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Delhi Housewife Massage Fun

I am Akshya from Delhi, single young educated hot and horny male. I like to give and receive orals a lot and I love to explore every hole of a female. I love to try different things and experiments in sex. I am a good masseur as well. Now coming to my story, I had put an ad on a social fling randomly that I am a masseur and females from Delhi may approach for the same.

It was just a try of luck. After quite a time of posting the ad, I got an email from a female from south Delhi. She was 32 married to a businessman who used to have less time for her. Initially I thought its just a prank, So I replied inconveniently to the email. After a day I got reply that she needs a massage at her place in next week. To try luck, I replied with my number and she started chatting with me on whatsapp.

Now I was sure that she is a female, we exchanged pics and fixed the day. The coming Saturday was an off from my work, so I told her about the same. We fixed it for 3PM. On Saturday, I went to her address and there she was residing in a duplex bungalow in posh locality of south Delhi. Once I saw her I was just looking at her with my jaw drooping and mouth open. She was one hell hot girl I ever met. She was crafted perfectly with awesome shape face cut. She was in a t shirt and hot pants till her mid thigh.

She invited me in and asked what are you looking at ? I told her she is a heavenly beauty and she is hottest I ever met. I praised her face, her hair, her legs and thighs, her boobs, her protruding ass and what not.

After sometime, she said well the stage is ready. She took me to a room where she had arranged a mat on flooring with perfect scene for massage. I asked her to take her clothes out and within no time she was nude in front of me. I looked her with hungry eyes and not even a single hair was visible on her armpits, or pussy. I asked her to lie down on her tummy and once she did, her magnificent ass was too inviting, and I whispered, O my God! I also took my clothes out and was only in my underwear. I took out a baby oil and poured on her back and shoulders.

I rubbed her back and shoulders and started a massaged. She was murmuring hmm mmm mmm ahh great. I massaged her shoulders and took care of her each arm. I went on the sides of upper back and touched the sides of her boobs. I did it few times and she kept saying ahhhh hmmm nice, go on. I massaged her back till her ass.

Then I poured oil on her ass cheeks and I began groping and kneading that sexy ass. I pumped pressed and kneaded both ass cheeks. I let my hand trail through the ass crack and I massaged her whole area there. She was moaning and whispering. I used my finger and massaged her asshole from outside. I paid more attention there, kneaded her cheeks more and more. I spread her legs a bit and I now started trailing from her asshole to pussy. Once I touched her pussy, she let a loud moan ahhhhh I love it, Oh God! Im loving it ahhhhh hmmm. I poured the oil on her thighs and massaged each of her thighs started from inner thighs till the ankle. I paid more attention to the area where pussy joins the inner thighs. I didnt touch the pussy and went down. I took each of her foot and gave foot massage.

I massaged each toe of her feet and I took each leg and massaged it in one go from top to bottom. I asked her to turn around and I poured oil on her boobs. I massaged her boobs kneaded them, pumped and pulled them. I groped each boob in my hands and squeezed each of the boob in my both hands. I twisted and rotated the nipples. I kept on pulling the boobs and nipples. Her moaning got louder and louder. She was in ecstasy and kept moaning loudly. I pumped her boobs for a pretty good time and used enough oil. I then went down till the navel and massaged her navel area. I kept massaging her sides. I went up again and took her arms out and above. I massaged her armpits till boobs on each side. I could sense that she has already cum once she let another loud moan and became stiff. I went down and poured much oil on the pussy.

Then I massaged each of her pussy lips. I took each lip in my one hand and rubbed it. I took both lips together in between my fingers and with another hand I massaged the top of the pussy lips. I inserted two fingers inside her pussy and gave her finger massage. She kept on moaning and groaning. I tapped the pussy with my hand and gave many pats on her pussy. I kept massaged each lip and inserted my finger and massaged til inside. I let pass one finger of one hand in her asshole and two fingers in pussy and I massaged her pussy and rubbed the three fingers together. I rubbed very fast and very vigorously, she kept on moaning and yelling and pleaded me to stop as she wanted to pee.

I told her to set it free and relax and I kept doing it very fast and in no time she flooded my hand and the sheet below with gushes of squirt. She became very relaxed and thanked me for my skills. She said this was her best ever experience so far. She then asked me to wash her in bathroom and we both were under shower in no time. I kept massaging her body under the shower and yet again I fingered her pussy and asshole together. She went into doggy style and I inserted one in asshole and this time three fingers in her pussy. I gave her nice fast and vigorous fingering that she started screaming and moaning.

After sometime of fast finger fucking, she squirted again though the quantity was less. She was exhausted and tired. I took her out, dried her body with towel and helped her to go to bed. She requested me to stay for the night and I obliged for the same. After the dinner till morning, she made me to fuck her five times in her holes. We did in standing 69, I fucked her in lifting her in my arms, I did doggy style fucking her asshole, I sucked and fucked her pussy in standing too and much much more.

If you like my story wish me to write how I fucked her 5 times, please do mail me. Any female from Delhi NCR wishing for a masseur and a hot fuck, please feel free to contact me on email. I assure you of my decency and secrecy as well as I respect female folks a lot. For those girls & ladies from Delhi NCR who wana have friendship or a sex chat, please do mail me as well. My email is [email protected] I will share my contact details on email with genuine ladies only.

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