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New Chemistry in New Chemistry Lab

His guys..I am here with one of my best incident 😉 Let me tell you all about me,m a fun loving,fair n muscular boy,and I have a height around 5’6..and I love hangout around girls;) Story starts like this… She was wearing a wide neck pink kurti and a black legging today. As usual she […]

Her Boyfriend Left Her Alone Suddenly

Hi, this is the first time I am submitting a story, so please ignore any mistakes. So, this happened around 3-4 months back. I had to give an exam and the test center was very far away from my house. I thought that since my friend lives near by, I will drop by at his […]

My Friend Fucked Girlfriend Of Mine

I have a girlfriend named Shalini. She is not really a regular type of girl. Cute and innocent buts that’s all before this incident took place. This Story is about my how my friend fucked girlfriend of mine. Shalini was a hot bomb. She was extremely hot with a figure of 36-24-36 and her boobs! Good […]

Recording Fuck Session of a Friend

I am narrating the story which was real incident happened last month, so moving in to story directly without any bluffing. I am 27 with 5.8 heights, fit personality and from Hyderabad. Heroine of this story is my colleague’s girlfriend. I joined recently to new company and transferred to Mumbai at client location .I found […]

My Conservative Girlfriend’s Foursome

Myself being a long time follower of Sex stories had read lot of stories and had lot of fantasies about my sexual life as all of you reading this story right now. As I said I had lot of fantasies after reading, the biggest one I had was to swap my girlfriend and I implemented […]

Sharing Our Girls Within The Roommates

This is a real story. It might sound you that it is weird and fake but it is not. To us, when we thought of it, it was a taboo. But later we enjoyed every bit of it. I am Aayush, I live in Bangalore and working in an US based MNC. My life has […]

My First Gangbang! How Hell Turned Into Heaven

This is Maaya. I’m 22 years old, Chennai girl who is married since last year. This is a real life story that happened when i was in my 2nd year of college. It’s about how i was forced by my boyfriend into rough gangbang and ended up loving it. So, i was in a relationship […]

Sweet Memories From Past abt Divya

It’s been a few years since I am reading stories from this site. Don’t really know what kept me from writing my own experience :)… from what i understand some stories are real and some are fantasies. It all depends on how you write and relate with the readers. I am not sure how good […]

A date can change your live

Lisa a beautiful young woman was standing in front of the mirror and watching her picture of a proper young woman. Her brunette hair was short cut and going only to the neck. It gave her a very sportive look. She was a sportive and fit girl, no doubt, but it was hard to see […]

Losing The Big

Hi all, My name is Aisha I’m 21 years old and have completed my graduations and this is my first story i have been a regular reader and have decided to share with you my experience about losing my virginity. Let me tease your imagination a little my vital stats are “34-26-36″. I’m 5’2″ tall, […]

Lost My Virginity To My Friend’s Girl friend

The story starts in January, 2009 when we were all celebrating my friend Nikhil’s birthday at his home because his parents were out of town. He has called almost all of our friend’s group and her girl friend Shikha. Wow ! What a beauty she was . When I got her first view, I was […]

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