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Viagra Worked Perfectly In Satisfying Me

I was sweating too much , he was sweating too much. The sound of his balls hitting my pussy was through the whole room. The Viagra had kicked in perfectly. I will not lie I was enjoying him a lot for the first time. My name is Garima and I was being fucked by my […]

A Crossdresser’s Life

This isn’t a real story, but a fantasy which i am going to share with you,though the characters are real. I am a boy(21)(crossdresser) doing my engineering in Bangalore in a reputed college. I stay at one of my fathers friends house, his name is Rajesh. His first wife died due to cancer so he […]

Make Me Your Wife

Hi, everyone this is Sandy aged 22 from Hyderabad & the heroine of the story is my mother’s friend Paddu(name changed) in her mid 30′s. This story happened a year back. So, without any late I will narrate my real life sex experience. My parent’s left for my grandmother’s place for pongal festival due to […]

Rough Date to Sex Date

I pulled into the driveway only to see the form of my mother standing on the front porch waiting for me to come home. She looked angry and her arms were folded across her chest, I did not want to go inside. She must have already heard how my date with the daughter of my […]

Helping My Mom’s Friend

This all started the day my mom walked into the bathroom just as I was stepping out of the shower. Now before you start with, ‘Oh, now he fucks his mom,’ no, that’s not it at all. So, let’s just start over. I was stepping out of the shower, my cock hanging down, as my […]

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