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First Night With My Own Mother

Hi to all readers this is Viskasi I’m living in Bangalore. I’m going to narrate a story about how I had a great ever enjoyment for the first time with my mother

Coming to her and my body gestures she is 40 from a well traditional family she has 34d boobs ((“i don’t want to mention her name because I’m publishing with her permission”)) coming to me, myself is a student of age 19 and my cock is 7″ now I’m studying be in ‘x’ college this was happened in the month of June I think this much is enough so i’m directly entering into a story.

My mother said to me when I was young that “if you took a good marks in 2nd pu exam and cet I will fulfil your wish at any cost” according to this words I took a very good marks so that even my parents cant believe this. One day my father n mother both came and asked me and asked and conversation starts now. Father: “you have taken good marks,u passed a crucial way of your life, I’m happy. So as your wish what do you want? ((“as I was reading sex stories frequently specially mom stories I was very fond of my mom”)).

Me : dad I want more time to think this please

Dad : ok I will give you two days time think or discuss with your friends and say .

Me : ok dad thank you

((“my intention was not to discuss with outer person but it was my mom “))

Next day my dad went to office reminding my two days time.

[i wanna narrate my story in the next part but I want readers to be happy so i’m publishing now itself]

Then my mom came to me and asked what do yo want ? Why are you hesitating to say in front of your father is anything personal? She asked.

(a mother can only knows a soul of a child)

I said yes but you shouldn’t be angry , you shouldn’t say no …She said ok I’ll fulfill whatever you ask say to me.

(by hearing this I said my intention and matter to my lovely mom). Mom please don’t be angry and I said ” mom I want to sleep with you one night I want to have sex with you ” saying this as like every mother she got angry and slapped to my face and said ” don’t talk with me as if you took a good marks and you are talking cheaply with your mom and left my room.

She did not talk to me that whole day and still one day was remaining to me. I was feeling so sad I did not have face to apologize her . That night she came to my room I was shocked and said. Mom: son sorry for my behavior at you at morning. Me : mom you were like every mom

Mom : no son I got too angry as I said before you have taken good marks you passed a crucial way of life I have decided one thing about you

Me : mom what is that

Mom : I have decided to sleep with you but only once

Hearing this I was too happy and my happiness was touching the sky

The day fixed . My father came and I will say after your business trip I was in confusion.He said ok and he went to trip.

Now it was my turn. It was afternoon my mom asked me shall we move or you have any intention to be happened. I said mom as this is a first time to me I want this in terms of first night. Then she said you r naughty and agreed. I was too happy again

I was decorating my room for a first night with my mom . I decorated as to get a first night feeling.

I was with a dhoti and white shirt and she was with her’s first night saree she came with a glass of milk I was so curious to see her body parts she came and sat with a slightly smile on her face I kissed her lip for 30 min and it was a non stop dhamaka we broke the kiss and I undressed her saree now she was in her blouse and petticoat then I began to squeeze her boobs through her blouse she was moaning slowly and I undressed her blouse and petticoat I was shocked to see her because she had wore a bikini that too for me oh what a lovely mom. I kissed on her pussy through panty.

I completely undressed her what a beautiful boobs and sexy pussy through which I came out . I kissed and ate her boobs completely till I satisfy . Then she completely undressed me and shocked to see my 7″ cock . After seeing my cock she said your dad’s was 5″ hearing this I asked when we gave a complete satisfaction to you she said no. She went to oral sex and gave a 20 min blowjob to me and I cummed to her face .

Till here oral sex was over I was ready to real main part of sex. She said to put on a condom . I asked why she said though you are a virgin it is not safe to have sex without condom so I wore a manforce chocolate flavored dotted condom she took and insert to my dick of 7″.She guided my penis to her pussy and made to push inside , I said mom now it’s my turn your job is to enjoy your son’s dick .I inserted my dick completely to her pussy wow….. What a great experience to me I completely felt the first time experience.

Then I felt some tightness in her pussy and I asked why ? She said your father had sex only thrice in 23 years and I was satisfying myself by masturbating myself alone hearing this I increased my speed to give more enjoyment to her she was moaning ah…… Yes ……. Wow……. Ah ah ah ah ah oh ya…… . And the sound of pach pach made to increase my speed further we both cummed at the same time . I removed my condom and she drank all my cum. Soon after she cummed it was like a waterfall in a rock. I drank all her cum like a thirsty bitch. We both fucked in various positions till morning like a first night couple.

Then we slept till 10 in the next morning and when we woke up she was looking fresh like an apple plucked from the tree.

Then we went to clean ourselves I tried to fuck there also but I fucked her more than 3 times she was tired and for her it was a enjoyment after long time so she said please I can’t.We can continue other day .Hearing these words I showed some mercy and cleaned and returned for our daily life…….

Any girl or mom interested in sweet sex can contact me. I will surely satisfy those ones

Coming to feedback part I am waiting for your feedback if my story is nice and do you feel this part is pulled like a chewing gum can say me I’ll correct in my next story.

Thank you for reading my story

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