

She immediately hugged me and said it is fine with her and as now she was my girlfriend. She did not mind me looking at her and listing to this gave me relief breath 7 and I looked in her eyes.

I don’t know she quickly gave me a kiss on my cheek and asked did I like it? I had no words to say all I could see was Lucky in front of me and back of my mind thinking about my dream to fuck her. My cock was growing big and strong and I looked at Lucky and kissed on her cheek to which she hugged me again her hands were around me so where mine.

I could feel her wet body and bra line. That feeling was amazing to top this as we were coming out of the hug we looked eye to eye and had a lip lock kiss hmmmm.

A strong current passed from head to toe in my body when our lips met. She had soft lips which were wet and we smooched for about 5 minutes and then stopped readings. We were staining in stair case and anyone could come after some time more people came.

We played with colors for some time and I and Lucky did not speak much when everyone was around. But our eyes were all the time on each other’s move and next day when her hubby was at work and kids at school.

She came home just to have casual talk with my mother. She was wearing a yellow color salwar kameez. Which was fitting to her body perfectly her as and boobs were looking good in shape. I felt like grabbing her but could not as my mother was around.

Lucky looked at me and smiled so did I. I purposely got dressed and said I am going out mom hearing to this Lucky also said ok I will also go and sleep now for some time and walked out in 5 minutes.

I also left and saw Lucky had left her door opened and I closed my door and enter my Lucky’s house quickly. Shut the door and there she was standing in her yellow dress as if she was waiting for me to come.

I went close to her in the living room kissed her and said hi sweetheart and she said hi and asked where I am going now. I told her that I was not going anywhere just lied to my mom so that I could come at her place. She gave me a naughty smile and sat bit close to me.

I could hear her deep breaths and we were quite for some time now. I asked her if she was disturbed by what we did yesterday. She said yes and hold my hand tight so did I told Lucky that I had never thought. We would do that as it happened in no time, to which she agreed and kept her head on my shoulders.

I kissed on her forehead to make her feel comfortable and my hands were around waist and feeling her stomach. I was getting a rock solid down as my dream lady was in my arms. Then I looked at her and kissed her again on her cheeks which she responded back by giving me a kiss too.

I wasted no time on this and smooch her she responded back in no time and soon we were smooching deeply. Our lips were locked tight and we were hugging each other sitting on the sofa. Our eyes were closed we were busy smooching , sucking each other’s tongue.

Lucky was breathing hard which I could feel and her fragrance was good while smooching. I pushed her gently backwards so that I could get on top of her.

Lucky responded to me and pulled me on her and our feet were rubbing each other. I slowly then moved my hand from back to her ass. Then to her waist line to which she moaned a little and I felt she was all set as was I kissed her neck line. Then went to her cleavage which was glowing in her yellow dress.

She hold my head close to her body with her fingers moving in my hair soon her hands were in my t shirt. I kissed her boobs from above which were from now.

I touched her breasts as she moaned to this. She pulled out my t shirt and started kissing my chest and she was making me crazy when she licked my nipples. I could no longer wait to make her nude and get my hands on her hot body. I unzipped her dress and pulled it out over her head.

There I could she her glowing boobs covered in white bra. I gave Lucky a nice wet lick on her cleavage the minute my tongue moved on her boobs she moaned mmmmm aahmmm and hug me tight.

I unhooked her bra to see her pulpy mangoes to pop out of her bra. She had hot dark nipples which were stiff I suck them while playing with her boobs. I quickly removed my pants and was in my boxer’s only. She drop her salwar to show her yellow panties which were bit wet.

We hugged and smooched again while standing she remove my underwear and went down kissing my body. I was feeling in heaven Lucky was down on her knees holding my hard cock in her soft hands.

She played with it for some time teasing me touching my balls with her boobs. Finally she rolled out her tongue on my dick head which was growing big. It was all red to fire out. Lucky looked at me while sucking my cock. All I was doing was enjoying her.

She made me strong that I was about to cum and I told my darling sweetheart I am about to cum. But she did not listen and continued to suck my cock deeper and faster. My cock was all wet and in 2 minutes I shoot out my hot juice in her mouth.

She enjoyed every single drop of my cum in her mouth which was full now. I was in heaven with my cock in my Lucky’s mouth still. She drank all my juice and felt satisfied now it was my turn to give her back. I pushed back on the floor to remove her panties, there came out her hot mature pussy which was bit hairy.

She already had cum as I could see her cream flowing out. I went down kissing her stomach navel and her cunt which was thick and wet.

The aroma of her pussy was amazing and no doubt it tasted well too. As I do not like hairy pussy. So I slowly took her to the bathroom cleaned her pussy hair. It was now looking amazing. I now started to lick her pussy lips, with my hands spreading her legs.

Lucky moaned loud as I inserted my tongue in her pussy hole sound of ufffff aaahhhh came out frequently. She was holding my head tight and pushed it more towards her pussy. I sucked her cut for about 10 minutes by now my dick was hard again for the final kill. Lucky came in not time.

Her juice was all over my lips and tongue. I licked her well just like a dog and I knew she was enjoying it so was I and she pulled me up and asked me to fuck her. I came over body and she hold my dick and guided it to the love hole.

The minute I pushed it in she moaned out loud ahhhhhhh and hugged me tight; her legs were lock behind my back. I slowly start rubbing my hard dick in and out of her pussy hole and her pussy was wet enough to slide my cock freely.

The friction of her pussy skin with my dick was amazing. She bite my lip when I pushed my dick a bit herded. Lucky was glowing with every single stroke I gave her and I was on cloud 9 and my dream had come true here I was on Lakshmi my crush.

I fucked her as hard as good as I could do to please her and finally us both climaxed again together and she took every single drop of my juice in her hot pussy.

We smooched again for 5 minutes and then moved in for a shower which we had to quickly finish. As it was almost time for her kids to be back from school. This was the start of my sex life with Lakshmi Aunty.

Next day also we were all set to fuck each other. I craved for her ass this time. She was virgin from behind. Her tight ass hole rub hard on my dick. Which peal my skin but we both enjoy that pain to get the pleasure of making love.

Our sex life had always been a secret till date and we always tried our best to have make love even quickie’s. Finally Lucky had to move out from Hyderabad to her native in Chennai.

We are still in touch with each other but have not got chance to make love now as now we are in 2 different cities. I hope you guys liked my story. I will soon post my another fantasies here and till then enjoy reading sex stories and have sex and if you wish you can leave your comments.

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