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Cuckolded My Useless Husband

Hello All This is story how a slut wife cuckolded his husband in the hospital. I am working as nurse in a multi specialty hospital and in charge of master health check up programme. i have to go to hospital by 8.30 and my husband Peter has gone for duty by 6 AM and he is working in the same department as accountant.

Me a very horny girl and wants a dick 24/7 in my juicy cunt and my husband can’t cope up with that and hence he accedes his defeat and let me go loose in sharing bed with others and hence I fuck other males some time with his knowledge and most of the time without his knowledge and he never minds about that.

I allow him to fuck me once a month and he will be excited on that whole day as he gets me once a month and during last few fucks he was requesting me to get fucked by others before him.

with that thought I just brushed and went for a piss in my toilet . removed my night dress and panty and started pissing. My piss was flowing and when I see that I miss my husband as he is a great lover of my piss.Since I am not in talkingtrems with him for the past three days I am not pissing on his mouth for the past three days.

I am working in sexology department and when I went to the hospital you was waiting for the doctor and the doctor was not there. I was sitting inside the doctors room and watching porn. Duty doctor came inside and pressed my boobs and asked me where is the doctor. I took his dick out form his pant and was stroking I don’t know may be fucking some patient in hospital bed..he took his dick from my mouth could be…Ok see why that man is waiting for e what he wants and dispose hi off h just went . I put my boobs in place and came to you.

You seeing my boobs get up so that you thought you can see my cleavage. I asked you what is the problem…you seeing my boobs could not speak much..madame my problem is ….problem is…I could able to understand U want to see the doctor only….Ok Ok understand that time my husband was going that side So i I called him …hey Dog come here..where is my doctor…he said Oh madame your doctor is actually fucking his lady patient in room no 2-3. It will take at least 2 hours for him…I said yes yes I know he will take two hours…he is not like you to take only 2 minutes any way ask this man what is his problem…he is shy to talk to me…

My husband and you talked in husky voice and then my husband came near me and said ..he has erection problems…and touched my boobs …So I gave him a slap on his cheeks’ and you was frightened but I said come inside let me see and see the possibility of curing you..You hesitate to come inside alone and wanted my husband also to be teher inside when I examine you SO I reluctantly took both inside and closed the door.

Now I asked to sit in chair and me standing near you asked how long is your penis …you get shocked…it s 8 inches…Oh lovely,,,show me first…I unzip your pant my self and when I do that my boobs get hot by your hand twice or thrice…My husband was seeing all u do not want my husband so u showed your fingers towards him…

I am having your zipper in my hand said no problem he will be here,,,but u said no I don’t want him…SO I said hey dog get out…my husband do not want to go as eh knows any way I am going to fuck you at least while fucking you itself was it not possible for him to see my boobs and he hesitate to go…SO I have to give him two slaps very hard and pushed him out.

But he was watching us from out side but I don’t care…

Now I made u nude and OMG…your dick was cute…so big…so stiff …so strong…it was straight and stiff…I put my hand on it …it gets a jerk and get an inch more I started rubbing its head and asking you what man you have solid dick and it is so strong..where is teh problem…You enjoying my rubbing your dick and seeing my cleavage said no madame when I insert and do after few strokes it get loosened….thats I why…

Having your dick in my hand still I was saying Ok go and bring your wife we can see whether it gets down or erect ..we will see here…N madame she can’t come as she is very furious that last one month I could not fuck her she won’t come…holding your dick so firmly then how to see that I was thinking….Madame…you have a pussy why not try with yours…My cunt was already dripping…and asking me to accept the offer…so I said Ok and directed you to one of the room holding your dick in my hand walked in to the room where my husband was hidding and watching us.

The moment I said yes you pushed me in bed and you wer almost on me and remove d my nurse gown in a flash and throw it with force on my husband’s afce and ripped open my BRA and panty an din minutes I am nude and you also in nude and you widened my legs and inserted your dick deep inside my pussy and started fucking me taking my boobs in hands and sucking my nipples and fucking me as hard as you could.

Oh fuck Actually I was enjoying the fuck I forgot that you are fucking now so fast so nice so speed without gap with a strong dick I could feel a iron rod inside my pussy for testing whether you have erectile dysfunction….I was moaning but I stopped hey stop stop stoppe d the fucking but your dick was as stiff as rod inside my pussy …what is this…your dick was not down…

I pushed you and get up and your dick was shinning with my cunt juice and was so strong and straight …you was seeing my pussy and when I come down you pushed me and make me bend and inserted your dick inside my pussy as doggy and said now it will come down and started fucking me like hell no heaven.

You hold my boobs in hand and fucking as hard as you could making me moan cry shout …and I was so worried that I will get caught fucking while working pushed you again so I pulled you r dick out and was running towards my husband as my dress was near him and when I come closer to him he pushed my dress further so that I will be in nude for some more time.

So I bend down to hit him he catch hold of me so that you can easily get me again and you made me to stand and wanted to insert your dick in my pussy and my husband took one leg as high as he could so that you can get the hole and once you get the hole you inserted your dick again and fucking me.

Fuck fuck fuck…so fast so speed nice fuck…and you fucked me for 20 minutes without a gap and cum heavily inside my pussy and fell on top of me …and after that when I was in trance you fingered me for while and made me to cum …..with you r cum inside my pussy I asked you there was no problem in your dick….

You are perfectly alright…at that time another nurse marry came in and said he has no issues Vasnathi. He was having an eye on your for quite some time to fuck….i ONLY GAVE HIM THIS IDEA…actually he is my husband…..I said to you …Ok from today onwards come daily at 8 pm and fuck me……Mary was weeping and my husband also weeping but you and me was hugging and going inside bath room to wash our organs.

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