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How I Drilled My Mom! By The Help Of Tinder

Hello people out there, this is a true event which took place few months ago…

I use a social app called tinder . I just matched a girl on that app.. And after a conversation with her for 4 weeks.. We had a topic out and we talked about our sexual life. I told her about my sex scenes with my girlfriend and she told me her sex scenes .. And I don’t know the topic got so interested that we started talking about our family sexual life’s..

Here the point came where the girl told me about her family sexual life.. She told me that she had oral sex with her father.. She used to finger and lick her mothers cunt & vice versa . Her brother used to fuck her mom and herself. We talked about it a lot and that made my intentions change towards my mom.

And few weeks dad had his business meeting somewhere in dubai and he left for it. He was about to stay there for 15 days and more. So the only people left home were me and my mom.

It was a good Sunday morning..where I had my college off and mother had her office holiday. We both were home the whole day, got our Sunday spent by watching movies .. Some daily soaps and a adult movie where there were some sexual scenes.

It was about 8:00 pm in the evening and my tinder friend texted me.. We talked and I told her to have sex with her father.. And in return she challenged me that if she has sex with her father.. I had to drill my mom the same night. And I agreed to it.

Few hours later I received a picture of my friend and her father nude on the bed and that confirmed me that she had sex with her father(picture on another social app) .. And now I had the challenge to fuck my mother.

After the dinner, my told that she is in her room spending her time with her mobile and then she will sleep.. And I had to go to my room.. I was thinking only about having sex with my mom in my room. So I thought to do something and have sex with her.

I purposely cut one of my aur condition wire and went to my moms room to sleep with her saying her that my air condition ain’t working. She was all okay and she told me that I can sleep in her room.

She was wearing a black nighty with her bra and panty. And I was wearing a sleeveless Tshirt and a boxer. And the time came we kept our phone on side table and were about to sleep. I had my intention to fuck my mom and my poor mom just thought that I’ll sleep and go to the college next day.

Lights were on. Air condition was on. And I was in my blanket.

I never knew mom used to wear bra and panty and a nighty in the night. I thot she would be in a Saree only. So mom had some water and she told me that she’ll be right back. She went into the washroom and she came back. Now we were both in the same blanket. Mom was on my right side facing her back towards me.

I didn’t wanted my mom to sleep bcoz I wanted to fuck her and complete my challenge. So I started talking to her.

Me: do u always wear a nighty and sleep? I thought you would be in the same Saree u wear the whole day!

She: yes I always wear a nighty and in the morning I get back to my Saree. What happened?

Me: No, just a general question. Btw u look too pretty 🙈

She: Ahaha Tysm. But I think it’s not the right time to talk .. U must sleep u got ur college tomorrow .

Me: I ain’t sleepy, and I m feeling hot too. Maybe I have to remove my Tshirt also.

She: even I am feeling hot too but I can’t remove my clothes and sleep. You may carry on if you want.

Me: why can’t u remove your clothes and sleep. I am not a stranger to you. I am your kid only. (While removing the Tshirt).didn’t you wear your undergarments?

She: I know baba you are my kid. And yes I did wear my undergarments. But you know a mother would feel uncomfortable staying only in undergarments in front of his son.

Me: I don’t have any problem. You know that I m also only in boxers right now in the same blanket. You may remove ur clothes as the room is dark too.

She: (thinks for seconds, gets up) okay,since the room is dark I think I can remove my nighty and sleep. ( removes her nighty, gets back into the blanket)

Me: giggling, I can still see ur undergarments🙈😛

She: close your eyes and sleep, good night! (Little loudly)

Me: ohkay! Good night. ( closes eyes just for sake)

And then few minutes later I see that mom is still awake and she also ain’t sleepy. So Inside the blanket I suddenly poke her stomach. And she turns back laughing loud. (She: go to sleep, stop poking ) and still I don’t stop.. And now while poking her I ask … Mom what if I was dad and I was poking you.

What would u do! She answers, if you were him I would have just slept in his arms and won’t let him poke me . I told her.. I am ur son only. If you want me not to poke you .. You can get ur head in my arms. And luckily she keeps her head in my arms. Her hand on my chest. Her boobs touching my side. Her legs touching my legs. And her breathe gets a little heavy. And then I tell her.. If you don’t mind can I ask you a personal question?

She: yes , go ahead!

You would sleep naked with dad in the bedroom na?

She was a bit shocked but since she was in a good mood. She answered , yes!.
Then I told her in a sarcastic way , If you feel hot still you can remove the rest of the clothes too.😛

( get a hit on my face) . Naughty boy …go to sleep. Or else leave the room.

Then few minutes silence. Her head stil on my arms. Hand on my chest. Breathe heavier. Maybe she started missing dad.. And I was getting my way more clear to fuck her. Then I placed my other arm on her head and started playing with her hair. Her breathe got more heavier now.

Then I rubbed her shoulder gently. She got more comfortable. I could feel her boobs touching my side. I got my gun erected. And suddenly .. She by mistake keeps her hand on my gun. And she felt that it was too hard. She woke up and told me what was that? What I was thinking and feeling that I had it got erected?

I told her that her breathe, her body, her boobs made me go crazy. She said.. Stop thinking all such nonsense and sleep. She turned herself and she slept facing her back towards me. I then placed my hand on her back and was rubbing it gently. And then slowly I opened her bra strap.

She was not aware about it and I started rubbing the whole back body. She then later got to know that her bra was loose.. She now knew that I opened up the strap but she didn’t react. Facing the same side she said? Tell me the truth u want to see me naked huh?

I slowly uttered . Yes, Mumma. She removed her bra and kept it aside and told me please sleep and let her sleep. Then I started rubbing her belly and I slowly reached her boobs. I touched it and she took my Hand off from it. I again touched it and now she didn’t react.

I caressed her and her tits got erected. I started pressing it while she was in the same position facing her back towards me. And then I gently took my hand to her belly and tried to reach her panty. She then with a loudly voice said, no , don’t even think also. And she took my hand back and placed on her belly. I again took my hand I touched her panty.

And she told u won’t listen me na. I told in her ears. No Mumma I won’t listen you today. And I kissed her ear. Then I told her ki I want to see her full naked .. To which she agreed and removed her panty. I could feel her body getting warm and she was getting sweaty. I touched her pussy then and it was wet already. I then caressed her pussy for While.

I was happy that I was getting ways clear to fuck her. And then after minutes she told me that this is enough now sleep and let her sleep. She turned again and now her back was facing the ceiling . I then removed my boxers silently and I threw it away. I then switched on my side lamp lights and removed the blanket from me and my mom.

She in a loud voice. What are you doing. I told u to sleep. I told her that Mumma sshhhhh.. See this( pointed my penis) and I could see her eyes .. They got mad seeing it. Ofcourse who won’t get mad seeing a 9 inch dick. She then asked me what are my intentions for the night.

I told her clearly that today I want to replace dad and want my machine to drill u Atleast once. She gave me a naughty smile and turned back again facing her back to ceiling and slept. I then stood up. And went on her back. Now my penis was touching her ass.. My arms were hugging her and I gave her a neck kiss.

That neck kiss seduced here alot. She was on now. She turned and she kissed me . Then I kissed her.. Tongues with tongues for 10 minutes.. Then she told me that whatever was going to happen was going to be a secret forever and which would be for just first and the last time.

I then agreed to it and kissed her again. Then I started sucking her boobs and she stared breathing heavier and was moaning . She than hold my penis in her hand and was shaking it. Then I got on my knees and she kissed the head of my penis. I told her to take it in mouth but she didn’t agree for it.

I kissed her hard and told her enjoy everything go for everything. She then took my penis in her mouth. After few minutes i was about to cum.. I told her to remove my penis out or I would cum in my mouth .

To which she told me to shoot in her mouth. And then I cum in her mouth. And now it was my turn to suck her pussy and get her to heaven. So I went down to her pussy. I started licking it.. I fingered it. And I tasted all her juices. I could feel the warm.

She was moaning aloud.

Then I took my penis and kept it on the entrance of the glory hole. And slowly slowly I entered into it. Then I increased my speed time by time. And she started moaning a more louder. I was sucking her boobs and was drilling her.

We changed many positions and she was enjoying it. She told me that she never tried many position. She was always down and dad was always up.

And few minutes later I cum again. And she did too. I loaded the glory hole with all my juice. I and her were both sweaty by the time. We then rested on the bed for some time. And since she was on for the rest of the night. She again took my penis in her mouth and made it hard.

And the she wanted to ride so this time I was down and she was up. I could see her boobs dancing .. I could see her facial expression of getting satisfied and enjoying the session. I could feel the warmth of her pussy. And while I was shooting her. I took a photo of hers and I sent it to my friend.. Where I won the challenge.

Then it was almost 5 am in the morning .. We had 3 sessions in all and we were both exhausted. We slept for an hour and then she woke me up. I could see her all naked and I was naked. She told me to join her in the shower. She hold my penis and took me to the shower. Seeing her naked. My penis got erected and it was paining a lot bcoz of the last night session.

She knew my penis was paining but she was still on. She wanted to taste it again. SO she took my penis in her mouth again in the shower. She told me to cum again in her mouth bcoz my juice tasted well. I cum again in her mouth. We had shower and we went to our respective day.

This was all about my story. Now , I my mom my tinder friend, her mom and her brother fuck together in group. I fuck my friend and her mom and her brother fucks my mom. When dad’s not home .. I and mom fuck… We roam all naked in the house now.
Sometimes social apps help u fulfill ur dreams too.

Hope you all like it. Wait for some more stories.

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