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Finding My Lust Medicine In Hills

Hi I am Raj. I am 30 yrs old engineer in from Bangalore.

This my first story.. I have lot of experience in reading loads of sex stories from many years.

I always dream of white skinned ladies. I am tempted to see my black dick inserting white pussy I watch lot of interracial videos.

The difference in color make me mad. now lets go to the story.

Today I will tell about my journey in hills .

This happened few years back when my I was in college.I was studying in Mangalore a coastal city in Karnataka famous for beautiful girls.

One thing all should know is in this region has more girls then one can find beautiful girls and ladies everywhere with projecting tight boobs. They normally wear tight chudidhar or revealing sarees. Normally guys in this region don’t care about females.

Once I was traveling to a place in hills trying to explore the forest. Me and my friend reached a place where jeeps are only mode of journey.

While returning we stayed back till 6pm clicking some beautiful photos of nature.

When we came their were lot of ladies standing to return home.when the jeep came we both got seat.all the other females were either sitting next to us or touching us. I thought to get down but the local guy told that this is the last I had to continue. At the next stop more beautiful ladies got into the vehicle.

Now there was now place all ladies were sitting on top of me.It was dark my all parts were touched by female parts. Some places I was feeling boobs , some places I could feel female thighs, ass , hands.

I was not able to control my dick started erecting. But I was afraid as locals are very dangerous guys.

So I tried to control my dick.

But as you know a men’s dick cannot be controlled at this situation.

Suddenly a lady sat on my dick and she told there is no place. I could fell her ass .my dick was sitting right in middle of her ass

As it wad hilly region the road was not good and she was jumping on me.

Then I took courage to touch her boobs and she was not aware of it. Another lady from side was pushing her round ass my ears as she had bent to hold.

As there was no light I decided to play with lady on top to enjoy as I was not able to control my dick.

Soon I inserted my fingers into the blouse of lady and touched her nipples.I found she is also enjoying not revolting to my advance. Then I lefted her sari and touched her pussy. I was surprised that her pussy was wet and full of juices. Then with one hand on her boobs and one hand pussy I started massaging her wet pussy. My hands were full of juices from her pussy.

Then slowly I pulled her hand made her to touch my dick.

Immediately she unzipped me and started squeezing my dick. She started moving more up and down as if the jeep is moving on more rough road. I realized that she needs my dick inside her. Then I inserted my dick in her pussy and I was surprised to see that my dick went inside without any hindrance, her pussy was wide open to receive my rode.

Then she started jumping up and down and took both my hands to hold her boobs. I removed hooks from her blouse to free her boobs and started squeezing them madly. She jumped madly and no one noticed us.

Later I realized a girl next me found this activity and she started rubbing her boobs on my face. I removed her boobs from top of chudidar and started sucking it. Her nipples were tight and tender. While the lady on top was banging me. The girl next to hugged me and I was sucking her tender nipples like baby.

Soon I was going to cum and started holding the babe on top tightly and sucking more .

At the last moment I pulled my dick out and the entire load was sprayed everywhere on her saree and thighs.

She stopped and started wiping the mess and slowly started adjusting her bra and blouse.

She helped me to put my dick back to my underwear and zipped me.

The girl next to me was more not leaving me as she too wanted fuck.

Soon our destination came we all got down as if nothing happened.

Then That unsatisfied girl gave me her number. I told her to come to my lodge to have more fun.

That night she came to my lodge.

As soon as she came I removed all her clothes and lifted her started fucking her. She was very light weight and easy to lift.

She was hanging on me and I was drilling her pussy. It was like the girl hanging on my dick only.she was tightly holding my neck while I was fucking her pussy.

Later I made her in doggy style. She started screaming in doggy style. Since my load was already out I was able to fuck her pussy with more energy.

Then I came from her top so that I can have full view of her pussy.

I was able to see my black with red bulb entering and coming out of beautiful white pussy.

Her screams were making me more violent to her pussy.

I holder her pussy in my and fucking her. I squeezed her boobs with other and.It was a wonderful scene as I was Fucking her pussy , squeezing her pussy and boobs with my two hands.

After sometime I was feeling that I am going to explode so I inserted my dick into her mouth.she started sucking it madly.

After sometime I exploded my cum into her mouth. She drank the entire load with smile. she rubbed balance sperms on her boobs.

We slept the entire night naked.

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