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Dehradun To Mumbai – Male Escort

Hi to all the readers – especially to aunties,bhabhies,girls and all the ladies who find their sexual desire outside and here…this is Ronny after a long time from dehradun and now in Mumbai for one month and I have received several feedback’s regarding my post stories..Mostly from boys.Let me make it clear I provide my service of male escort to females only..So please feedback’s from male are acceptable but request to provide my service of male escort is acceptable from females..Mail me on [email protected] lets start my story.

This is my life changing encounter for whom I felt in love with my client. Her name is khubsoorat a lady of 34 and very young looking with a fascinating eyes ,she emailed me after reading my story/experience. She thought of getting in touch with me through mail and we chatted one hour daily for 3 days and fourth day she gave me her number and told me to call immediately ,

So we discuss our meeting date and I shared my charges and some of the personal thing like she told me about her husband and her daughter. Her husband was the CEO of a known MNC and she never loved to have sex with her husband since they get married . And from last 4 months she was finding someone who can fulfill her desires its really hard to trust some unknown person through mail id from a sex stories site .I made her comfortable and its her first time so it was my job to make her feel free and safe as there are several fake gigolo roaming online. So we decide to meet in dehradun.

I forwarded her my received my payment and booked a room in four points ,texted her my room number and she was there in 5 minutes (as mostly females text me their room numbers and hotel but her it was like she was visiting my town so I did it with a advance payment ) she rang the bell and I opened the door and saw her with a orange and navy blue combination long gown.

When I was admiring her she grab me and shut the door and start kissing me on my lips without any halt and rubbing my tool (dick/penis) continuously with her hand for next 20 minutes and I started give my service .I came on the top of her and start teasing her with my tool I took my legs wears off and taking my rock hard tool between her boobs and till her chin and she was very hungry to suck my tool ,i did this for 10-15 minutes and took her gown off and wow she was wearing animal print bra and panty set .

That made me more excited and I started licking her belly button which made her breath heavily and slowly I follow this between her boobs in which she was pressing my face and playing with my hairs then I came to her neck and lick n bite that and started removing her bra and unhooked while playing with her back ,and now she was naked and wow she was looking damn sex goddess with a 36 d boobs and a dark brown nipples I wasn’t able to stop myself from licking and sucking her lovely nipples and I did it with my tongue round and round, squeezing her boobs some time softly and some time like a wild tiger and she was enjoying this and now she was wild like tigress and asked me to move down I took of her panty and start licking her pussy slowly and I have never seen any client wild like this (as I have done with more then 50 clients but this client was wildest ).

And now she took off my shirt and started lick my body from up to down and finger and toes every were and I was licking her ear lobes it make them more and more excited and she finally came to my tool and starts licking the top cap of my tool with her tongue and slowly massaging my ball like she was hungry for this from several years and start jerking it hard in her mouth for 20 minutes and I came in her mouth and serious she drank that and loved it. And I know I was relaxed we both lay on the bed and kissing each other without a gap and she was massaging my tool area so that I get ready and fulfill her dreams after 6-7 minute I was ready again and told her lets do wild session and she replied do you really think I am in a mood of doing this slowly after several years and when I paying you good amount ,

I gave her a naughty and wild smile and jumped on her put a man force and inserted my tool with a jerk stork without thinking and she shouted very load aaahhhh ronnyyy fuuckk meee then I placed a kiss on lips to make her silent and giving her fast storks while pressing her boobs hard and she was biting my lips and tongue. Scratching my back with no nails and I did this for 30 minutes and flipped her now she was on my top and riding herself madly with a open hairs and moving boobs up and down and tool was rock hard n she was hot from inside ,

She was kissing me and moving her ass up and down slow to faster and licking my ear lobes which made me excited and we both started stork each other she was doing from the top and me from bottom and the noise was coming is like pppaacch paaacchh and she was moaning aaaaahhh oooooo aaahh iiiee about tooo ccooomiee rooonnyy .

When she was about to come she was mad and wild and kissing me, moving her pussy left right in a proper position and and saying again and again I love you ronny I love you ronny . Be mine forever , I gave her a naughty smile and said for sure and mad her realized that this was my best session ever as I have done this several times and in different position ,sometime in bathroom, sometime in car but still I loved this the most and I proposed her . Now we are together but she pay me regularly for my session.

Thanks for reading my experience and you will see new experience every month or too and this is my promotion experience writing so that I get more clients in mumbai, dehradun, delhi and all over india, write me on [email protected] for my independent services like massage, pussy shaving, traveling partner, gigolo, male escort and for females bachelor parties ,will wait for your positive feedbacks. Beware of fake service

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