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Jothy Aunt Anal Sex Fun In chennai

This is story of my landlord aunt anal sex fun. Hi.. I am from chennai.. its a stroy of my house owner daugher in law. We stayed for rent for a year and i call jothi as aunt bcz i was doing my school and her age was 24 and newly married so i was unable […]

Meena My Landlord’s Daugther’s Friend

This is story how me and my landlord’s daughter’s friend meena for intimate with each other. Leaving hostels to live in a rented room giving an excuse that studies are disturbed in hostel atmosphere can sound silly. Though true enough, but living in town is damn expensive. Well, all my regrets vanished when I came […]

House Owner Daughter Was A Virgin Girl

Hi everyone this is Krish from Hyderabad (Secunderabad), am not a regular reader but I manage some time to spend on it reading some selected stories. i liked this site very much reading the stories. And felt that it’s a medium that we share our experiences. So am here to share my very first experience […]

Neighborhood Bhabhi Fucked On Terrace

Hi . This is the first time am ever writing any story on this site . Am writing with the permission of my neighborhood Bhabhi who was involved with me in this act . Now coming to the story – am an average looking guy Working for a Mnc – shuttling between Bangalore and chennai […]

Fucked My Landlord’s Newly Wed Bahu

Hi this is Amay(name changed) from Bangalore working in an MNC have athletic built and fun loving lad.This is a true story about 2 years ago how I fucked my landlord’s newly wed bahu (Daughter in Law) anu (name changed)and made her my sex slave .Let me describe her To start with I am a […]

Sex Secrets Of Mother’s Life

Being a plus 2 student in India is a hard thing, especially when the exams are in corner. And if you are the representative of the class, it gets worse as you will be dragged into everything. Teacher’s instructions like “Manjali do that, Manjali bring me that, this etc.” This was pretty much me. The […]

A Little Drink Can Do Wonders

Well for starters the following story is partly true and partly exaggerated for the pleasure of the audience. Well I’m basically from Mumbai, Malad to be specific. I’m a south Indian married to a Maharashtrian. I got married recently. Me and my wife stay separately from our families. Our’s is a cozy 1bhk home in […]

Monica Bhabhi – The Seduction

Hello friends, I, Abhi, am a lover of sex stories and have been enjoying it for a few years now. I also had a feeling that I would some day be able to share my experiences. It was actually this site that gave me the courage to take a step forward when having a conversation […]

Romance With House Owner

Hi, I am name change Kishore, from chennai 25yrs old, working as a technician I used to stay in apartment which is of two floors, I was rented on the top floor, coming to my house it is single bedroom with nice ventilation and attached bathroom and a nice terrace.Evening I used to spent time […]

My Mom – A Mistress To Our Landlord

Although 35, My mom was voluptuous, and had maintained her 38-30-38 body stats by performing yoga and exercise every day. I used to accompany her every morning in the park. She used to wear tight tees and lowers. Her 38 inch bust shaking inside her tight sports bra attracted men of all the ages. Her […]

Made Love To Owner’s Daughter Priya

Coming to the story my family just moved into a new house it is 3 storied building ground floor owners house, second ours and the top floor is a pent house for owners children and I having more interest on the terrace than house wanted to check it and started climbing stairs, then for the […]

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