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Hot Mom Love For Everyone In The House

This story is about my hot mom love with everyone including me, my sister, my father and my father clients. If anyone has any objection with incest or sharing I request not to read beyond this. We are a very happy family, the family members are my parents, my twin sisters and my self. My […]

My Real Story Of Gay Experience (Hindi)

This is the incident when I was growing and very much curious about sex, both straight and homo as well. I am regular reader of sex stories and was thinking to post one of my real story one day so I am posting today. Lets come to the story. I am in Delhi currently and looking […]

Watching My Mom Change Her Saree

“Yes I can see her yes yes, wait man let me see a bit more”. It was kind of arousing, tempting and a kind of pleasant humiliation for me. When akash gave me this idea to peek at my mom. And now my friend is watching my mom change her saree and I am waiting […]

Fun With Shirtless Men With Muscles

Hi, I am a fair guy, who did not know what a gay is, but was interested in shirtless men. I always had a fascination to see shirtless pictures of men, specially their nipples. Which still fascinate me the most. I use to watch images of shirtless men when alone and enjoyed it. I am […]

My First Gay Porn Sex Experience

This is real incident which happened with me. Hi… firstly let me tell you about myself. I am Salman age, 23 years, and have average body with 5’6” ht, 32 waist, 6” dick and 55 kg weight. I live in Hyderabad and presently working in gulf. Have read so many stories on is and I […]

My Junior Became My Master & Cummed In My Ass

When i was working in my previous office Chennai when a new guy joined. He has Cute boyish look, athletic, with 23 years old, slim and 6.2 ft height. So he was really nervous on his first job. I approached him to offer help, to my surprise he too from my native and staying with […]

My Typical First Gay Love Story

Hi. My name is Rohith, I am 21 year old. I am in final year of engineering in Bangalore. This is my real story spanning last 3 years. I am not a good writer but I am happy to share my love story. This happened when I was 18 year old, just passed my 12th […]

Gay Sex Experience In Tea Gardens

This is a piece of pure fiction oozing from the lucid imagination of its author and bears no resemblance to actual persons places or events in the past,present or future. I was really happy to join the tea gardens on the Assam-Bengal border. With the recent promotion I got a huge ancient bungalow in the […]

My Friend Explored My Feminine Part

Hi friends, I am Anil and work as an engineer in a software company. I am 35yr old and married man with 2 children. I frequently travel to US on my work and stay in company leased accommodation and use the company provided transportation. Coming to my physical standards, I am 5.6, fair 60kg and […]

And He Started Rubbing My Dick

It was a summer afternoon and I was lying on my bed rubbing my dick madly. It was the first time I got so horny in my teen life. This new feeling was making me crazy, and this boring afternoon is pushing me towards my first masturbation. I started stroking my finger sized dick. My […]

My First Threesome Gay Sex Experience

This is a true story of my first threesome gay sex. It’s about me (Zafar) and my friend Ali. We were both childhood friends and gay partners too. I was the bottom and he was the top. He was 3 years younger to me still he was my master. A little bit about me. I […]

Indonesia Visit Lead To Gay Sex

This is real story when I visited Indonesia for 3 weeks. I was given a exclusive room in the business hub of indonesia. For couple of days I was just enjoying the room and the room service. But after a week I became bored and started exploring one of gay website. This is gay site […]

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