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My First Job With A Couple In Hotel

This is a story of my first job for money with a couple in a hotel room :).  Hey namaste All! Its A Story From Delhi To Mumbai I’m Aircraft Student Came here (mumbai) for Complete my studies. So here is the story of my first “job”…

It was 11:00pm on a Saturday night. I’m hanging out at a Club with my friend from out of town. I get a mail From a lady.The Lady tells me I have 20 minutes to make it to the location. She gave me a heads up that it sounded like a really good call. The location is a VERY nice place. I quickly try to explain to my friend that I have to go. Then I tell him I’ll be back within 1 hour.

I arrive at the hotel room and knock on the door. A man in his late 40s answers the door. I enter and ask if the female is present. He said yes but he wants to interview me first.

Him: “What’s the price?”

Me: “Before I answer that question, I need you to tell me what you want me to do. Be very specific please.”.

Him: “I want to pay you to have sex with my wife. How much will that cost?”

Me: “8,000 upfront please”

Him: “Ok. Take off your pants. I need to see what you’re working with down there.”

Me: (I drop my drawers, showing him my large chubby)

Him: “That’ll work.” (Hands me 8,000 in cash)

Him: “Ok, go in the bathroom, get completely naked and hard. My wife will enter the room shortly. After you hear the door close, wait 5 minutes, then come out and fuck my wife.”

So the waiting begins… I’m nervous as hell and don’t know what to expect. So many things are going through my mind. I don’t know what will happen when I open that door naked. I feel so vulnerable. Then I can only imagine how girls feel in this situation. I truly pity them now.

But I don’t have time for any more of that paranoid thinking. I’ve been paid to do a job and must do it. So I try to think about the girl I have a crush on. I imagine pulling her hips towards me and smelling her hair. She’s such a petite girl with soft blonde hair. Nice pretty and the perfect size body to hold. When I’m with her, I feel like a real man because I can dominate her and make her mine. It’s go time.

I exit the bathroom, completely naked with a full erection. I try to dismiss the uneasy feeling in my stomach. It’s VERY difficult to maintain an erection while experiencing a flight or fight response. But I push on while my stroking my cock with one hand to maintain my erection. When I enter the bedroom, the woman is naked, on her hands and knees (doggystyle). She won’t look back at me. I understand why. Then the man is sitting on the floor, next to the bed, fully naked as well. He is whispering in her ear, kissing her on the cheek, and rubbing her pussy a bit. They are obviously very much in love. “Why are they doing this?”, I think to myself. But this is not the time to think about that now. He looks back at me and gives me a nod to proceed.

I approach her from behind, strap on my condom, and get on the bed behind her. I grab her ass with one hand, my cock with the other hand, and push it inside of her vagina nice and slow. She lets out a painful moan as if this is her first time. I’m a bit surprised and confused. I know I’m big, but not “Mandingo” big. After a few long and slow thrusts, I begin to increase the speed and force of my thrusting. I think back at my crush and in my mind I’m now fucking her.

The husband notices that this slow and steady sex is turning into hardcore fucking. He’s startled. He stands up and says “easy! don’t hurt her! she’s not used to this!”. As he stands up, I get a glimpse of his full naked body. I look down and don’t notice a penis. Without trying to be too obvious, I try to look closer and only see a little knub. It looked more like a large clit than a penis.

But he had a ballsack so I know he was a man. I try to ignore what I see because I have a job to do. While I continue thrusting, I look up at the ceiling, close my eyes, and try to think of my crush again. But now in my imagination, my crush has a tiny penis instead of a vagina. Realizing that idea is doomed for failure, I open my eyes and try to focus on a desirable attribute of the woman I’m currently fucking. Ah, her hair is nice, I’ll focus on that. I touch her hair a bit and run it through my fingers. My cock gets hard again. After I get back in the groove, the husband sits back down and begins whispering in his wife’s ear again, trying to comfort her.

Him: “It’s ok baby. He’s just our tool. Pretend it’s me behind you. This is what I want to give you. Feel my cock inside you penetrating you.”

She begins to cry… “I love you” she says. “I love you to” he responds. They give each other what could have been the most romantic and emotional kiss you can ever imagine. The only thing that ruined it was her head still bobbing up and down from my hips ramming against hers. The man turns to me, says “Thank you”. He hands me another 8,000 as a tip and tells me I can leave. I hastily put on my clothes and walk out the door. Before I go, I turn around and look at them one last time. The last thing I see is them crawl into bed together and cuddle.

Eight thousands richer and feeling like I just made the world a better place,I go to That club where my friend is waiting for me. He asks me how it went. I show him the two grand and he replies “holy shit! how many dicks did you suck?”

The end. And yes, this is 100% true story. It happened a few years ago. I don’t get to talk about it in real life so I needed to vent somewhere. If there are any questions, I’m more than happy to answer

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