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A Date With A Lady Massage Therapist

As it was on my trip to abroad I used to travel alone to abroad due to my work and where this incident happened once I traveled to Singapore after my work and meeting got over felt so bored at hotel just want to explore the Singapore. As I got international license I took a self driving car started roaming around Singapore finally I found one spa where massage is done.

I thought y don’t I get relaxed parked my car inquired the rates and type of massage they provide. There was two girls who are massage therapist wearing short jeans till thigh t-shirt where seeing and laughing at me I thought entered a wrong massage.

As I need only massage nothing more than that but finally fixed a olive oil massage they said me to wait in a cabin which is covered with a cloth and suddenly these two girls entered intro them self as sukerka , hayathi.

Where sukerka on a perfect shape and hayathi was slim with big breast where we started to chit chat a while as both of them are free to me now and some non-veg jokes are in middle they both pulling my leg so finally her boss called hayathi gave her some work.

Said sukerka to take care of me so she showed me a towel which barely covers only till knee said to remove all cloths be only in towel I was dub struck finally I asked her can I wear boxers or not .

She smiled and said you can wear that and on top wear a towel while i’m changing she went out brought all the items for massage like oil , lotion once I done change into towel asked me to sleep in bed facing down I just laid still she started poring the oil on my back and started massaging.

Her hands was so soft it made current on my body. She was doing it in a such a professional way massaged my shoulder went down and massaged my leg toe I was getting a strong erection once she done said me to turn back I was so felling guilty that it will be clearly visible once I turn finally I turned around she saw my erection and laughed I directly asked why are you laughing she just point my dick.

I openly made a statement how come a beautiful sexy girl is massaging as a boy how can I control she just laughed started her massage on my chest while her hand on my chest massaging it made me more tempted and I was on peek suddenly the another girl hayathi came in asked me how was the massage I said so good.

Hayathi said that’s what your dick is standing up now “oh shit I forgot to cover that ” she said its ok enjoy and she left .. This girl sukerka came on top of me and started massaging while directly siting on my dick covered with boxer and towel once the fully massage over she asked to take shower. I said will take it in my hotel so we started our conversation I asked her for mall so I feel bore here she readily accepted I went to my hotel took shower picked her up from her place ended in shopping mall .

We purchased her a new dress and cosmetic perfume we where holding hands like lovers it was there hours shopping . I paid the bill entered into the car she just hugged me tightly and gave me kiss on my lips it was unexpected for me but I came to sense started kissing her lips chewing her lips took one hand started pressing her left side boobs it was so soft was doing this action for 10 mins finally broken by a car horn bang on our back we both saw each other and laughed.

I know something is going to happen today we went to some restaurant had our dinner went strait to my hotel she was surprised I said have to take some docs and will leave so she came to my room once we both entered I just lock the room started kissing her wild. She responded so wild like hunting for sex.

Made her to sleep in bed and started removing all her cloths one by one by my teeth she was holding my hair so tightly made her nude in mins it was like a white doll with pink clean shave pussy and pink big nipples on bed I jumped on her licking her pussy juice it was awesome.

Her hands was gripping so tight on my hair started inserting my tongue into her she was breathing heavily she reached her first orgasm as I came up and kissed her she pushed me in bed and started to tear my dress she was so wild beast.

When she saw my dick in full hard she was like insane took my whole think inside her mouth and gave me best blow job I ever had she was so wild even her teeth mark on my penis I shot sperm in her mouth without informing her she was like tasting it as ice cream and wanted more ..

I made her sleep and spread her legs placed my penis on her vagina and just in one push went fully in was tight and fucked her so fast she was screaming and banged her for hours . She came top of me and started riding me it was awesome feel to see a girl with so bouncy boobs sitting on your cock and jumping.

I cannot hold any more I just shot into her pussy we just relaxed in bed for a while and I asked her why did you laugh while I enter into your shop after much completion.

She said actually you saw my friend hayathi rite she said you look so handsome and want to get fucked by this guy so at last I got you .. Again I got erection she to got into mood again we made love for 4 times..

And in next story will tell you how I fucked her friend without her knowledge

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