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Experience With My Real Aunty

His is Rakesh from Chittoor I would like to share my story of my first sex with my real aunty please forgive me is the story is long because if it try to make it short I am sure it will loses the eroticism I am 28 working in hyderabad from the past 3 year […]

MEGHA – The Matured Horny Divorcee !

It was my brother’s marriage when I first saw her. She was tall, fair, long black hairs, well build, wearing an orange colored netted saree and a reasonable amount of jewellery. I was wondering “who is she?” most of the time standing near the bride. I moved through the crowd towards the stage to get […]

Sex Starved Sunitha Bhabhi

I m raj from hyd, 26 yrs old a young and handsome boy.i live alone. This incident happened with a lady whose husband is abroad. Her name is sunitha and she looks very sexy. Since the first time i saw her, i always dreamt of fucking her cause i knew that she was also craving […]

Honeymoon Delights

Recap: My big brother (BB) and I are married to two sisters. My sister-in-law is my lover, while my wife Madhu has been well fucked by my BB. My wife is slightly older than I am. I married her so that the four of us could live happily together under the same roof. My new […]

The In-Laws : a perfect family orgy

Growing up I was somewhat different than most guys my age. At an early age, I was painfully aware of the anatomic difference of my body from other. I had been cursed with a larger than normal cock. By the age of 17, I had grown to an enormous size of 14 and 1/8 inches […]

Sister-In-Law Swap

I’m writing this with 5 days to go on a remarkable vacation. The situation is just too good to believe…You see I’ve always had a thing for my sister-in-law, a big-breasted girl 15 years my wife’s junior. My wife Sunita is a beautiful lady in her mid fifties who can easily pass as my daughter. […]

Extending My Family

I come from a small family, my parents had just me, then I also had just one aunt and uncle who had one child, a male cousin, Vipin, who I only see occasionally as he lives across the country from me. My wife Vidya had a younger sister, Sharmila, who only had a daughter, my […]

Swapping Sisters

Everyone called them “Brothers-in-law”, but Mahesh and Vikas were married to sisters. They weren’t related, their wives were. Funny thing was, with flaming red hair, builds that were similar and even like jobs – both were mechanics, although Mahesh was a motorcycle mechanic – they seemed like brothers. The guys met every night for a […]

An Affordable Insemination

My wife Sunita and I have been married for ten years. As far as I know Sunita has never strayed although she seems to constantly get hit on. Even at 33, her 5’4″, 120lb frame and long light brown hair attracts a lot of attention. Sunita has always been an icon to her younger sister, […]


Hi Sonali This is Smita telling you my first incident which happened because of the other woman and you will surprise to know who the other woman was. I will tell you with my story and you will come to know. We were staying in Jogeshwari E in 1 bedroom flat. Yes we were from […]

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