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Dog and the Housewife

I had always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a dog. It wasn’t an obsession just more or less curiosity brought on by some of the stories I have heard and read.

One afternoon while my husband was at work and the kids were at school. I was relaxing watching my soaps eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, when I heard a scratching noise at my front door. The neighbors German Shepherd was loose again and searching for something to eat. He often came to my door begging for a bone or some scrap of leftovers I’d usually give him.

I opened the door and there was Moti wagging his tail looking up at me waiting for me to open the door and let him in. Moti was a large dog, in fact one of the largest German Shepherds I have ever seen. But he was very friendly and totally harmless to the people who feed him when he went begging for food.

I opened the door and let him in, he followed me to the kitchen where he knew I would give him some treat to munch on. I wasn’t sure what was left from the night before, so there I was bent over looking through the fridge for Moti’s lunch when I felt his noise making its way up my inter thigh sniffing the left over sex in my pussy from the night before. All I was wearing was my husbands long sleeve white shirt, I had no panties on to protect my exposed bottom from the huge dog sniffing wet pussy.

I wasn’t sure what to do, if I moved to fast it might startle him and who knows what he would have done. There I was, frozen in my tracks waiting for Moti to loose interest in me. His nose went higher and higher until I felt it touch the cheeks of my exposed ass. I heard a loud slurp as his tongue made contact with the crack of my ass sliding up my crack to the top. WOW, what a feeling, warm, wet and slightly rough. I spread my legs apart to give him access to my pussy with left over cum in it. He applied another long stroke to my bare bottom, this time making contact my pussy and spreading my lips apart as his tongue made its way up the crack of my ass passing over my sensitive ass hole sending tingling sensations throughout my body.

As I stood there bent over at the waist allowing the dog to continue licking my ass and pussy I knew I wasn’t going to let this stop until this huge German Shepherd got me off.

I slowly stood up, my legs still spread apart and Moti attacking the hole in my pussy with a wild frenzy as I attempted to close the door of the fridge. Just before the door closed shut I spotted the peanut butter and jelly I had used to make my sandwich. In less than a heartbeat I had the peanut butter opened, my shirt unbuttoned and was applying the gooey substance across the rock hard nipples of my tits. I wondered if the dog would stop licking my pussy long enough to give my tits a tongue bath with that massive pink tool slurping away at my trembling pussy.

I slowly turned around to face the large dog standing in the middle of my kitchen wagging his tail and starring up at me as if to say, “I sure would like to fuck you.” I bent over and allowed my tits to dangle about 6 inches above his open mouth. He caught a whiff of my peanut butter soaked tits and his tongue darted out of his mouth. It made its way across my tits sliding across my sensitive nipple causing my knees almost to buckle. I let him finish licking my chest until all the peanut butter was gone and the only thing left was the moisture from his 6 inch tongue and two very hard nipples.

I started walking to the rear of the house toward the bedroom removing my shirt as I walked down the hallway. I looked over my shoulder to make sure Moti was following the open container of peanut butter I was still caring. He followed me all the way into my bedroom sniffing the air and wagging his tail as he walked in the room behind me.

I sat on the edge of the bed with my legs spread wide I allowed Moti to once again lick my cunt, his long pink tongue painting my entire pussy with each stroke. I could hear the sloshing sounds as his saliva mixed with my pussy juices, as the overflow dripped off my ass onto the floor. I moved my hands to my pussy and spread the lips apart to give him better access to my open hole. His tongue continued to fly across my open lips occasionally slipping deep into my the hole of my pussy.

The feeling was sensational, never before have I had a tongue so deep inside me. My pussy was full of my husbands cum from the night before, but the way Moti was lapping it up I would soon be drained dry. I reached over and positioned a few pillows behind me, as I leaned back I made sure that my ass was still hanging over the side of the bed. I pulled my legs up toward my chest and kept them spread as wide as I could so Moti maintained access to all my sensitive parts. The new position allowed my asshole to come in contact with Moti’s thick wet tongue. The feeling was what I hoped it would be, hot tingles shooting up my ass to the pit of my stomach making my legs start to shake and tremble.

The dog had a wild tongue and he knew how to use it, it kept sliding across my asshole to the top of my dripping wet cunt sending hot flashes throughout my turned on body. He kept missing my clit as his tongue finished it’s upward stroke across the throbbing spread lips of my wet pussy. I lowered my hand to my wet hole and inserted it as deep as I could to get some left over cum. I rubbed my clit with the left over sex juices I had extracted from within me. That definitely worked because on the next upward stroke of Moti’s tongue it lingered on my clit as he slurped up the juices I had left there for him. I continued to slip my finger in and out of my hole placing the moist wet substance on my clit and asshole to force the dogs tongue where I wanted it. I felt my body react to his tongue is if it would to a man’s.

I couldn’t believe it, this huge gorgeous dog was about to get me off. If his tongue would keep up his licking for a few more minutes I would cum in his face just like he was my husband licking my cunt the night before. Three more strokes of that long wide tongue and that was it, I started to tremble, my legs tightened, the cheeks of my ass quivered and my pussy started to drip cum from the orgasm the dog had brought me to. The hot juices coming from my pussy got the attention of the mammoth dog poised between my legs. His tongue picked up speed and he forced it deep within the hole of my pussy. It darted in and out lapping up every last morsel of fluid coming from deep within me. The sensation was beyond belief, no man could have gotten his tongue that deep inside me. I had heard that having a dog eat your pussy was a 100 times better than a man and now I knew it was true.

My pussy was almost empty of all the juices I had within me, and I was afraid that if Moti had gotten it all he would stop licking me. I reached over to the jar of peanut butter I had brought into the room and started spreading my bottom with the sticky material. I slipped my finger up my ass hole, depositing large amounts of peanut butter deep within me. As I pulled my finger out Moti went to work on my dripping hole. I slipped my hands around the outside of my legs to the cheeks of my ass. As I spread them apart my hole opened a little and the dog’s tongue darted inside. His tongue entered me with loud slurping noises and caused my hole to relax and open wider. The more his tongue probed my hole the more it opened, the more it opened the more he probed it. Soon my hole was big enough to fit his entire 3 inches wide tongue all the way in. I was so far gone from the tongue fucking he was giving me I have no idea how many times I had cum or how long I had been lying there letting this dog have his way with me. All I knew was that I was loving every lash I was getting from his enormous long wet tongue.

It continued to flicker in and out of my asshole with an unbelievable frenzy. The sensation of being butt fucked with a tongue bigger than most men’s cock’s was causing my legs to shake violently. Every time the tip of his tongue flickered when it was deep in my hole my ass reacted with tingling pulses relaxing it and opening it wider.

He began to lose interest in my throbbing hole, I immediately reached over, put my finger in the container, grabbed as much gooey butter as I could and filled my ass up again. He went right back to my hole and probed me deeper and deeper to get every last drop from within me. I could feel my body reacting, I was getting hotter, I was wet from sweating, and my breathing was out of control. I was building toward another orgasm and it was going to be a big one. My ass was humping up and down faster and faster and the dog’s tongue never missed a beat. He was licking in time to my frenzy motions and driving me crazy.

I felt my orgasm start again, it began deep in my womb and spread through my body. My pussy must have squirted out my cum juices, because Moti lost interest in my ass and concentrated on my love hole. My cunt reacted immediately and convulsed with yet another hot orgasm delivering even more juices from deep with in me. The more I came the more Moti licked my hot cunt and the more I wanted his tongue inside me. This was the wildest tongue fucking I had ever gotten. My orgasm subsides and my legs fell weak and to the floor. They were still slightly spread and Moti continued to lick my wet sticky cunt. His continued licking brought me back to a new heightened sense of want. My pussy was way out of control and I was at the point that this huge German Shepherd could do with me as he wished and I was not about to object.

I lay there lifeless while the dog licked my inter thighs from the crack of my ass to the top of my wet cunt. I looked between my legs at the dog attacking my crotch with the lust of a 16 year old boy. I stroked the top of his head with and affection I would of a man making passionate love to me.

I could see past his huge head to his back and his rear end what was pumping up and down as if he was fucking something underneath him. I thought, if his tongue felt that good in my hole what would his cock be like. It took me a few seconds to decide but I finally made up my mind. I was going to let him fuck me. The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of a dog cock entering my pussy and filling me with his cum. I wasn’t sure how to go about fucking a dog, but I guessed the two of us would figure it out. I slowly slipped my ass off the edge of the bet to the floor and sat directly in front of Moti’s huge head my back resting against the bed. My hand moved down his hairy chest to is stomach then lower to the tip of his cock. I slipped my hand lower over his entire shaft I was amazed at the size of this thing. It filled my hand and it wasn’t even fully extended yet. My other hand reached behind me and grabbed the container of peanut butter. I dipped my hand into the jar and coated my tits with the brown butter, drawing Moti’s head to my chest as I sat face up in front of him, my hand still stroking his prick as he licked the butter from my chest.

A ball started to rise in the dog’s prick and I started to twist and squirm from the pleasure of his tit licking. My hand stroked his massive shaft a little faster and his rear started to hump in time with the jacking of my hand. His mouth left my chest and he started to lick me higher. He got to my neck and then my chin, my head fell back against the bed in pure ecstasy. His tongue kept licking me, up my chin to my cheek to my lips. I slowly opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to enter me. He licked the inside of my mouth with soft wet strokes, the feeling was quiet exciting, and I opened my mouth wider to allow him full access. My tongue flickered back and forth across his as I allowed his advances to go unchecked.

Our tongues kept darting back and forth across each others as my hand continued to stroke his wonderful cock. The ball at the base of his cock was getting bigger and the pink shaft of his cock was emerging from its protective coating. His cock continued to grow in size with every stroke of my hand. I wondered how large it get and could I fit it in me. I lifted my self back up on the edge of the bed with my ass hanging over the side again. I reached over and put my hands under the dogs chest and pulled his front legs onto the bed. I lay back resting on the pillows that were still where I put them earlier.

There I lay on my back, my ass hanging over the bed no more that a few inches from a huge wet pink dog cock about to enter me. My hand lowered down his chest to his massive shaft. It was fully extended now and it was huge, at least 9 inches long and at least 1 and a half inches across. I’d never had a cock this big before, I’d only dreamed of what it would be like. I guided the head toward my opening and allowed the tip to enter my pussy about an inch. My heart was pounding at the thought of being fucked by a dog, I loved the idea and wanted him to take me and fuck the hell out of me.

His ass started to hump as I stroked his wet stiff shaft and the tip drove deeper in my hole. “MY GOD he’s in me”, I thought, as his shaft filled my throbbing cunt with a forward stroke. I lay back and allowed the dog to take over, he stroked my pussy with a wild frenzy no man had ever exerted before. His strokes were fast and long, his cock filled my entire hole and stretched the limits of my opening. I threw my legs around his back and crossed them at the ankles. My legs pulled his ass toward me on the inward strokes to force him in me as deep as he could go. I put my hands on both sides of his head and pulled his mouth to mine while he fucked my hot throbbing pussy. His mouth was open with that huge wet tongue hanging out.

My tongue entered his mouth and started licking his tongue while his ass was thrusting back and forth driving his cock deeper and deeper in me. I could feel the ball at the base of his cock grow bigger and bigger as it was past the opening of my pussy well within me. The bigger it got the more it stretched my opening, it felt like a baseball was pounding in and out of me. It drove me crazy and I hoped the ball would get bigger and he would continue to ram it all the way in me. Moti’s strokes got faster and harder my legs wrapped around his ass could hardly keep up with him. I could sense he was building to a massive climax. I was about to have my cunt filled with dog cum. As his strokes quickened so did mine, I matched every inward thrust with an upward one of my own. I was building to a climax of my own as the huge Shepherd had his way with me.

Suddenly I felt a warm slippery substance fill me. It warmed my whole lower body as the dog jerked squirting his cum inside me. The feeling triggered my own orgasm and I went off in a frenzy. Our bodies bucked in a wild frenzy both cumming at the same time. My orgasm was huge it kept coming in wave after wave as the dog kept humping my hot trembling pussy. I was amazed that the dog kept cumming long after I was done. My pussy was so full of dog cum that it couldn’t take any more I could feel the warm sticky juice exit my pussy and roll down the crack of my ass. Moti’s strokes slowed down then finally stopped. I could still feel the huge ball inside me and wondered if he would be able to get it out.

It frightened me that we might be stuck together till his swelling went down, but just then he jumped back and a large plop came from between my legs as his huge ball exited my wet swollen pussy. The sensation of a ball the size of my fist exiting me sent goose bumps up and down my back and triggered another small orgasm. I lay there exhausted from my fucking trying to catch my breath and bring my senses back to reality.

All of sudden I saw someone standing over me. MY GOD it was my husband, he must have come home for lunch and saw the whole thing. I looked down and saw that he was naked and had the biggest hard on. He pushed me back on the bed, climbed on me and said “Now its my turn” as his cock slipped deep in my cum filled pussy. Having my pussy fucked by my husband just after fucking the neighbors dog was more than I could stand. I started cumming immediately then passed out while my husband was still stroking my wet pussy with his stiff cock.

I slowly regained my senses, I was still being fucked by my husband while the dog was at the side of the bed with his tail wagging from side to side. I opened my eyes and looked up at my husband who was totally engrossed in the fucking he was giving me I said softly “You don’t mind me fucking the dog?” He looked down at me and said “I would have never thought that I would allow it till I seen it, but it had to be the most exciting thing I have ever seen.” “Would you do it again for me?” he whispered.

I quickly responded with an “Absolutely, would you like to help him fuck me in my ass while you’re in my pussy?”

He looked down at me smiled and said “Roll over, get your ass in the air and I’ll get the dog.”

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  1. Many people who want variation have immensely been pleasure
    to heaven by animals. The housewife in the story too enjoyed her
    mating session with animal….dog..

    1. I live in Canada Have seen girls take their dog for walk. Most of then make use of dog.
      Seen many girls get fucked by their dog. I have seen girl getting fucked by dog.
      It is better then finding guy.

      1. Hi, I too live in Canada, sounds interesting, I m in Mississauga.

  2. Very good one. It happens at many places. But don’t know why people are afraid to discuss. Nice story………

    1. Many people do not like having sex with dog. In arab they always have goat with them. I have not seen but other people tell me they fuk the goat. If women can have sex with dog then man can fuck goat. I dont know about Arab it must be in India and other places.
      I like to know if it is right. I have seen women and their hubbies let the dog fuk by dog. Many women in USA and Other places seen in pick and movies

      1. Yes, you can surely have sex with a dog. But you should get time alone.

        1. we girls and women got a club on friends farm. Where oner of the farm and dogs.Now we do not have to go far for dog. We have to pay small fee.
          Normally our male women and other girls can come to club \. The fee is very small. Many older female like to have dog. They are friends with LOVe\
          I am others love it. Far have about 4 dogs. Non member have to pay.
          ask what u want

          1. I ready to fuck you ..
            Dont go any way..

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