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Enjoying Sex With My Pregnant Neighbor

Hi all your PSS members I am Greeta who is new out here self is 5 10 and I love to keep my figure as I enjoy having beautiful sex with my pregnant neighbor. I was introduced to this enjoying acts from my neighbor. I was around 15 and was helped by my nice sexy talk neighbor. She would help me with my maths and science homework.

Every evening I would visit her around 7pm after she came home from work. She lived alone as her husband was off shore and would return back every 4 months. We had a real great friendship and I would help her with cooking and exchange style and chat with my mother. I would return home after 10pm and as I lived next door I would be in and out with books or some items.

It soon advised she was going to have a baby and all were happy and she was happy and searched the web for various things for do,s and don,t. After 3 months she diet changed and her stomach was showing and one evening when I visited her she was in a very loose dress and she in a funny way said,

Greeta check me out..

she lifted her loose dress and was exposing her stomach and had nothing one….

I was shocked she was standing in from of me bare,,her boobs were real big and real round…her stomach was round and her navel was standing out.

Having no panty too her black bush was showing..

I was still staring as i had never seen a nude women..

She shouted…STOP STARING…

Come here and touch my tummy and kiss my navel so my baby feels happy.

I slowly walked towards her and placed my fingers on her tummy and it was real smooth.

She said in a firm voice from today you will apply cream all over my tummy so I avoid dry skin.

I with said with hesitation said yes yes…

My mind was still going crazy to see her bare boobs and hairy bush.

She OK lets finish your homework and before you go we will apply the cream.

She let her dress down and still walked around with nothing on but this loose see through dress

She was shaking her butt when she walked around while i did my home work…

I loved what I saw and I hoped to have the same shape later.

I did my best to keep my mind on my study but she would come near me to check and her boobs were right in front of my eyes.

She said oh I read that its best to not wear bra,s or panty for at least 8 hrs a day so the skin expands without any tight clothes, so no underwear when at home.

I said that is great…she said hold both her boobs they have started to expand…she was a 36 d and I am sure she was growing to 38…

They are getting heavy too and she said you can check later.

Oh my head was spinning as seeing a lady walking around almost nude as in a sari these shapes were hidden.

After an two hour struggle I finished my home work and just to take some fresh air I excused myself and went to my home with my books.

I saw my Mum and I looked at her with a big smile and my eyes were scanning her and found she was big too and her butt was way bigger.

I said I will be back and run off back to help my neighbor.

She ready with a big bowl of soup and I had to have it as did almost everyday.

After a good feed she took to the sofa and without care just spread her legs and lifted her dress and said

Greeta come her kiss my tummy and my baby will enjoy the food.

I went to her very slowly and kissed her navel lightly and she took my hands and placed it on her tummy.

Then she moved them around the upper and lower area and it was crazy and I was having a crazy feeling and she held them and guided them and just followed and my eyes were following her moves.

I was amazed as my finger tips passed her tits by a few cms and also her bush between her thighs.

I could not explain the feelings running inside of my head and body.

After a few rubs she said got her that baby oil from the table and I did without hesitation.

Whe I returned I was shocked she was nude nothing on and I was staring but she said


I can to her with the bottle.

She slipped slowly to the floor on a clean cotton sheet.

She start her…pour a few drops on my navel and spread it…

I dropped a few drops but said more more and I spread my hands on her tummy and started moving around both upper and lower….

she started to close her eyes and say HUUUUUUm…great feeling and very relaxing

She asked me if I feel Ok and without hesitation I shook my head ….YES YES YES..

I was enjoying the moves but after a few minutes I noticed her boobs were moving as her nipples started poking out and her legs were spreading wider and hanging loose..

She said put more oil and I saw it disappear into her skin after a few rounds her tummy.

Soon her eyes were closed and relaxed and nipples pink tips were standing out with my massage.

Next I heard her licking her lips and her hand were hols her boobs and holding her nipples with her two fingers and this was blowing my mind.

Her thighs were moving wider and closing….


She ten took the bottle and poured oil on her boobs…

Greeta please continue and them rub the oil in so they become silk as soon they will be filled with milk

I was shocked but she go hold of my hand and placed them on her left boob.

I was going crazy and my mind and body was shaking.

I rubbed the oil into her boob but found her tit poking out like a pink hard rubber nob.

She then poured a few drops on the nipple and moved my hand on to it.

My hand almost burnt with the heat from the nipple.

RUB RUB the oil in and pull so it gets longer for baby to enjoy.

I could not believe my ears….

This is the end of part 1

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