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Biology Practicals With A Young Neighbor

This story is of me and my young neighbor to whom I given biology eeducation. I am Ritu from Mumbai, 29 years old married lady having a five years old child. This incidence happened last year. I went to my parental home after one year. Due to some reasons I went alone. I am the only child of my parents. They were very happy to see me.

After two days due to some urgent work they went to our village, I never liked village environment, so refused to go there. Our neighbour lady, loves me very much as she has no daughter only one son named Molik. She told my parents not to worry, we will take care. Molik is eighteen or nineteen years old, lean and thin boy. He is very intelligent and is preparing for medical entrance exams.

I took my dinner at anuty’s house. Aunty told Molik to stay at our house in the night. I am postgarduate in biology. Molik said, yes it will be better, I have some doubts in some topics, Ritu didi can help. I said, of course why not?

Molik loves and respect me very much. We came to our house. I said, Molik we will study in the bedroom so that if tired we can study lying on the bed.

He said, oaky.

I asked, Molik what are your doubts?

Molik opened the reproductive chapter of plants and asked about the reproductive system. I taught him in detail every thing. He was satisfied.

I said, let us take rest for some times. And we started gossiping. He asked about Mumbai.

I said, life is very fast there, it is not like here. Most of the time is spent in traveling for working class people.

After half an hour, I said, let us study next chapter.

Molik opened next chapter. It was about reproductive system in livings. He asked me many questions and I was tring to clarifing his doubts.

Molik, Ritu didi I understood that when the male sperm meets the females egg, then new baby is born. But I do not know how sperm meets egg.

I laughed and said, I do not beleive that you do not know this.

Molik was confused and said, please Ritu didi do not confuse me and clarify this.

I smiled and said, when males organ enters in female it release sperm which meet the egg.

Molik, male organ means?

I pointed between his legs and said, you silly boy, it is penis.

Molik, I see male’s penis in females anus? How dirty it is ?

I laughed loudly and said, it is not anus, it is vegina.

Molik, Oooo!!! but how penis enters vegina

Me, Molik have not you seen any porn movie?

Molik’s face turned red and said, no Ritu didi, I heard about these movies from my friends but never saw.

Me, anyway let me explain, when male gets excited, he feels like having sex, then his penis erect like a rod and then it enters in vegina.

Molik, my penis erects early in the morning, does this mean that I get urge to have sex early morning?

Me, No no that has different reasons. I mean to say when it erects when man see a naked women.

Molik felt very shy and was looking down.

I started laughing at him and said, I am surprised that you never had knowledge about it.

I was in teasing mood now.

Me, Look, how you are shy about it.

I was smiling at him now. I saw, he was putting his one leg on the other. I could see a little errection between his legs. He was hiding it from me. He bowed his head down.

I smiled and asked, what happened ?

His face turned red and said, nothing.

Me, (laughing) see these happens when you are excited. Go to bathromm and get relaxed.

He ashamed very much.

I asked with smile, do not you masturbate.

This time he ashamed so much that I was really surprised a lot.

I said, look Molik, it is very common.

Molik was little relaxed and said, sometimes I musterbate.

I smiled a little and said, go to bathroom and shake you penis.

He went to bathroom and came back after sometime.

With a smile I asked, done?

He did not reply.

I asked again and then he said, I urinate and come back.

I was looking anxiously at him. I was smiling.

I said, when a male got exiced, his penis became hard like a rod and feel urge having sex. It is quite normal and it gives much pleasure. When you get married you will come to know all these.

Now he was smiling very calmly.

Suddenly I saw a bulge between his legs.

I just smiled and said, see you are getting excited when I am talking about sex.

Molik, Ritu didi can I ask one question?

Me, do not hesitate, you can ask anything.

Molik, what happened to you when you got excited?

Me with a smile, I got wetness between my legs.

Molik with a surprise, means?

Me, my vagina wetted.

Molik, why wetted?

Me, so that penis enters easily in vegina.

Molik was surprised and he was looking excited. He kept right leg on the left leg.

Molik is five feet seven or eight inched tall with a very slim body. He is always busy in studies and is very intelligent. He has very limited friends. He do not have any girlfriend. He respects me very much.

Seeing his position, I was also getting excited slowly. In fact my hubby was out for the last two months, so, I could not enjoy for the last two months.

I teased, Molik you face shows that you are excited, that means your organ has erected like a rod, am I right?

He ashamed and nodded.

There was a silence for few moments.

Then I said, Molik can you show your rod in excited position.

He shied and said, No no Ritu didi.

I just smiled and said, let me see how you look when excited.

I went near him and put my right hand on his front.

To my surprise he was very hard. I became more excited.

Molik removed my hand said, please Ritu didi I feel shy.

I smiled and said, do not you want to learn reproductive system.

I put my hand again on his pant. This time he did not react. I unbutton his pants slowly. He was wearing jocky underwear. The bulge was very clear.

I removed his tee shirt. Now he was in underwear only. His organ seemed massive compared to his body. His body became very hot, he was breathing fast.

I was also feeling itching between my legs. I removed his underwear and I was shocked and thrilled.

I crired loudly, Oh my goooo….d! My eyes opened wide.

Molik said, what happened Ritu didi.

Me, Molik you are very big and thick. You are even bigger than my hubby.

He was around seven inches long and very thick. He was around two and half inches bigger than my hubby.

I hold his penis in my right hand and said your love rod is too big. Molik just smiled. His dick was covered with foreskin. I slowly removed his foreskin, oh god! his supada was pink and shining, it was like a ball. I lowered my head and kissed it with my soft lips.

Molik moaned ahhhhh!

I opened my mouth and took his supada in my mouth and started rubbing my tounge around it. Molik closed his eyes and was moaning ahhhh ohhhhh Ritu didi didi bada maja aa raha hai, your lips are very soft ahhhh ahhhhh mmmm ahhhh. I smiled and took two inches in my mouth and started masturbating with mouth. Soon I felt precum in my mouth. I drank every drop. I took out his thick rod.

I said, Molik your tool is very thick. Mere munh mein badi mushkil se gaya.

Then I started removing my clothes one by one. I was in bra and panty. Molik was seeing my large boobs with a great surprise. I removed my bra, my large boobs jumped out. My figure is 36-28-40. His mouth opened wide and he was thrilled when he saw my melons.

Molik, Ritu didi your boobs are very large.

I smiled and I hold his hairs and guided him towards my large sized boobs and said, lick my boobs Molik.

He started licking like a child. I was enjoying. I was moving my fingers in his hairs. My pussy was leaking and my panty became wet.

I said, look Molik my panty is wetting. I removed my panty.

Molik said, oh my god! Ritu didi your butts are very very big and wide. I was fully naked now. It was a very big surprise for Molik. First time he saw a naked woman.

He was very excited. His thick long rod was touching his belly.

I became horny. I laid and spread my legs and said, lick my pussy. He looked at my love hole and his eyes opened wide with a surprise.

He said, Ritu didi you have no hair between your legs.

Me, yes I always keep it clean.

He hold my large butts in hands and put his tounge on my pussy lips.

I cried with pleasure and said yes baby like this only. Put your tounge in my cunt. Puri jeebh ander dal do.

He inserted his tounge and I said, start rotating. My clitoris, which is around one centimeter long, was throbing. I started rubbing it. Molik was moving his tounge in and out of my lovely pussy.

I was in heaven and started moaning yes yes baby yes do it like this only oh baby you are so good, yes yes yeah Molik you are a nice boy. Within few minutes I was about to come.

I cried, Oh! baby I am coming, I am coming soon ahhhh! ahhh!!! I want to cum in your mouth oh yes oh yes yeeeeesss I am comming baby and I lfted my large butts up. I cried in pleasure yes yes yes Molik I am comming comming and with force I shot my hot cum in his mouth.

I said, Molik lick every drop from my pussy.

He licked my pussy very well for few minutes.

I was relaxed and smiled. Molik was looking at me.

He asked, was it so good?

I laughed and said yes honey, it can not be explained in words. You tell me did you like my pussy cum.

Molik, yes Ritu didi it was wonderful.

I smiled.

I hugged him tightly and started kissing his lips. My pussy’s smell was coming out from his mouth. I aroused very much and started kissing all over his face.

I became too horny and said in his ears in very low voice, Molik please fuck me, now it was not bearable. I want your long thick lund in my choot.

Hearing these dirty words Molik saw me anixiously and said, how to do?

I smiled and said, come between my legs, I will guide you.

He came between my legs. I was thrilled to realize whether this thick rod will go in my little hole or not?

My butts are big so my pussy raised up. I spread my legs and hold his dick in one hand and guided it on my love hole. It was too thick compared to my little sweet pussy.

I said, Molik give a push.

He gave push slowly, but failed to penterate, it slipped.

I said, you are very thick, give push with little force.

He pushed, this time it did not slipped and felt like my pussy is tearing.

I closed my eyes and said, push with force.

He pushed with more force and said, ahhhhh!!! Ritu didi it is paining.

I opened my eyes and said, don’t worry baby it is your first time so, it is paining, hold for some time, it will give you pleasure later.

After a minute I said, now pump.

He pushed with force. His big supada went inside.

I cried in pain and pleasure, ahhhhh!!! Molik your baby maker is too thick.

I hold him tight in my arms and legs and said, now start giving strokes slowly.

He started very slowly. He was unexperienced but I was enjoying. Three or four inches went inside me. I was in heaven.
I said, Molik jor jor se dhakke mar.

This time he gave a push with a force and his whole loda disapeared in my lovely pussy.

I was on moon, it was wonderful. My pussy grasped his thick rod firmly, it was going in my little love hole very tightly.
I said, Molik be little fast.

He increased the speed and I stared moaning, yes Molik yes keep on doing like this my love yes yes baby you are fucking your Ritu didi very well, yes yes please fuck me harder harder faster, you are too big for my little pussy, yes yes ahh ahhh ahhhh oohhhhh ohhh ummmmm mmmmm.

I was cring, yes baby yes yes fuck me fuck me, you sweet boy fuck me oohhhh yes yeah chod chod chod.

I saw his face, he was enjoying and feeling very very happy. I hugged him tightly and put his face on my big boobs and asked in his ears, are you enjoying?

He said, I can not explain, it is so good.

I raised my large butts up and started giving strokes from bottom and again started crying ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh oh Molik you lovely boy fuck fuck my little choot with your thick lund, aahhhhh uuuuueeee maaaa uuueee hhhhhhmmmm ooeeeee aaaaaahhhhhhhh it is too tight for my small pussy ahhhh ahhhh ahhh ohhh oohhh.

After few minute I felt like I am about to come.

I cried loudly in pleasure, Molik be fast I am about to come now, fast, faster harder Molik speed se chod ahh I am about to come baby, I am so close ahhhhh!!! mmmmmmmmmm!!! oh my goooo..d Molik your baby maker is so hard and thick. Chod chod chod apni Ritu didi ko, ohhhh! my goo…d!!! ooooooeeeeeeeeeeeee I am very close, ooooeeeeeee I am coming.

My choot shrank and it hold his lund very tight.

Molik was in heaven, as sson as he felt the tight grip of my choot on his lund he said, Ritu didi I am coming and he started crying ohhh ahhhh ahhhh!!! Ritu didi you are so good and beutiful, ahhhhhhhhh!! And within seconds I felt like a fountain of hot water started in my choot. It continued for few seconds. I hugged him tightly and with my arms and legs.

I cried, aahhhhh ahhhh!!! OOOhhh! mmmyyyyyy gooood! oh my god oh my god oh my godddd and raised my butts up so that his lund went more deeply and my choot squeezed every drop of his hot cum.

I came loudly and wonderfully and lost my senses. We were breathing fast.

After many minutes I loosen my grip and Molik’s dick came out of my love hole, I heard a low sound puchh. His lund was hanging now.

I kissed Molik and asked with a smile, satisfied ?

Nitin kissed me and said, yes Ritu didi, you are very beautiful.

Then we went to bathroom for cleaning our organs. When I sat on the floor, a large quantity of semen came out of my love hole.

I was surprised, when I looked at my pussy, it became too wide.

I said, Molik see my love hole, how wide it is now!

He saw and said, wow! it was so small, now it is too big.

I hold his penis in my hand and kissed on the tip of his love rod and said, this naughty thick lund is the culprit and I laughed.
Molik was very happy with the first experience.

Then we washed each other’s organs with love and slept without wearing any cloth.

These biology practicals continued for two more days and we enjoyed a lot.

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