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Swapping Stories

Family Ladies Swapping Within Family

Hi readers here is my story it happened 9 months before. This story is how my family ladies that is my wife and my mother got swapped with me and my father. My name is Amal age 28 and my wife name is Vidhya age 24. She got married to me at the age of […]

Swapping Moms With My Dear Friends

Coming to mom’s My Mom’s name is lakshmi, my friends mom name is swathi. Both mostly wear sarees. Very good looking women with sleek figure, great looking heavy boobs with pink nipples. My mom has long jet black shiny silky straight hair till her butts. She always trim her hair and take good care of […]

Wife-Swapping Fun With Friends

“How dare you!” screamed Tanu. Anjali and I were shocked and immediately got up and ran into the adjoining living room. The scene inside the living room was tensed. Tanu, my wife, had just slapped Rakesh, who was mumbling some excuse, with the whisky glass in his hand shaking and spilling. Rakesh’s wife Anjali, and […]

Sharing Our Girls Within The Roommates

This is a real story. It might sound you that it is weird and fake but it is not. To us, when we thought of it, it was a taboo. But later we enjoyed every bit of it. I am Aayush, I live in Bangalore and working in an US based MNC. My life has […]

Mom Ko Servant Se Chudwaya

Hello friends ,i am ap.Meri purani stories se mujhe bahut accha response mila hai .Is baar main us incident ki baat karne waala hun jisse ab society main har mard bas mom ko chodna chahta hai. Maine apni mom ko randi bana diya tha.Jaisi hi ham ghar par akele hote main unpar jaanvaron ki tarah […]

Kaise Ujjain Ke Ladke Ne Fasanya

Muje chudai ka shonk shuru se tha.Pehle bf fir ek cousine indore ka.Hi khood chudai kariiii.Mene.Tabbhi mera pet nai bhara.Chalooo koi na.Hota hai kisi2 ke sath or sabse jyada raaz ki baat sabhi ladkiyoo ke liye.Ke mei sabse jyada lesbooo bhi pasand karti.Huuuu.,to joo ladkii.Married unmarried aged ladies or especially widows hoo mujse contact kar […]

Gina’s education – Cuckold Story (Part 2) – Perfect Sex Stories

For Part 1 Visit here  Since our sex life was improving and Gina was starting to open up sexually I need to implement part 2 of my plan. I play golf with a friend near Birmingham and Tom and his wife our swingers. They are both in their 40s though attractive and well of financially. He has […]

Arnav My Wife’s Lover

I just left my wife at her lover’s house. Driving home, I was so distracted thinking about them together that I briefly lost my way. This all started a few months ago when my wife caught me masturbating while watching women on a webcam online. Asha got mad, claiming I was taking away from her, […]

Mom’s surrogacy contract

Hi Readers. My name is Royden, 21 years old student, and I today share the story of me and my 43 year old mom. For about three years, I and my biological mother are in a sexual relationship. I encountered sexual intercourse with my mother when she was married to dad. We maintained our relation […]

Me and My Wife Keya

I am Rajan and I married to a very beautiful girl Keya, who is very cooperative and submissive in the bed and open for variations in our sex life. Our sex life is fantastic and we are loving and caring couple with very good understanding for each other. Although I have few premarital and extramarital […]

The Trip to Uttarakhand

Before we go ahead with the story, i would like to tell you all a bit about the characters involved. Ramesh, age 32, a stud by looks and sizes but a very warm person otherwise. Though he is an introvert but once he gets comfortable, is a good company. He has a white collar job […]

Dads Little Slut got pregnant

Kavita stretched her lithe young body out along the lounge chair with a groan, her skimpy bikini barely covering her perky tits and shaved pussy lips. “What’s wrong, honey?” asked her equally sexy mother, Geeta, as she lounged on the chair next to her daughter. “I’m just so frustrated, mom! Ashok and I have been […]

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