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Doctor Used Swati’s Mother To Fuck Swati

This is Swati’s story, how a doctor used Swati’s mother to fuck Swati.

There were 4 members in Swati’s house… her father (around 50), mother (around 45), brother (1 year elder to Swati, doing engineering) and Swati (who was doing her engineering)

A little bit of background for the story.

Recently a doctor shifted from some other town to Swati’s hometown. He has open a new clinic very close to Swati’s house. Soon Swati’s father and mother became his patient. Soon Swati’s mother used to go to the doctor even alone and even with problems related to her private part. Which the doctor used to check in detail and soon the doctor started to fuck Swati’s mother.

The doctor had heard from neighbors about Swati. So he decided to make a video of him fucking Swati’s mother and used that video to blackmail Swati’s mother to cooperate in her plan. Swati’s mother was also aware that Swati was a slut. So she also decided that it’s better if this doctor fuck Swati and not ruin their reputation. So she decided to help the doctor in his plan to fuck Swati.

Finally during the winter breaks arrived and Swati came to house to enjoy her vacations. during the same time Swati’s father has to go to meet a politician in some other town as he was working for a political party. So there was only Swati and her mother in there house and this is when the doctor plan to fuck Swati.

As there were no male at home so Swati use to wear only a very thin top and short (without any undergarments). Recently Swati got some skin disease during her stay at college due to which she was developing dark patches in her skin.

Swati’s mother talked about this once to the doctor even before Swati came to her home. After her father gone her mother gone to the doctor to get her regular dose of check-up. Which the doctor supply in both her holes with full force and told her that he is very much interest in examining Swati’s skin issue.

It was already about 8 at night and Swati’s mother knew that Swati would be watching TV in her top and shorts waiting to open the door for her mother. So she decided to take the doctor with him to her house so that he can “examine” Swati.

At around 8:30 Swati’s door bell rang and she rushed to open the door. She was surprise to see the doctor coming with her mother. As soon as her mother and doctor entered the house her mother told Swati that the doctor is here to look at her skin issue.

Doctor held Swati’s hand and started to look at the dark spots and informed her that this might be due to sunrays. He started to rub Swati’s hand slowly pretending as if he was trying to access the severity of the skin reaction.

After rubbing her skin for some 10-15 mins he concluded that Swati is having allergy to sun rays. But he will have to do some more examinations in order to completely verify his theory. He asked Swati to lift her t-shirt a bit which Swati did.

So now Swati was standing in front of the doctor lifting her t-shirt with one hand. Doctor was holding her one hand (which he was pretending to be using to compare the skin burn in her hand and stomach area). And the doctor was constantly rubbing and pinching her stomach. After enjoying her firm stomach for some 10-15 mins the doctor asked her to turn back so that he can examine her back side.

The doctor asked her to open the button of her shorts, Because it was too much high and he wanted to see some more skin for getting a better sense of skin reaction. Swati opened her button and slightly opened the zip.

Doctor pulled her shorts a bit down to expose a very good portion of her butts. And started to rub and grope her juicy butt. He was also trying to occasionally pull he ass crack skin to top and to put his hand near the ass crack to touch her panty. But after several fail attempt to touch her panty the doctor completely slide his hand to grab her left ass cheek. And then he realized that Swati was not wearing any panty.

Swati was now feeling uncomfortable and ask the doctor if he is done with examination. Doctor sensed some resistance and looked towards Swati’s mother. Swati’s mother told Swati to not to be shy in front of the doctor and let him do his job. With this Swati just nodded in agreement thinking that her mother is there to protect her and this boost doctors moral.

Next the doctor said that it looks like the effect of reaction is high on back side. And that he will have to examine the upper back also. So he asked Swati to lift her top further. Meanwhile her mother interrupted and said that it would be better if Swati removes the top completely. So now Swati removed her top completely and was standing topless in a short pant which was also half open.

Now she was trying to cover her 32 C boobs using her hands. And the doctor was sliding his hand top and bottom at her back feeling her body completely.

At times the doctor was asking for her hand so that he can compare the burn in her hand. And burn at back due to which she was only able to cover her boobs partially. The doctor was now twisting her hand, pinching her skin and occasionally putting his fingers into her side boob. While doing all this he was watching her facial expressions in a mirror in that sitting room.

finally after doing this for 10-15 mins the doctor came up with a very brilliant idea to proceed further. He told Swati that the burn is very severe in back side but not visible in front because body fat might be hiding it. So in order to detect any such issue he will have to check her front side for lumps. Swati was scare to let the doctor touch her boobs. But even more scare of the infection, so she quietly remove her hand from the top. Doctor help Swati’s hand and turned her towards him.

Doctor started to push and grope her boobs with complete force as if they were some sponge. Soon he realize that there were some bite marks near her left nipple. The doctor asked her mom if she can arrange for his food there only because it was already late. Swati’s mom got the signal and nodded her and left the room to kitchen.

So now the doctor was pinching, groping and even pulling Swati’s nipple. By this time Swati was irritated and he asked the doctor in an angry tone if he was aware what he was doing exactly. The doctor was waiting for this very moment. Then he told Swati that he found what he was looking for. Swati was also surprised and scare if he found the infection.

The doctor told Swati about the bite marks on her nipple. And asked if she would like to share the information with her mother also. Listening to this Swati went to a state of complete shock and fear. The next thing doctor did was very unexpected. He took one of her boobs in his mouth and started to bite the nipple. Almost as if he will eat it today. And slides his one hand into her short and slides it further down, in order to finger Swati.

by this time doctor had already had 2-3 orgasms due to Swati’s magnificent body. And decided to save her pussy for other day. He gave Swati his mobile and asked her to punch in her mobile no. So that he can call and tell her about next appointment.

Then he left Swati and told her that if she did not follow her orders then he will share her secrets with her mom and dad.

Next part is on how he fuck Swati.

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