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Fathers Ambassador Car Used To Fuck Girlfriend

Hi readers, this is a real life story that happened four years back. I use to fuck my girlfriend in my fathers Ambassador car. I am a six feet tall Punjabi guy with an extra vigor. We both were from Hyderabad, she was a student of 19ys 36-28-34.

As we both belonged to respectable families, we never went to any public place or hotel to make out. Instead it was always my fathers Ambassador car. That day we could not find a place to park the car in a secluded place.

So we started on the highway to Vikarabad near Hyderabad. I am a rallist and very easily drive any vehicle including trucks with tailors.

She was sucking my cock and I had already loaded her mouth once. I asked her to undress and sit on my lap while I was driving. She was shock and did not agree to this idea, Hence while driving I finger her to make her agree. This was a routine for me, fingering and driving. One hand on the steering and the other between her legs. Changing gears was never an issue as I use my left elbow or my left knee to move the gear lever.

So, once she got horny I made her in charge of the steering and I recline back. I raised her ass with both my hands and pushed my cock in her vagina. She was not able to enjoy as her attention was on the road. Her bums were in the air as she could not sit. And my humps were making the car sway as she was completely clinging to the steering wheel. After a few minutes I realized that its no fun if she does not enjoy. So I took charge of the steering wheel and was looking at the road from the bottom of the wind screen.

I asked her to reach out to my balls and squeeze them so that all the load is release in one shot. She was enjoying now and we both were having fun at the speed of 60 KMS/ Hr. Suddenly I saw a middle man age man peeping right at us through the window. As he could make out the swaying movement of my car. I did not move and asked her to stay still. But our friend was more keen to have a live show. And was not over taking nor was he following us. I took a call and hit the gas to get rid of this guy.

Now, I was over 90 KMPH and we were still, although I was still inside her. It so happens that I am blessed with enough length to manage situations like this. Our friend was now seen in the rear view mirror, so we started our love making again. Now, it had lasted for over 20-25 mins and I was about to reach climax. And was thrusting her harder, I took a diversion into an open road that was secluded to finish my job. I took around 2 minutes and released all the cum inside her. Finally, we wiped ourselves and took a pause before getting dressed.

Suddenly I heard sound of a TATA sumo approaching towards us from behind. I could make out that it was Police and immediately started my car. This road was not in a good shape to speed with deep pot holes, still I tried to do around 50 KMPH. The Sumo was getting closer as they have nothing to bother about even if the vehicle breaks down. I knew that was not going to help me, so I looked for an open area.

From where I could take a u turn and I found one place and slowed down. The cops though that I am pulling over and they came very close to me, and were about to stop. Before they could realize what was happening I engaged the first gear and revved up the engine to its peak and turned the steering to extreme right. Speeding back on that road, the cops took some time to reverse and chase me again. And I did not bother about any thing and was speeding.

They were left behind with quite a distance to chase me, and I was getting close to the main highway. In a few minutes, the highway was visible to me and I took a shortcut to get to the highway through the fields.

We got to the main highway and asked my GF to get down at a bus stop as I knew that eventually I will get stopped as it would now be on the radio and all the cops will be looking out for me.

Very soon there was a bus stop with school kids waiting for the bus, and my GF got down immediately.

I moved ahead and found a barricade on the highway with cops waiting for me. Then I turned back and looked for a place to hide my car, and I came back to the same bus stop and parked my car inside the school.

I joined my GF and we came back in a mini bus with kids. From that day on wards, we got bold to handle the cops. Later that night I went with my friend and picked up the car.

That night we wanted to sleep together so I went to her house at 11:30 PM., The main door to the apartment was locked in the night so I asked her to hang a bed sheet from the Balcony for me to climb. They were on the first floor and I climbed the hanging bed sheet using my commando training.

I got to her bedroom directly and we started instantly, this was the first time that I saw her in a night gown and that too a satin one. The feel of her breasts and the belly was altogether different as I never met her during the nights. We kissed and started the fuck session instantly.

That night for the first time I fucked her from back with her legs around my waist and her face in the pillows. Her bed started making noises with my jerks, so we move to the floor. Also her bed was too small for me. She told me that this pose is giving her the maximum pleasure that was not possible with the limited space of my car.

We did not sleep that night and I moved out at 4:30 AM as people start getting out of their houses early in the morning.

My cock was swollen the next morning, with a unusual bulge. I must have fucked her for at least 2 hours in the whole night. At last my cum was left to only transparent sticky fluid as all the sperms were exhausted for the that night.

Now I live in Bangalore and she is married to a Charted accountant in Hyderabad. We do fulfill our desires when ever I drive down to Hyderabad.

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