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Female Boss Took My Virginity

Hi all readers this Nagesh from Bangalore, If there is any mistake kindly excuse me. This is the story about how I broke my virginity with my female boss vidya.

First let me introduce myself I am Nagesh from Bangalore working in MNC in Bangalore and my age is 28 years, I am 5.10 height and fair looking with 8 inch dick size and my boss vidya is an divorcee women and her age is 34 years old with prefect figure that fulfills every men sex desires on bed.

As I told you people that I am regular reader of stories and in that story I got one friend to chat with gmail and her name Kamini, I started to chat with her in regularly even office also during the working hours because of this chat I could not concentrate on work and I use to get scoldings from my boss vidya.

On one day while I was chatting with her suddenly my boss took control of my computer from team viewer to know what I am doing in my working hours and she got know what I am chatting with and in that chat I started to discuss with Kamini about my boss Vidya.

I was telling her that I am still virgin even at age of 28 years old and even I am not getting any chance to brake my virginity and even told her I am very much interested in my boss vidya and she looks sexy in saree and I always feel to fuck her ass hole in doggy style whenever she scolds me and I also told her that my boss is most sexiest women I saw in my life.

Finally my boss vidya got know what option I have on her and next day I was very scared that she will definitely through me out from this job but to my luck her reaction was completely different, she started to blushing whenever she saws me and her way of talking to me was also completely changed and I was very surprise to see her in that way.

After one week she started to assign me more work in office and on one week end she asked me join her in her home to complete the the report that she has submit to her manager on another 2 days and I agreed to go to her home to complete the report and she took me to her flat in her car itself while going to her home on the way to her home she took some food from restaurant.

We reached her apartment she slowly took me to her flat with fear that any one saws us together and she opened her flat door and she welcomed me to her flat with big smile on her face and she asked me to sit on coach and offered some magazines to read with smile on her face and to my surprise it was porn magazines and she asked me to wait for some time she is going to bathroom to have nice shower and told me that she wont lock her bedroom and bathroom door and asked me to wait here itself with some smile on her face.

After 5 mins suddenly her mobile started ringing then I called vidya madam your have got phone call and she came out from bathroom by wrapping one towel on her body, she was looking very hot sexy in that towel and she took the call and it was call from network service provider promotion call and she asked me is it getting late for you? I said no ma..m. I do not have any problem I can wait for you. And she also asked me do you have any problem if I be in towel only ? then I said no ma,,m, it is good for me only, in low voice.

Then she took her laptop to start our work and we started our office work but I could not concentrate on work because her big boobs was visible to me from towel and I kept on staring on her big boobs and she suddenly noticed that I am not concentrate on work and I am staring on her and she started exposing more and more her boobs to me and after some time she asked are you feeling hungry?

Shall we have our dinner? And I kept quite and I started gaining some courage and replied to her, yes vidya madam I am very hungry to have you only and I could not wait for no more long time I am waiting for long time fuck you hard and only with your permission only. She replied Of course! I too waiting for long time to get fucked from you and today Is our night, come lets enjoy and I can not wait no more longer time.

Then we started kissing each others lips in French style for 10 mins, Ohh god I could not express hat feeling of kissing her in words and I went downwards her chest and started smooching her big boobs and then I removed her towel and she slao started removing my cloths , then both become naked and shifted to her bedroom and then I started biting her big boobs and nipples of of breast.

She was moaning in her loud voice and then my dick erected almost 8 inch then she noticed my erected dick and she took it in her hand started rubbing it from her hands and even to her breast and she said it is so strong like iron rod and even I have not seen such a big erected dick in her life.

She started taking my dick in her mouth and she started giving me nice blow job to my dick for 5 to 6 mins then I said I may cum now, do you want have my sperms in your mouth and she said please cum in my mouth I want to take your sperms in my mouth and then I cummed on her mouth only. .

Then I made her sleep on bed and opened her legs and saw her clean shaved pussy it was very very sexy and I started licking her pussy from my lips, she was very horny on that movement she held my head and asked me keeping on doing this dear and I continued licking her pussy.

I started put my middle finger inside her pussy and started fucking her pussy from my finger only and asked her how she feeling and she asked me you do not fuck me only from your finger only, come on use your erected dick and fuck me hard come on fuck me hard.

Then I asked her to get up and I slept on bed and asked her sleep above me and she slept on me and I started kissing her lips and I started to insert my dick inside her pussy, it was very tight, initially my dick was big to her pussy and then I started pushing my dick inside her pussy forcefully and she started shouting with pain on her pussy and then I locked her lips not to shout by deep kiss from my lips and then I inserted my dick more inside her tight pussy.

It was very tight like virgin women even she is divorcee women and for initial 5 to 6 strokes it was very tight then her pussy started tearing and she asked me to increase my speed of fucking and she want to enjoy that speed fucking pleasure.

Then I started increasing my speed of fucking her pussy then I fucked her 20 mins and I said I am cum now but she asked me to cum inside her pussy only and she want take my hot sperms inside her pussy and then I cummed inside her pussy and we both got exhausted and slept on bed by hugging each other

Then after 2 hours when we wake up we thought of having our dinner and we went to her bathroom and took nice shower and clean ourselves. And then we went to dinning hall by wrapping only towel on our body and we had nice dinner and after having dinner

I started watching TV in hall and vidya went to kitchen to clean the vessels and then I also fallowed her and I hugged her from behind and started kissing her neck from behind and she became more horny and asked me shall we have one more round and i lifted her and took her to drawing room and made her to sleep on sofa and kissed her deeply on her every parts of her body and removed her towel and my towel.

We became naked and I said I will fuck your ass hole which I was dreaming from long time and she started laughing by listening my dream and she said I am always for you only you can do whatever you want and I am always ready for you and then she stood on sofa in doggy style.

I started licking her ass hole from my tongue and It was very good pleasure to me and even to her also and she asked me insert my dick inside her ass hole and I inserted my dick inside her ass hole initially it was very tight like her pussy but after some strokes it got adjusting to my dick size and I fucked her ass hole nicely for 15 mins and I fulfilled my dream of fucking her ass hole and I also fulfilled her desire to fucking her.

And then she asked me to stay in that night in her flat itself but I said I can not stay with her for night because if some one your neighbor saws me going out from flat in morning, they will start thinking very badly on you and it will also cause damage to your image in society and I do not want it happen and so I want to leave now only since it is night no one will see me going out from your flat but she kept on requesting me to stay with her for that night.

She said we will not care for such people and we will just love ourselves and not care for others and after seeing her love on me and I decided stay with her and In that night we had nearly 4 to 5 times of sex in all most all positions and even in morning we took bath together.

I even fucked her in bathroom and we enjoyed taking shower bath together and we went to office together in car only, even today we both continue our relationship and enjoy our every love and sex movement.

Friends, this is how I broke my virginity with my boss and how I fulfilled my boss desire of having nice fuck which her husband could not do before their divorce and please drop your feedback and comments to my story.

I will waiting for your feedback and comments for my story and any girls and aunties from Bangalore want to have secret sex with me can contact to my mail id and I am interested to have sex chat also so please any one interested to have sex chat drop me chat request to my mail and I will always ready to have sex chat

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