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Chennai Neighbor Girl Loosing Virginity

This story if of a chennai neighbor girl who was virgin .Hi to all !!! This is sid ! Smart looking guy of 21 yrs old from chennai with height of 5’8″ weight 75kgs working in top company in chennai.

This is my first story so encourage me with your feedbacks. Unsatisfied women and girls who wants secret and open relationship can contact me.

This all happened when I am 19yrs old doing my college second year. .I am mad hungry about sex but my gf don’t like those things before marriage so I was completely upset because of her. One fine sunday when I wake up and came out if home and saw someone near to my house looking awesome with nighty(as we were new to that area).

Woow what a awesome boobs !!! Every guy really loves to taste that boobs!!!. Then days passed .. One day I saw my mom talking to her then I investigated about her as found her that her name is abi working in some mnc.

Of height 5’5″” with 36c boobs looks white and gorgeous..Then I started to impress her by doing certain works and helps and days passed we started talking and we exchanged our numbers too.

She always use to talk in husky voice but in the beginning I didn’t realise that and I thought it’s get natural voice. And one day my mom gave me some food to give it to abi so I went to her home and knocked the door she heard my voice and she said open then I opened the door and went inside but she wasn’t there she’s is taking bath (she’s staying alone as her parents are working in north so she staying alone with her friend).

Then she asked what’s up I told my mom gave you some food so she told me to keep it in table and told me to go away by locking the door. Then I thought it’s the nice chance to fuck her. Then suddenly my mom called me so I went home and mom said she’s going to temple and will be back in 2 hrs.

Then I locked my house door and silently went to abi house and knocked again then she opened this time she was wearing only chudi without pants asked me what . I said I want to talk with you. She told me come in asked me to wait in sofa and she went to wear her dress in the room. But we all know the person working in mnc will be having full stress in all time. I just followed her from behind and she asked me what are you doing here I told you to wait in hall right then what??..

I got some courage at that time I told my feelings to her that i’m very much hungry about sex and from the day I saw you I am very mad at you bla bla (as she’s very friendly to me she didn’t get angry) and told me that this is my problem it will be alright you go home but I got some courage and suddenly hugged her very tightly and started kissing her shoulder and get neck.

Not even a minute she too started kissing me back in my shoulder and we had lip lock for about 6 min and I broke out the kiss and started massaging her boobs with her tops then she removed her tops !!

Omgggggg watta boobs as she wearing red color bra I became mad and she too I was massaging her boobs vigorously and I removed her bra too..Now she’s is with her pink panty which is full of wet . I’m continuously massaging and licking her nipples vigorously and took one of my hand inside her panty and started rubbing her pussy and after I removed her panty and started licking her pussy.

But she felt comfortable by standing so we go to her master bedroom which is very large . Then after going to bed room she lied at edge of the bed then I inserted my two fingers and started giving force fingering in a while she started moaning …… ..Aaahhh !! Aaahhhh !!! In few seconds she just squirted fr half a minute.

Then I started licking her pussy she gone out of the world..Simultaneously I am fingering and licking and she squirted for 2 times and she started moving her hip up and down and she signed me to insert my dick.I took my dick and try to insert it but failed and she guided me to insert it.

She’s virgin my tool went only half way then I gave a strong push some blood came and tears came from her eyes then for few strokes I felt tight after that it became free and we started fucking freely in missionary and I was fucking in rhythmic and after few minutes she squirted and blasted and as its my first fucking session i’m also about to cum in few minutes but it was completely awesome as my tool inside her pussy.

Then I nodded her that I am to cum but she told me to cum inside then I cummed inside … Woww! ……… !!Goddd!!Wattaa feel it taken me to heaven .. Then for sometime we slept nude and they we gone to bathroom for cleaning then I found her ass makes me moody and I studied in net that girls loves when we lick her ass..

Then I cleaned her ass and started to lick it like mad then I was licking her pussy and ass simultaneously then after sometime I deeply licked her ass and she started cumming for about 2min and we had small session that time I fucked her ass by pouring some almond oil in her even while fucking she cummed. Then at climax I told her i’m gonna cum then she took my tool and have heaven blow job omggg!!!

That day was heaven in my life what a fell then we became very tired and came to bedroom caressing each other then we dressed and I came to my home and we had many session when we get time!!

In my next story I describe you how I fucked neighbor unsatisfied aunty .

Looking for your feedbacks and unsatisfied women and who wants secret relationship girls in chennai can contact me.!!

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