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Desi Wife Devika- A Honeymoon Revenge


We had been married just for 2 days and the cool breeze of the midnight brushed past me. We were in the magical mauritius for our honeymoon… my thoughts were running insane.

The marriage ceremony was brilliant and we were both tired as hell during the wedding night and slept it off to glory. At least I did. I was in a trance all night. Amit was an excellent guy and we had been in relationship for the last 5 years when finally we decided to marry each other.

We had had so many escapades where he had kissed me in a mall. We went to third base in a cheap hotel. He went down on me… I went down on him and he had hastily cummed in my mouth and he still apologises for that. Little did he know I loved it.

We never had had sex. Back to the present I was enjoying the cool breeze as it hit my naked breasts. I was enjoying them because I was sweating. Sweating from the sex I was having.. Sex I was having while Amit slept his way to glory.

Actual story:

Hi this is Devika. I am an IT professional in one of the major IT hubs in the country. Amit is my long term boyfriend and recently turned husband also an IT professional. We got married last year and took off to the Mauritius islands for our honeymoon.

All through the flight me and amit discussed nothing but sex. It was new for both of us. We had had many instances where we were nude with each other but as traditional South Indian brahmins, we refrained from. Sex 😛

We talked about each other’s expectations about sex and from each other. We talked about the positions we wanted to try having sex. We also thought of experimenting a little.

PDA is frowned upon in India and we always had the misfortune of getting caught by someone we knew.. So we planned that we shall display the PDA in Mauritius even though it’s not common there as there would be nobody who would know us post the 7 day trip.

Day 1 in mauritius:

We reached the pearle Beach resort a comfortable 5 star Beach resort on the west coast of the island. It was 5 in the evening when we reached and we planned to take a walk along the beach.

I was wearing a red spaghetti top and a black knee length skirt. As we reached the end of the beach the sun was about to set and the sky had turned to a brilliant orange. He held me by the waist pulled me closer the silence was magical and we broke into a kiss..

The kiss was long and passionate as we savored each other’s lips.. We turned more face to face as he help me at my waist with both hands and the kiss continued.. As we broke out of the kiss, he playfully tried to pull my skirt down.. But he failed.. I gave him a look which said dare to try it again..

This time he pulled hard and both the skirt and my panties were at my ankles.. He ran away as soon as he did that… it took a few seconds for me to gather my thoughts and pull the skirt back up… the beach was secluded and we were the only ones in the beach so I did not mind being bottomless for a second..

We broke into a sand and water fight as I chased him… it was exciting and thrilling… we had our dinner at the restaurant and went back to the room… Amit was kinda tired as he had not gotten any sleep on the flight and was sleepy..

He started snoring pretty soon… I mock hit him for sometime alleging him that my honeymoon is being wasted.. It was 11 in the night and I tried to sleep but the sleep evaded me completely. I planned to go for a swim and changed into my swimwear.

To describe myself, I am not a stunning piece of eye candy. I am fat and big boobed… when I say big, it means 36F big… but one thing I am pretty proud of is my ass… it’s damn sexy. I was wearing a complete cover swimsuit which started at my neck and ended near my knees…

I wore a shirt on top of that and carrying a bathing towel I neared the pool… as I was about to jump in the supervisor came saying that the pool was not supposed to be used post 10 PM. I was pretty darned disappointed and was returning when he called my name.. I was shocked..

How did he know my name? He came near me and asked if I was devika from India.. I nodded in agreement. He came close and took out his mobile and held it to me and started playing a video… it showed a beach and at a distance there were a couple walking. It looked like a CCTV footage.

As the video zoomed in, I realized it was me and Amit and we had broken into a kiss.. I prayed the living hell that my moment of forced wardrobe malfunction is not captured but as the video continued, we broke the kiss and then amith pulled my skirt hard.. As he began to ran, the video zoomed in onto my crotch which showed the bikini waxed pussy…

I was embarrassed the hell out. He looked at me and said we don’t encourage this… I was ready to run and said we were sorry and about to move when he held my hand and pulled me back. he browsed his mobile and showed me a picture. It was me half naked and topless.

I was sleeping.. I tried to grab his phone when he started swipe to other pictures of me where I am fully naked and my hands held by another hand holding a dick. I recognise the sheets on the bed and am sure it’s out first night. Amit had taken photos of me but how did the supervisor get it?

I was wondering if the pics were all over Internet. I started weeping when the guy made me sit down on the chair next to the pool. He sat next to me. I did not know what to do… I was staring at blank space when I felt a hand at my waist. He pulled me closer and said his name was Gary and he was the restaurant supervisor.

He made me turn my face and placed his lip on mine.. I was not responding as his lips were mauling mine. He made me sleep on the chair and asked me to relax. His hands were at my feet as he started kissing..

My legs are super sensitive and I jerked the moment he held my calf. It was a strong hold as I couldn’t break out of it.. All I could do was mumble out a weak what are u trying to do… he said let’s teach your husband a lesson. Came close to my face and kissed my lips again… this time thoughts were running wild about amit…

I was slow but this time I responded by kissing him back. I held his neck with both hands and started kissing him passionately. He tried to make back and I pulled him into an embrace and continued to kiss him…

We moved from the chair to the floor where he made me sit up, removed my shirt and put his hand on my back and slowly started unzipping my swimsuit… the cold air hit my back and there were goose bumps all-over my body… he carefully zipped it open and pulled out the swimwear…

Now I was topless in front of a stranger and my heavy boobs heaved in the anticipation of some action. He came to my nipples and kissed them and started kneading them… I was in 7th heaven pushing my chest forward. He bit my nipples and took a bite of the boobs…

I guess it turned red in no time as it started to sting… he went on with my boobs for some more time by which time I had managed to get his zipper open and was trying to pull open his dick. It felt half limp… I took his dick out came close and kissed it. I hated blowjobs and had planned to never agree on giving one to Amit. I swallowed the cock and slurped it around with my tongue.

It was an average dick about 5 Inches long. He got very excited and started digging his nails in to my back. I took him to the verge of cumming and then stopped. Held the base of his cock tight. Then again started the procedure. Kissed the tip of his cock, put the head and sucked it like a popsicle.

Then went all the way down using my mouth and hands completely on his cock. He was shivering. I tot he would cum any moment. I Stopped and removed his pants completely and took of my swimsuit completely.

I slept on the floor as he came on top. He fucked me unprotected for a while. It wasn’t too exciting. I wanted more. I made him sleep and i went on top. Tilted my head back and put his cock inside my pussy. I started pumping slowly. I knew i was in control,I pumped him hard for a couple of minutes and he started shivering again. I knew he would cum.

This time i could see desperation in his face to orgasm. He hit my cunt walls as i kept pumping when he cummed all inside me. I kissed him, asked him to take all my clothes. It was close to 4 Am. Amit would get up at 5:30 i sat naked in the balcony of our room waiting for him to wake up. AS he woke up he came outside and got startled to see me naked.

I asked him to go down on me as i was very horny… He went down but he did not like going down on me and more importantly he did not like the semen inside my cunt as i made him lick all of that.

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