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My First Ever Lesbian Encounter In Bus

Hi readers, My name is Treesa and here I am going to share with you my first ever lesbian encounter!

Let me explain about myself, I have often heard guys calling me s sex bomb, I have big boobs of 38 and chubby body! I love to show off my big boobs and sexy cleavage by wearing tight t-shirts and shirts. And my boobs have been fondled by men of different ages! From naughty school going boys to 60 year old men and i have enjoyed the soft touches and hard pressings.

But, I never had a lesbian encounter until that day!

I was returning to my home from Banglore and I booked a sleeper bus, there was a door like thing and space for two people to sleep and from the seat arrangements I saw, I knew that a lady will be travelling with me.

I went to my place and made myself comfortable while this lady came and sat near me, she was a lady having a very good structure big boobs and ass and I saw her belly button through the almost transparent saree she wore. She came and sat near me, after some time the bus started we both started talking to each other, she introduced herself to me as the wife of a businessman and that she have a 11 month old baby who is with her mother in law now. She came to Banglore for a business meeting.

We were both tired and decided to sleep and she closed the door. I fell asleep soon and then I wake up after some times when I sensed a tingly sensation on my boobs. She was moving her fingers slowly over my left boob, I was confused whether she was doing it on purpose or if she put hands on my boobs accidentally.

But one thing ,I was sure about was that I was enjoying it and I started to feel horny.I wanted more from her.

She then started to press my left boob gently and made her way to my right boob and started to press it. I was enjoying her acts and was not able to pretend that I was in sleep and not knowing all these.

Her hands and fingers had magic and her magical touches on my boobs turned on me and I got hold of her hands and made her press my boobs strongly. She got her green signal and started to press my boobs strongly and she asked me -“sugamundo” that means are you having pleasure and I told her yes and we both sat down and I gave her a hard kiss on her lips and we both started to suck each others lips,

I could taste the strawberry flavor of her lipstick! We furiously kissed each other and licked our tongues. Our tongues got twisted and turned and our mouths were overflowing with saliva which was again getting sucked. She then started kissing me all over my face and my face was covered with her saliva and she licked and sucked my neck gently like a vampire drinking blood from its victim, it felt so good.

She then started unbuttoning my shirts and puller her saree down. She looked so sexy in her blouse in which her boobs were thriving to come out. I was in my bra and she made me lay and removed my bra too and my milky melons were exposed in front of a lady! Her eyes went wide and she looked like a lion who got its meal after craving for food for a long time! She started to press and suck my boobs.

She bit my brown nipples and played with it. I was out of control with her overwhelming lust and unhooked her blouse and bra in a matter of seconds. She was a lactating mother and she asked me whether I wanted her breast milk and I said yes and I started to suck her nipples and drank her breast milk like a baby. I drank her milk from both her boobs and pressed and spilled her milk.

I was at the peak of my feelings, and we both started rubbing our boobs with each other. Our lips met sometimes, tongue met sometimes all the while rubbing our big tits. We pressed each others boobs sometime and I pressed and spilled her milk on to my tits. Then we spit on each others boobs and made our boobs wet and rubbed it. We controlled our moans so that others wont hear us.

We were both on the peak of excitement and she made me completely naked and made herself naked and she started to rub my thighs with her soft hands ..And then he rubbed my inner thighs and finally she started to play with my clits. She then sucked my pussy like a pro and she ate my pussy the best way possible and I was oozing with juices which was all sucked out by her pinky lips and she started to finger me and I had an orgasm then I fingered her pussy,

But I was reluctant to suck her pussy but it was OK to her,I fingered her all the while sucking her brown nipples and drinking her milk and she too had the orgasm. We were both satisfied and we collapsed on each others body and were in a passionate lip locking!

We exchanged our numbers and whenever we can, we use to enjoy each other. If you liked my story, send me your reviews. Thank you for reading

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