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College Girl Friends Fun On Goa Trip

Shilpa and jigna were good college girl friends. They were the life in our group. Full of jokes , positive energy and fun . We always used to go out as a group of 10 to 12 and always had great fun going for picnics or dinners or pubbing .

Shilpa and jigna planned a goa trip. Along with them was me , Max and 3 more . Total group of 6. For some reason last moment few of them cancelled trip but by then we had already done the car rental booking and hotel reservation. So finally we 3 went. It was a fantastic road trip . We Took photos and ate great food at highway stopovers.

The first glimpse of doubt happened when i was driving and both girls were backseat and went to sleep. Jigna was resting her head on shilpa’s shoulder but due to the twists and turns of the road her head was right on shilpa’s chest. I could see the warmth between them .

We reached Goa and since 3 had cancelled we took just 1 room. i took the sofa cum bed while these 2 girls took the double bed. We freshened up and went shopping. By evening we bought a lot of stuff like t-shirts , caps and usual things that all buy at Goa.

Evening we decided to go to the in-house pub. They had great music. As u all know goa booze is cheap and so we order some single malt whiskey. We started chatting and soon we all were 3 pegs down.

Shilpa wanted to dance . Jigna felt she was high so she sit at the table. While shilpa and me started dance on some fabulous music. Shilpa had great hips and a great body. She grooved so beautifully to retro songs as well as latest songs.

Then we decided to go to the room as we were not interested in the buffet. So i picked up a bottle of sparkling wine and we went back to our cottage room. Jigna seemed tizzy so she quickly changed into her nightie and crashed on the bed.

Shilpa went and changed into her nightwear shorts. Oh she had great white milky legs. She looked really hot. I too changed into my shorts and singlets.

Shilpa and me sat at the sofa and watched tv while sipping our wine. Our legs were touching each other and some kind of a current was slowing into me. Shilpa was hot , vivacious , and had a lot of positive energy flowing thru her.

On minutes i had a huge bulge in my shorts but i would never make a first move. So i controlled and just enjoyed her company.

Our drinks got over and she said she would like to sleep now. For the first time ever , she came close to me, hugged me and gave a kiss on my cheeks and wishes me good night. Her warmth of her chest and softness of her belly was giving me shivers.

I too gave her a peck on her cheeks but very close to her lips . I wished her good night and said i was not sleepy but will put the light off and listen to my music thru earphones.

Around half an hour passed and i felt i should now sleep. I removed my earphones, went to pick up my bisleri water from the fridge. When i came back i could hear some soft moans . I got curious and went near shilpa and jigna and what i saw completely shocked me.

They both were lip locked , kissing each other passionately. Jigna’s hands were caressing shilpa inside her thighs and shilpa was holding jigna’s face and kissing her passionately . I was delighted , shocked , and desperate to be in between them. But i decided not to make slightest of noise and just watch these beautiful 2 girls make love to each other.

But i could not control my huge erection and started masturbating. I dont know when i came out and just felt asleep.

The next day morning was when everybody behaved normal. Just that i knew what had happened . I decided to be cool about it and thought its better if these girls themselves share their experience rather than me asking them and making them uncomfortable.

It was a nice bright sunny day and so we decided to spend the whole day at the resort itself. At around 11 it was full sunny n hot and we decided to get into the pool. Both girls changed into their swimsuits and i was also in my swimming trunks. The resort had a lovely poolside bar and so we ordered our drink and got into the pool. It was off season in Goa so there were not too many people except 2 foreigner couples.

As you know foreigners enjoy life and so these 2 couple were busy having their drink, swimming one lap of the pool and then smooching each other.i was mesmerized looking at kissing going on in the open and shilpa and jigna caught me looking at the foreigners.

I was in trunks so i had a bulge that was visible. I dont know when shilpa and jigna saw me looking at the foreigners but they also saw my bulge and smiled at each other. In their mind they had made a plan .

I was unaware of their plan and just start enjoying the moment. They started splashing water on me and suddenly we 3 were busy playing , splashing water , picking up and throwing each other in water.

I always liked shilpa and so many times while playing in water i realized i touched her hips , her waist, my palms cupped her breasts when I picked her up. She did not mind and i did not do it with intention .

We played for almost 1 hour while we sipped 2 drinks. We then decided to go to our room for a nice shower. The lunch would close at 3 so we had to quickly take shower and be back to lunch hall.

We went into the room and both girls went in together for bath. I realized what they were up to. I knocked and told them to finish their bath fast so that then i could go and we could be in time for lunch.

knocked again and this time to my surprise shilpa said that why dont i also come in and have bath since the bathroom is big enough and v all are getting late for lunch. I sensed some naughtiness but did not want to miss this opportunity. said ok and they opened the latch.

I went in and was shocks to see both girls naked with water dripping on their fair bodies. Before i could react they pulled me in the shower and after that it was the most amazing experience of lifetime. They rubbed their hands on my back and chest. Shilpa kept her palm on my bulge and slowly squeezed my dick.

I was really hard. She removed my trunks and started stroking my dick. Then she put her full lips on my lips and swallowed my lips sucking my tongue and sucked me between my lips . Meanwhile jigna moved down and started kissing me near my tummy.

She slowly moved her open mouth and sloppily took my entire 6.5 inch in her mouth. She had a big mouth and she swallowed the full length if my dick . Jigna was moving her mouth sideways on my dick as if playing a mouth organ.

I kissed shilpa on her breasts and slightly bit her tit buttons. She felt amazing and started moaning . My mouth was in her mouth , my hands were pressing her breasts and my dick was inside jigna,s throat. . This dance of madness went on for 15 minutes. .

Then both these girls sat on the beautiful flooring of the bathroom and started wildly kissing each other . I put my finger in between their smooch and  getting finger lick .

Shilpa then started licking my dick wildly and in between jigna gave her long fingers. Shilpa was sucking my dick and jigna’s fingers while her hands were stroking my dick and my hands were now pressing jigna’s big and huge balls.

I put the shower off and then we 3 dried and came out on the bed. We 3 now started wildly kissing in a threesome smooch.

After ten minutes of 3 tongues fighting it hard , i held my dick which was by now like a flexible hose pipe of rubber and starting tapping and hitting it in between the smooch of jigna and shilpa. Both girls were driving me wild. I now entered jigna and started humping her deep. I made my thrust hard and ahe would moan.

As soon as she moaned her mouth opened and shilpa smooched her deeper. It was super fun. I was careful not to cum inside her.

Then i removed my semi wet dick from jigna and made her lick it. I again became rock hard. I now entered shilpa. Shilpa was tight inside. I kissed jigna while i humped shilpa hard . We continued this act for another 1 hour. We missed food . By the end of it we were totally exhaust .

We stayed there 3 nights and in those 3 nights and 4 days i must have done bit 14 to 15 times. When we left from there we 3 were a different group . Now we keep meeting often at jigna’s house whenever possible.

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