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Cuckold Fun In Paris Trip With Cousin

I have just begun for the first time. I am a businessman. Married since last two years. Two main characters in stories. First – My wife Sneha. (Bold, beautiful 34-28-36) Second – My cousin Viraj. (Fair, handsome) The story was described by my cousin to me.

It begins in Paris. We three me, my wife & my cousin were on holiday trip to Europe. We were in Paris. We allotted two rooms one was for both of us & second for my cousin. We just check in that day. All of us were tired. I and my cousin got freshened up and roam around the hotel. My wife was in room & having rest. I had doubt in my mind since our trip begins that my cousin had crush on my wife. When we were roaming in hotel premises, I have had an idea to hook up Viraj (my cousin) with Sneha (my wife). I have planed all the things.

I told Viraj to go to room & I went to our other business group mates. We some of friends plan to visit nearest architectural museum. I went to our room. As all other ladies in group stayed at hotel I told Sneha & Viraj to stay at hotel in our room. I got ready and left the room by 5:30pm.

Now the story begins. Following is described by Viraj to me when we were on the way back to India & we both were sitting at airport.

Word by Viraj:

I closed the door & seat on the chair. Starting a television. Sneha was going to bathroom to freshen up. I got some dirty ideas in my mind.

I suddenly got up from the chair & drop some water near the cupboard area. Back to my place and waiting Sneha to come out. Bathroom door was opening slowly. Sneha came out in towel only. Ohhh… Her cleavage & half of boobs were drained in water drops. Her legs – fair legs looks gorgeous. I got hard on immediately. My mind was blowing. I got up & act like taking water bottle from table.

Sneha went close to cupboard and her legs were on the water, she was going to sleep badly but I was immediately rushed to her and caught her from behind. My hands were on her belly. Her ass touched my thighs and surly my hard penis. She got shocked & got nervous also.

I: “it’s ok Sneha. Nothing is happened. You just fine.”

Sneha: “Thanks Viraj. If I fell down, entire trip will screw.”

I: “Sneha, I would like to say something. Can I?”

Sneha: “Sure.”

I: “You look so hot in towel.”

I just got shocked that what will she react.

Sneha: “Humm. Thanks.”

She turns towards me and her towel was dropped on the floor suddenly. She was in shocked and covers her nude body by her only two hands. I was watching her body with broad eyes. I lift the towel & try to give to Sneha but somehow she couldn’t manage to stand and fell on me. I lost my balance and we both fell on nearby couch. Her breasts were pressed against my chest. I hold her tightly as we fell just now.

Suddenly I sensed that my hard penis was try to penetrating to her pussy. I could sense her heavy breathing. I gathered some courage and give her a soft smooch. I could feel her soft lips. I feel that she was also enjoying. She was giving response. I tightened my grip. Slowly I slid my hands to her ass. Suddenly she came in sense and got up with towel.

I: “Sorry Sneha but I didn’t mean to do that.”

Sneha: “It’s ok.”

I gathered some courage & ask her.

I: “Sneha, I need to spend a night with you here & I want to give you pleasure that bhai can’t give you till today.”

Sneha: “What the hell are you talking about? Rahil (Obviously me) and I are really happy in our life. Please stop this all.”

She found her way to bathroom. I ran behind her and grab her from behind. I threw her to bed. I came upon her and plant kiss on her lips again. She started to oppose me but I was strong enough to restrict her oppose. Smooch was on till 05 mins. Her force was gradually decreased. I thought she was enjoying.

I came up and remove my t shirt & jeans in one short. She was still lying on bed and looking at me. I snatched her towel and threw it away. She was nude in front of me again. But this time she wasn’t try to cover her. Again I was on her. Her breasts were feeling awesome on my chest. I started kissing her neck, shoulder. Her hands were slowly coming to my back.

She started enjoying. I took her boobs in both hand and started pressing them softly. She started moaning slowly. I took her nipples in mouth and suck it slowly. I moved to her belly kissed it then I show her pussy. Ohhh… It’s wet all the way. I removed my underwear and stood with my erect 6” penis. She didn’t say a word but her eyes said that she needs it badly. I stretched legs and put my penis on the gateway.

Suddenly my phone rang. It was you (Rahil). I picked up the phone. Just imagine how it feels when me (Viraj) and your wife (Sneha) were nude and start to fuck each other & you called. I gave phone to Sneha. She talked for two minutes. Put the phone aside & I pressed my penis to her pussy. She moaned: “Ahhh.. Viraj. Make it slow.” I made another three hard thrust & it all the way went in. Still I couldn’t imagine that I was fucking Sneha. I started giving strockes very gentally. She & I even feel in heaven.

We both were moaning “Ohhh… Yes… Fuck me all the way…” By twenty to twenty five stroke I pumped it out. I took Sneha from bed & made her stand to full glass window. Her face was on the side of glass. I stretched her legs, made her bend and insert my penis from behind. In a single stock It went in. I started pumping in. What a feeling!!! Great!!! Room’s light were on deem mode, so we could look outside from window. Room was on 6th floor and time was around 8:30pm. No one was watching us. I gradually increase the speed. Sneha moaned loudly as my speed were increase.

I shouted: “I am going to come Sneha.”

Sneha: “Me to Viraj.”

I: “Can I come inside???”

Sneha: “Why not… You can make your dream come true.”

I: “Love you sexy.”

And I feel her come on my penis. Immediately I also came in her pussy.

Sneha: “It feels great Viraj. You made my day.”

I: “Thanks for lovely fuck Sneha. I would like to make it again and again.”

Sneha: “Remove your penis. So we can clean our selves as your bhai will back any time.”

I made it out. Turn Sneha to me and smooch her. Smack on her ass and we were started to clean up.

Door bell rang and here you were. Rahil…

Word by me (Rahil):

This was the story described by Viraj at airport. Still Viraj don’t know that I hooked them up. Many more to come. Please give us your feed backs

Thanks all…

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