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I am Jack(name changed) living in a common PG at Bangalore. I am an average guy 5.7 height and 5.4 inch cock. It happened during Dussera Holiday wherein I had double pleasure with 2 Friends . My nearby Pg Roomate name Latha ,normal colored girl with 32-28-34 stats and 5.5 ht. We dont speak frequently but cross each other with a smile.

This Dussera i didnt went home, my roommates went to their home town. Saturday it was boring and i was sleeping in my room and someone one knocked the door. I opened and really surprised it was latha standing in T shirt and jean. As it was Duserra holiday nearby recharge shop is closed and she wants to recharge and she asked whether any other recharge shop is nearby. I told no problem give your number I will recharge through my friends. She told thank you and give her number and I called my friend to top up.

Her number is recharged and she is happy.We begin to talk casually.

I called her dont stand outside come inside room and we can talk.She said ok and for half an hour we talk blah..blah..

While talking I notice her thighs it is so attractive in tight jean. I thought to touch it.While talking i casually put my hands on her thighs she said nothing.With some unknown feelings Suddenly pulled her on me and begin to kiss.She screamed. I give her a long mouth kiss and pressed her boobs. She slowly begin to enjoy that.I removed her t shirt and kiss her milky boobs as she was not wearing bra. She begin to moan.I cupped one one boobs and sucked other and slightly bite her nipples.She moaned and jumped.

I layed her on the bed and removed her jean and panties and kissed her thighs and her pussy and started licking it.she moans in ecstasy and fingered her with my three fingers.Her thighs begin to shiver.I separated her thighs and licked her hairy pussy again and again holding her boobs with one hand I removed my trouser and put my penis on her mouth.

She sucked like anything for sometimes. I was in joy of hell and urinated in her mouth I then separated her thighs bite her pussy lightly fully licked her pussy to depth and tasted her salty puffs which is hot and inserted my penis in her tight pussy and started pumping. She had already started releasing her grease slowly and steadily we were kissing and fucking. I kissed her boobs frequently.

She hold my buttocks with her hand and cried fuck me. For ten minutes I pumped her so hard and hot juice came from her .I too ejaculate hot milk into her. She sit on my face and moved her paining pussy on my mouth and shouted lick yar. She urinated into my mouth with shivering. I took latha to bathroom and cleaned her pussy and bite her pussy we hard there till she cried.

Saturday night we were fucking her roommate called her .She told she in the the adjacent room.Her roommate came and knocked my room I opened the door She was shocked to see her roommate lying with blanket covered.

She asked what is happening guys. Her name is Meena with 36-32-36 .I did n say anything I closed the door throw off my towel catch Meena and Put her nearby Latha and bit her boobs over chudi and with one hand i inserted my hands through her kurta pant and cares her pussy. She had a cleaned shaven ed pussy. I cared her boobs, removed her tops and bra and started eating her boobs.She was moaning her boobs become hard.I massaged her tight boobs with my hands and start kissing her. she was holding my penis and shaking.

After sometime she came down and took my penis in her mouth and sucked like a pro then licked from top to bottom. I removed her PANTS and started to lick her thighs,I inserted my tongue on her buttocks and started licking it and next licked her hot pussy like anything.She cried you fucker.inserted my penis inside her thighs which sided to her pussy without any disturbances. Latha is seeing everything and laughing at Meena. Meena screamed to Latha he is fucking he is fucking.I sat and took Meena on my lap and shook her body up and down.My penis had a hard pain and Meena is flying with joy.

Latha came near to me and kissed. I cupped her boobs with one hand. Meena cummed like anything after sometime. We then do 69 positions No chance Meena is sucking my penis like ice cream and latha whose thighs make anybody to fuck her I licked latha thighs everytime. Latha urinated on the bed. I cummed inside Meena mouth. Latha then put her hands inside Meena pussy and fingered her hardly.I begin to shake my penis strongly inside Meena mouth.She cant hold the heat.She begin to urinate uncontrolled. Latha put her mouth on Meena pussy and drank without wasting any drop

We slept for 4 hrs and by 10.00 pm we waked up ..I put my penis inside latha mouth and my mouth on Meena pussy . It s really joy I cummed and urinated on Latha Mouth. Then I lied down this time Meena is holding my penis in hand and sucking .Latha is sitting on my mouth and rubbing her pussy front and back . By morning 3 a.m we again started our cum fest.This time layed Latha and Meena side by side and their thighs separated.

I licked One pussy and fingered another. Both are enjoying. I bite both their nipples hard which made them rocking.Our bed was fully wet.Our body sweats,pussy’s smell and my penis smell ,Everything is different.

We cummed,urinated,teased ,bite and hold each other,licked buttocks,thighs we three fucked Saturday night and Sunday I fucked them in different positions till my penis and their pussy pained. I fucked them on the bed, on the floor I, in the bathroom, bathing together. We slept in 69 position s. Fucking 2 days all we can .I liked latha the way she cums her hot juice and Meena giving good company We are waiting for chance to fuck again.

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