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Days As Good As Nights

Hello readers , this is Ashish from Lucknow . Have well built athletic body . Girls , aunties or bhabhis can contact me

Coming to the story , I am B.Com student in one of the reputed college of Lucknow .

I live in lucknow on a rental flat . This is an incident of a lady who shares the same floor on which my flat is. Her name is rashmi . She is just newly married and obviously have an awesome figure and great assets. My time for leaving college and her husband to office is almost same . So we often face each other when she comes there to bid bye to her husband . I was already amused of her beauty but never thought of anything else.

One fine day while leaving for college I faced her and bid a smile to her and she too smiled back. I happy with her this gesture. This day had already written something unusual since the morning she smiled . When I came back from college I saw her returning from market with many bags in her hand. I ran to her . I said hi she also replied with a hello. I asked whether I could help her with the bags. I took few bags from her and we walked till the lift. We entered the lift and other people also entered at the same time . It became crowded so she stood next to me. Our arms were touching. I was in half sleeve shirt and she wore a sleeveless kurti. That touch was heaven. I helped her to her flat and said bye.

Next day was my holiday due to strike in university . I was in my flat listening music. Someone knocked at my door . I opened the door and was shocked to rashmi at the door. She had a cup of coffee in her hand that she gave it to me . I asked her to come inside buy she denied as she had household work to do. After I drunk the coffee I had shower and went to her flat to return the mug . I rang the bell . In seconds she came out full of sweat. I thanked her for the coffee and asked if she was okay ? She was fine and asked me to come in. I entered with a view that I may help her with some household work. I came and sat on sofa. She continued with her work . After 10 minutes she came and sat on the sofa opposite to me.

Then she asked me about my family and all. I complimented her of beauty and she thanked me. I noticed that her bra strip had came off the place and it was looking odd. Out the blue I pointed with my finger towards the bra. She noticed it and adjusted it there only. She smiled . She than came and sat next to me and turned on the tv. I was aware of this move. I too shifted a bit towards her. She started asking about whether I watch roadies I said yes . While talking our faces were almost 15cm scale away.

I suddenly stopped talking and started looking at her face . She too did same . Out of nowhere I kissed on her lips and started smooching her. She too cooperated and helped me to adjust. We knew something naughty would happen today. I entered my hands in her kurti and started caressing her navel. She started breathing heavy. We stood and forwarded to bed room. There I hugged her and gave a kiss on her lips. She could hardly breathe so I stopped and came on my knees. I removed her kurti up and kissed on her navel . She enjoyed and put her hands in my hairs .

I went down further and kissed on her pussy over the leggings. She shivered . I lowered her leggings and removed the undergarment. I could see a pink hairy pussy . I got down on my knees and started sucking her pussy . She enjoyed the act and spread her legs. I asked her to lay down on bed with legs spread. She did the same. I licked her clits and fucked her with my tongue. Then she sat and removed her kurti and her bra. I kissed on her lips and we hugged . That feeling was awesome.

I then took one of her boob and sucked it like a baby. One noticeable thing was that we both didnt speak at all. I sucked her boobs and again came down to her vagina and sucked up to her orgasm. She again smiled and lowered my knickers . She took the penis in her hand over the jockey and shook it . I enjoyed the move . I asked her to lay down on bed and remain flat. She did the same. I lowered my jockey and laid on her. I adjusted my penis into her vagina. I asked he if she was ready. She nodded.

So I entered my penis into her pussy slowly. She closed her eyes and was normal in moments. I then started moving my penis in and out of her pussy. She enjoyed the feeling and jumped her ass off in between so that she could get the penis deeper inside. I decided not to hurt her. I believe in lovemaking not hurting. I fucked her till I cummed and meanwhile she also came. We both were tired. I hugged her. That feeling was awesome. She kissed on my lips and on my forehead and said I love you . I kissed her back on her cheeks and said I love you too. She then went to clean herself and I also dressed up.

That was the day when rest of my days became better than my nights.

This was something I call love not lust.

Hope u all liked my story. Do leave feedback . If any girl or bhabhi from lucknow or nearby city want to make love . Then please contact.

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