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I Drilled Virgin Punjabi Girl From School

My name i ankith .This incident happened when i was in my 12std ……when i fucked a Punjabi girl thanvi(name changed)….

I will not waste time in saying my and other stuff etc….this incident was beginning of my sex life….

When i lost my verginity…..when i was studying i had many friends both boys and girls …..and once we had to give some dance program for the inogration of club in our college…

So we guys used to practise and i was in the dance and there were few girls……once while practise one of my class mate jenny gave her cell phone to me and asked me to download some song ..

So i took her phone and started downloading ….when song were downloading i had to wait so i got curiosity and opened her whats up her messages i did not find much chat there but i found one chat between jenny and thanvi …

In that chat they were chatting about titanic movie and tanvi was saying that she wanted to try that with a boyAnd she had written that she wanted to have romance with boys….i read all this and returned phone to jenny …..

That day evening i txt thanvi (as thanvi was my classmate i had her number.i started the some causality. And ended up asking about her boy friend she agreed that don’t have boyfriend…..

I asked her indirectly that “do i have qualities of being ur boy friend” she said”i should think about it” same way our chat went for few more days one fine day i said about jennys phone she was little shocked …but i said that was ok at that age……

And from that that day our chat became little adult and we both were waiting to fuck each other and finally the day came it was on saturday after special class we planned to get together in our adutorium ..

As we planned we met in our aduitorium we both started kissing each other but there was a cc camera in our auditoriun. so we went to dress exchange room, I hugged her and our lips met, my tongue finding its way into her mouth with ease. My hands started to play with her round ass, squeezing and fondling it.

Our tongues entwined and I lifted her up to the bed. i started to press her firm tits over her t shirt. Things started to heat up.I took off her top with quite some force..exposing her red bra which did little to hide her boobs, wanting to spring free. I dived to her neck, biting it with passion..and my hands rubbing her milky waist.

She started to moan.. ‘mmm .. mmmm;, turning me on even more. I started to unbutton her jeans ..and pulled that hindrance down. I grabbed her boobs over her bra and started squeezing hard. She yelled, ‘Take me now’. I kissed her wildly and unhooked her bra, letting the cute tits pop free.

I cupped them and began licking on the pointy nipples. She began to moan even louder, ‘AAAhhh.,,, eat them..”.And I devouredthem, my tongue rolling on the nipples as I licked them alternatively with my hand pressing the other. I bit on the boobs, milkingthem. My teeth pulled the nipples hard.

And that riled her up even more. She started to squirm and moan even more loudly and tore my shirt off..and started to claw me.keeping my hands on her heaving tits, I beganto go down, licking the milky belly and her gorgeous navel. We stopped there for a bit, pushing my tongue down her deep navel which I fucking loved.

I bit around it, making her erupt in a fresh string of squeals. I began working on her thighs now, and my word, they were soft. I used my hands to rub them..and began biting.. and moving my mouth towards her pussy. I sniffed her panties and they gave the best smell ever.

I put my teeth on the red laces and pulled them down, exposing her clean shaved virginal pussy.I spread her legs, placing my tongue on her moist clit. She was ecstatic, yelling at me to eat her cunt up. I started working on her pussy. My hands resting on her ass, lifting herhigher from the waist down.

I nibbled on her clit, and pushed my tongue down her hole, licking furiously and slurping at the overflow of sweet juices. I started spanking her as I dived down deeper into her hole, feeling her gspot with my tongue. She was way beyond control now, and started to scream, ‘Enough, Fuck me..Fuck me’.

I positioned my hard dicknear her cunt. I grabbed her whole.. and started pushing it in.It was tight, as a virginal pussy should be. I rammed it in, and she let out a huge”AAAAHHHH, It hurts”. I stayed in that position for a while, kissing her. When her pain seemed to subsidize, I started to pump her slowly. And she was moaning like anything.

I grabbed her tits and started thrusting harder..and she was yelling.. ”’Ohh.. ohh.. aahhh.. mmmahhh …. fuck me .. you… shoitan chele.. aahh..” and I rammed her pussy like anything…I roared as I tore her cuntwith my strokes.I was about to explode, when she begged meto put it in her mouth, like the slave she was. Imade her kneel and she started to lick my cock like an ice cream.

She spat on the tip and mouthed me, with her eyes fixed on mine. She licked stupendously, making me burst in her mouth. And she swallowed my cum like an obedient slave……

We both were tired and we had some rest there and later dressed up and washed our self in washroom and i droped her to her pg…..later we had many encounter …..but it ended when she went to her native after her 12…..any comments ..and any unsatisfied aunties ..girls can text me.

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