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When She Became Dominant We Lost Our Virginity

This story is about me and my dominant girlfriend. We are in relationship for about 1 year but we never had sex in this time period. One day when her friends in her flat left to home she was alone.she was scared so called me for company for safety but I went with a different plan thinking to fulfill my sexual desire.

When I reached her flat I rang the bell. she opened the door I was astonished to see her. She was in a lavender colour skirt with white top loose hair. She put her hair in front till her navel which is bouncy had mascara smelled like had bath just now. When I stepped in she closed the door out of my knowledge I kissed her passionately we had a smooch for 10mins.

After that she made dinner for me in-between she gave some sexy looks and used to bite me. After some silly fights like tapping her buttocks and pinching her hips she also trying to catch my cock biting over my chest and shoulder we had dinner and we were sitting in the couch watching TV volunteerly she turned some romantic movies I thought before me she was in full mood.

While there was a smooch scene over the movie I turned towards her this time I noticed two of her buttons were opened which was shut previously I sat very close to her placing my hand around her neck slowly I tried to get my fingers into her breast. When it entered to my surprise she catched and hold it strong over her breast.

As the movie goes I started squeezing it she licked my neck. Smell from her hair boozed me. She knew that I love her hair very much so she started playing with it which tempted me more. Suddenly when I am busy with squeezing she unbuttoned my shirt and lied over me and started biting my chest and her hands busy in opening my pants.

All of sudden she was sitting on my stomach where i am lying with only inner she licked my chest and playing with my cock made it very stiff and she enjoyed to see it struggling inside my inner afterwards she got down the couch and asked me to take her to bedroom so did I (the way full of smooch) when we reached there she asked me to sit in bed and she moved to bathroom.

While moving she put down her skirt passionately squeezed her buttocks while her eyes were over me before stepping inside bathroom she thrown her top over me when I catched it and smelling it she turns and standing in the doorstep of bathroom were she was in 2 peace her black bra holds her breast tight and black panty is shining.

When I tried to get up she said shhh stay there and she bent before me taking her panty showing her clean shaved pussy and took her bra off and she had a bath before me the shower drops were running from her head it crossed her breast valley it touched her navel and caught into her clitoris while she is pressing her boobs and tighs made my cock more and more stiffer after turning front and back bending right and left she was moving towards me rubbing her naked body.

While getting closer she took her hair and put into front covering her both nipples and stood before me and asked how am I ??? I said darling you are looking damn hot she kept her leg over my chest and made me to lie over bed and she bent over me and slides down to cock and smelled it closing her eyes slowly licked the top part and now beneath it slowly it went inside her mouth fullyy she slowly played with mine. Without no hurry she sucked it.

My cock touched her throat slowly the speed increased she did that fastly her hair were disturbing she wore glass which is hitting my body I hold her hair so she did freely after that she stood and jumped over me I hugged her my hands were now busy in sliding over her pussy she is busy in licking my neck and moaning in my ear. I increased the speed of rubbing she started shouting I slapped her buttocks she bitted my ear and she sat over my tighs and holding my cheeks in her hand and said have your mango darling.

I made her to lie over bed and i started eating her boobs while i am eating one my hand is squezzing one she moaned wildly she holds my head over her boobs tightly after bitting and sucking her nipple she said i cant wait While saying this she lied over my leg I slowly opened her pussy by my hand and first I kept my cock over her pussy slowly I penetrated into her holding her boobs by both hands having those as support I started hitting into her pussy she enjoyed it so do I.

After many strokes she got up and lied over me joining me she started jumping I loved to see her boobs and hair jumping together she did that wildly. I can’t control it I rolled her to down I lied over her and started hitting it vigorously she said yessss cmonnnn babyyyy harderrrr doo itt harderrrr harderrrr babyyyy takeee meeeee have your feastttt eat me …act wildddd dear she said I was on the top gear I was hitting her to the deep bitting her boobs hardlyyy we finished that round.

She made me to lay down and she stood over the bed showing different different poses (sexy poses like bending an squeezing boobs turning and pressing buttocks playing with her hair) and she asked am i hot???? Without answering it I grabbed her by sitting in bed her pussy was near my mouth I started having it.

I had that to the deep as my tongue imagine I was sitting in bed she was standing and giving her pussy to eat she was holding my head to her pussy after 15mins of pussy feast she bent towards me and took my cock and kept into her breast and we had a breast fuck she tried to lick it when it comes near her mouth.

After this play she bent in a way being ready for doggy style and she looked my eyes and put her tongue out and made sound like girl dog I did the same and ditched her buttocks I joined into her my hands beneath her boobs holding tight we slowly started our speed increased we did very fastly she shouted like a.girl dog I didn’t stopped it I enjoyed it after this play she lied over me and we slept next day was sunday we roam into flat full day naked and the remaining story what happened in sunday will be in next episode shortly.

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